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Lady Julia. Slut wife and sex slave.
written by:

Lady Julia, Slut wife and sex slave. By Lady Grey.

Sir Mark Allenby uses his wife to entertain his clients

Julia glanced at her reflection in the mirror as she waited for the car to arrive. She looked pristine as usual in her tailored white two piece suit. She clutched tightly on to the smart leather handbag, and realised she was shaking slightly.

Why was she allowing this to happen to her again? She wasn't any woman; she was Lady Julia, the wife of Sir Mark Allenby, one of the top barristers in the country. She was waiting for her car to transport her to a meeting with Sir Richard Flathers and God knows who else: men associates of her husband, men who would be at liberty to use her in any way they wanted.

She knew the routine. It had happened to her before, and there was nothing she could do about it. Mark had the power over her. Any other woman would have left him, but there was Rachel, her fourteen year old daughter and the apple of her mother's eye. Julia was a weak woman, and he had threatened her: do as she was told or she would lose everything: her daughter, her home, her position.

In his office, Sir Mark Allenby checked his gold hunter presented to him by a grateful client. It was one forty five. He smiled at the thought of Julia waiting to be picked up. He had told her one forty five, but he had instructed his driver, Gordon, not to get there until two. He knew the wait would make her even more nervous.

He felt the start of an erection at the thought of what Julia would be going through this afternoon, and he eased himself into a more comfortable position in his chair. He pressed the bell on his desk, and moments later, there was a knock on his door. It was opened by Carla, his attractive personal secretary.

"You rang, sir?" she said smiling as she stepped into his office.

He nodded, and looked at the tall blond in her short tight black skirt and crisp white blouse. He could just see the faint trace of a lace bra under the blouse.

"It's just something in these papers I need clarification on," he said indicating the papers on his desk.

Carla came over and stood by his side looking over his shoulder at the papers on his desk.

"It's this bit about Dr Kinder being the expert medical witness. I thought he had refused to give evidence."

Carla smiled. He could sense the nearness of her. The heady perfume she was wearing invaded his nostrils.

"He did, sir, but I called on our Mr. Williams to go and have a quiet word with him. As usual, he came across for us, and apparently Dr Kinder is now quite willing to take the witness box.

Sir Mark smiled and nodded. He knew he could rely on Carla, and Carla didn't flinch when she felt Sir Mark's hand begin to slowly raise her short skirt. Sir Mark's hand felt the smooth surface of her hold ups. Then as his hand moved higher, he felt the coolness of the bare flesh. His fingers slid between her legs and lightly touched the more tender areas of her inner thighs. He felt her body beside him stiffen slightly as his fingers probed higher and touched the slightly moist smooth skin of her pussy.

Carla as usual wasn't wearing any panties; those were Sir Mark's orders while she was at work. She obliged him by easing her legs a little further apart, and she felt his probing fingers part her outer lips and work their way into the moist wet interior. Carla felt her heart beat a little faster as she leaned forward over his desk. She knew the routine; when she was ready, Sir Mark would fuck her. It was part of their daily routine. It was something she had come to accept. It wasn't an unpleasant experience. She always got satisfaction, and when she satisfied his need, her well paid job was secure.

Back at home, Julia looked at her petite gold Rolex for the umpteenth time. She didn't want to evoke Mark's wrath by being late. She was relieved when she saw the black Bentley continental pull up outside, and Gordon, the chauffeur, step out and walk towards the door.

She opened the door, and he apoligised for his lateness, explaining that Sir Mark had sent him on an errand that had taken longer than expected. Actually, he had been in the greasy spoon a short distance away drinking coffee, and waiting for the time to pass by.

She closed the door and followed him to the car. He opened the rear door and watched as she stepped inside, settling herself in the soft leather seat. She was an attractive woman, a little nervous and unsure of herself, but he guessed he wouldn't turn her away if he were ever in the position to offer her his services.

As he got back in the driving seat, he glanced at the pad attached to the dash board. Carlton Mansions was scrawled across it. He knew the area; he had delivered Lady Julie there before, a smart up market residence in Knightsbridge. In the early afternoon traffic the journey took about half an hour.

