What a Shock
Written by: daggett
Erotic reading leads to an adventure

What a Shock 

It started on a Friday evening. Actually it was about 12 AM Saturday. I
was sitting in my home office surfing through erotic story sites 
looking for a good story to read. I wasn't sure what would happen that 
night. Maybe read a little, maybe cyber, maybe just read the boards on 
one of the good sites. It was an open and empty canvas. 

Late nights are my time to indulge my guilty pleasures. Especially on
weekends when I don't have to work, staying up late to feed my sexual 
fantasies has become something I kind of look forward to. I am married 
and our sex life is good. My wife enjoys sex, but not as often as I 
want to, or at times I don't think as much as I do. I don't like idea 
of cheating on her so other pursuits have to suffice. At least I 
thought they would. Kay, my wife, usually goes to bed early, even on 
weekends. So midnight is usually a safe time to play on the net. 

That night I found a good story about a wife and husband who decided to
take their fantasy of seeing the wife with another man to reality. It 
was a really hot story, a long one, and I had just started the second 
page when nature called and I went off to the bathroom. When I came 
back I was shocked to find Kay sitting in my chair reading the story. I 
just stood there a minute till she looked up. 

"So, this is what you do down here so late at night," she said. I
couldn't find my voice and just nodded. I expected her to call me names 
and be angry, upset or disappointed. 

Instead she said, "This is a good story. It's written pretty well." 

That really threw me off balance. We have been married for fifteen years
and rarely talked about sex other than when we are having it. Now she's 
making positive comments about a story that talks about a wife fucking 
someone other than her husband. The world was turning upside down. Must 
be a full moon tonight. I ventured to ask a question. 

"What do you like about it". She read a little more then said, "I'm not
sure." "I should be mad at you for reading this stuff." Frank, do you 
masturbate while you read?" 

Oh shit! Here it comes. "Yeah, sometimes". "What do you like about
this?" she asked. I said, "I like the fantasy aspect of a husband 
watching his wife have sex with another man." "You mean "getting 
fucked", right", she said looking me straight in the eye. "You like the 
idea of a wife getting fucked in front of her husband." Getting fucked. 
Did she say, "getting fucked"? She never uses words like that. "Yeah", 
I said, "getting fucked". "Have you thought about me being the wife and 
you being the husband." "Yes, I have", I said, starting to get myself 
back together. "Sometimes I do think about us in some situations." 
"Like what situations?" "Like going away and having you flirt with 
someone and then have you take it further, if we both agree." She 
looked at me and finally said, "Do you want to read this together? 
"Sure", I said, making a move toward another chair in the room. "You 
don't need a chair, I'll sit on your lap". 

And so she did. The story was very good. While we silently read, every
so often on the good sexy parts, I could hear a low moan, or "mmm", 
come from Kay's lips. I couldn't believe she really was getting into 
this. My cock grew in hardness from the story, her moans, and her 
wriggling around on my lap.  She finished before me, as my mind kept 
straying trying to figure out what exactly was going on with her. As 
she waited for me to finish her hand ran up and down the inside of my 
leg and she lay her back against my chest, her breathing a little 
quicker than normal. 

As I finished the story I said, "That was a pretty good story, kind of
hot." "Very hot," Kay said, as she wriggled in my lap a little more. I 
asked, "Are you ready to go upstairs?" Kay smiled a little devilish 
smile and said "No, not yet." "You don't just read down here, right?" 
"Yeah", I said not sure where the question was headed. "You like to cum 
before you go to sleep?" "Umm, yeah, but not all the time." "Were you 
going to tonight?" "I'm not sure, depends the stories I read." "Oh." 
"Well guess what? You ARE going to cum tonight." 

With that she got up and closed the door. Leaning against it she raised

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