Carlton Mansions had a short semi circular driveway off the road, and as Gordon pulled to a stop before the doors, a man in green livery and a peaked cap stepped out and opened the door for Julia.

"Good afternoon, Lady Julia," he said touching his cap. "Sir Richard informed me he was expecting you. You are to go straight up. You know the way?"

Julia nodded feeling the butterflies rise in her stomach as she followed the doorman inside the Mansions. He led her to the lift and pressed the button, then stood back as the lift arrived and the doors opened.

Julie clutched her handbag tightly as the lift slowly ascended. It jerked slightly as it came to a stop. She stepped out and tapped timidly on number 14, the door opposite.

The rich smell of cigar smoke assailed her nostrils as the door was opened by Carlton, Sir Richards's butler. He nodded to her and stepped back to allow her to enter, then closed the door. "You know the routine, your ladyship. Sir Richard and his guests are waiting for you in the lounge."

Julia nodded and handed Carlton her handbag. Then she began to unbutton her suit jacket and take it off. This was followed by her skirt. Carlton stood unmoved and watching intently as Julia slowly removed every stitch of clothing and handed each item to Carlton. At last she stood there naked before him in just her heels.

Carlton nodded. "You know the way, madam," he said turning and walking off with her discarded clothes. This was the third time he had the pleasure of watching Lady Julia disrobe in the hallway. And the sight of her nakedness always gave him a hard on. He wished he were one of the lucky bastards who were guests of his employer who were soon going to sample her ladyship's illicit pleasures.

Julia took a deep breath as she watched Carlton disappear with her clothes. This was the worst part. She didn't know who was in there with Sir Richard. The first time she had been here she was so scared she had almost collapsed upon opening the door and walking naked into a room where, in that first instance, five strangers awaited her. She stood at the lounge door momentarily, then tapped on it, and slowly pushed it open. As she stepped into the room, the conversation stopped, and the four men turned and looked over in her direction. Sir Richard smiled and came over, his hand extended. "Nice to see you again, Julia. Come in and meet everyone." He took her by the arm and led her towards the three men who were openly staring and taking in every intimate aspect of her nakedness.

Sir Richard introduced her to the three men who each took her hand and squeezed it. Richard Bolsover, MP, looked her over approvingly. He had been looking forward to meeting Julia. He had heard the stories, and he was pleased, not only securing a chance to meet Lady Julia, but also to secure a large donation to his re-election fund from Sir Mark Allenby.

The second man was James Cartwright, an industrialist who, after using Sir Mark to fight and win a high profile litigation case, had invited Sir Mark to join his board of directors. The afternoon was a thank you from Sir Mark.

The third man was Jim Grover. He worked for Bletchworth council as chief planning officer. Sir Mark needed him on his side in an up and coming case. His research into Grover's background had discovered the man was partial to a little extra curricular activity, and regularly attended a certain establishment in Bletchworth. Getting him to attend had not been a problem when hints were dropped regarding what was available. Now he had seen the delectable sight of the naked Lady Julia, and he realised just what delicacies were on offer. He was more than willing to comply with the barrister's requests, and put himself out for his new friend.

Julia was beginning to feel slightly more at ease as she stood with the three men and sipped on the wine Sir Richard had presented her with. This was mainly due to the fact that it contained a little something to relax her, and put her in a more compliant mood. She had seen all three men eyeing her hungrily, and knew that before the afternoon was over she would be expected to satisfy all of their needs. Sir Richard returned to join the group. He smiled at his three guests. "Well, what do you think of the delightful Lady Julia? I'm sure you will find her very amenable to accommodate all your needs," and as if to prove his point, he reached out and took one of her breasts in his hand and began to caress it, tweaking the extended nipple between his fingers. Julia stood there obediently allowing him to demonstrate her willingness.

At first the three guests had been a little overawed in Julia's presence by the fact that she was a lady and the wife of a high ranking barrister. But here she was, stark naked in front of them and obviously available.

Jim Glover was the first to react. He wasn't used to such quality. The whores he usually had liaisons with were the usual scrubbers who frequented the establishments he visited. This was much more to his liking, and he was going to make the most of his opportunity. He reached out and ran his hand over Julia's firm arse feeling the silkiness of her flesh. The two others quickly responded, and Sir Richard stood back and watched as the three men began to caress and intimately discover all Julia had to offer. Inwardly Julia hated the fact that she was actually enjoying the intimate caresses of the three men. She bit down on her lip as her breasts were being caressed, her nipples pulled and squeezed, and her more intimate areas probed with exploring fingers.

"Who wants to take her first?" James Cartwright asked seemingly taking charge of the situation.

The other two looked at each other. "I'm ready," Richard, the MP, responded. "I've had a hard on since she came into the room," and to prove his point he pulled down his zip and withdrew an erect tool.

"You take her from behind," the industrialist said, "and while you are reaming her pussy, she can suck on my dick, and you can work on whatever's left," he said smiling at Jim Glover.

Jim smiled. "You two carry on. It's not often I get the chance to watch a lady like this get spit roasted."

As the MP and the industrialist positioned Julia for their two pronged attack, Jim strolled over to the drinks table and refilled his glass. Sir Richard joined him. "Everything to your liking?" he inquired.

Jim nodded. "Can't believe her Ladyship is such a whore. If I hadn't seen her picture in the glossies, I would have thought this was a set up. Why does she do it?"

He turned and looked across the room where Julia was gripping James by the waist, her head bobbing on the cock that was down her throat, while the now heavily perspiring MP was thrusting himself deep into her willing pussy. Jim saw her breasts swinging like two ripe fruits in the wind with the movements of her body.

"She does it because she's been told to," Sir Richard said. "Sir Mark Allenby is a force not to be messed with."

Julia was almost gagging as James' cock was being plunged deep into her throat as Richard thrust energetically in her from the rear. She knew from experience that both men were near completion, and she was about to take her first two doses of cum.

Richard came first, and she felt him erupt inside her. Moments later her mouth was filled with James' thick cum so that she struggled to breathe as she tried to swallow it as quickly as possible.

Jim Glover put down his glass and went over to where Julia was trying to regain some composure as the two men had moved away from her. "I think it's my turn now, your Ladyship," he said with a smile. "Not often I get the chance of sampling high quality cunt like yours."

He moved her over to the sofa, and instructed her to sit on the arm. Then he pushed her backwards so that she fell onto the sofa with her legs splayed over the arm. He took out an erect cock, and lifting a leg with each hand, he lifted her legs skyward and spread them apart. Before him her pussy was spread open, still slicked with Richard's juices, and oozing trails of cum.

It wasn't difficult for him to thrust into her well reamed pussy, and he was surprised to feel the tightness as it envelop him. With the other three watching his efforts, he used her raised legs as support, and pounded repeatedly into her warm wet all enveloping cunt.

Over the next two hours, all three men took full advantage of their attractive new companion's willingness to provide them with whatever they desired. Even though by the end she was exhausted, sore, and feeling queasy with the amount of their cum she had swallowed, she had never once complained or refused any request.

At last Sir Richard called it a day, and rang for Carlton. As Carlton entered, he saw the once attractive woman whom he had watched undress a couple of hours earlier collapsed on the sofa, her hair and make up a mess. Red marks stood out on the pale white flesh of her breasts, legs, and thighs. Her thighs and legs were wet and streaked with trails of cum and bodily juices that had run down them. Sir Richard instructed him to take her to the bathroom. He nodded and assisted her up from the sofa.

In the bathroom, he helped her into the warm foam filled scented water that he had run for her. "I'll leave you to it, your ladyship. If there's anything you need, just ring. Your clothes are through there in the dressing room." He indicated a door, smiled, and left.

Julia immersed herself in the water, and relaxed as the warmth began to soothe her aches and pains. She still couldn't understand why Mark was willing to allow these men to use her in the way they had, but she knew there was no way she dare refuse her master's wishes.

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