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Sex At Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
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Sex At Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - 2011

If you are involved in motorcycling you are most likely familiar with the rally in Sturgis South Dakota every August.

I and many others think it is the best one there is. The places to ride motorcycles are great and the parties even greater.

The biggest party is at the Buffalo Chip Campground. 9 days of concerts and other entertainment.

The "CHIP" as it is called was celebrating its 30 years in business and there have been many changes just as there have been to the people riding motorcycles and camping there.

The first events were a motorcycle version of Woodstock. Bikers, Hippies, Hot Hard Bellies and Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. You could catch a buzz just walking through the place. Nudity was common as was sex where ever you felt like doing it. Women having multiple partners and other men waiting to replace them when they finished was very common. Of course others still did it in their tent or sometimes even the pond or shower. It was a wild time.

Over the years things have changed and no sex in the common area by the big stage. But in the tent and camper area there is still plenty of sex going on.

I was issued a couple of passes for the week in return for taking some photos.

Tuesday night Toby Keith played so 3 women my self and Darrell decided to go see him. Darrell does not drink and was the designated driver. That meant the rest of us could indulge.

I was sitting out side of one of the bars at a picnic type table. I was taking some shots of women in various stages of showing off their bodies. I had learned a long time ago to find a good spot and eventually enough of them would come by and I would get my shots. Earlier in the day I had walked around getting all the various other shots I needed.

I was sipping on a coke that I had added some Jack Daniels to when a woman about 30 years old came up to me and said "How Big Does It Get?" I picked up the camera and slid the lens out to its full length and said is that enough for you? She said "No I meant your dick" I answered "It is sleeping right now as he has been busy lately but he can smell lipstick and wakes right up. I don't remember anyone complaining about how big he gets" She had a few drinks in her and said "Oh I'm not wearing lipstick" She wandered off and I heard her ask another guy the same thing.

As I sat back down at the bench a woman who looked to be in her early 40s asked if she could sit at the table. Of course I said yes. She was tall and well proportioned nicely dressed, light makeup and what looked to be some tasteful and expensive jewelry.

Right after she sat down a woman that was naked from the top up and body painted came by. I picked up the camera and got a couple of good shots of her.

The woman said "Oh do you like that young stuff too?" I answered No not really I prefer ladies that look like you" I added that I work for a magazine and this is the kind of shots their readers like.

She put her hand out and said my name is Rebecca and you are?" I answered John but most people call me Playboy" She rolled her eyes and said "Playboy?" Yea it is from my younger days and it sort of stuck as I still do like to satisfy women."

She then said ‘Then why didn't you take the one who wanted to know how big your dick was?" I did not know she had heard that conversation and was even more surprised she asked me. I though I would have a little fun with her and answered "Well I like my women to be sober when I give them orgasms".

I excused my self to go get another coke and let what I just said to her sink in. I was wondering if she would respond.

When I got back to the table with my coke I took out my flask and poured some Jack Daniels into it. She asked "What are you drinking?" "Jack I answered" "Mind giving a lady a shot?" she said as I passed her the flask. She took a long pull on it and said "Thanks I needed that" I just rolled my eyes and let her see me doing it.

We did some small talk about where we were from, Sturgis the concert, the chip etc. nothing serious. She did say she was here with her husband and some other couples and they had some of those big fancy motor homes. She asked if one of the three women I was with was my wife. I was sort of confused by that question as they had been gone for awhile. They had all hugged and kissed me before they went to go closer to the stage. I answered "Just lady friends" she said "Lucky You"

I took the opportunity to ask her where her husband was and wasn't he concerned with letting such a pretty lady roam around on her own. She then asked ‘Can I have another pull on that flask? I handed it to her.

She waited a few seconds as if trying to decide if she was going to answer my question or not and then said " He and his buddies are in a motor home on the other side of the campground fucking some young chippies they have stashed there." Oh Oh my mind went right to her comment about liking them young and I thought if I handle this right it could turn into a Grudge Fuck.

I said "What is he crazy with a hot woman like you why is he is out fucking around? She said "I don't know do I look that bad? I work out and stay in shape and pretty much do what ever when it comes to sex." She continued "He is a business man with a lot of money and I am a trophy wife. He and his friends think their bikers and they go after the young ones for their ego. I know it is not serious and it is just some strange pussy for him, but damn it I am good pussy too and he isn't taking care of it."

I looked her in the eye and said "damn woman your hot, any man would want to have sex with you." I stood up just enough so she could see the hard on in my jeans and said "See what thinking about eating your pussy has done to me." "What?" she said and I thought I had gone too far to fast. "You want to eat my pussy? It has been so long since anyone has done that and you got a hard on just thinking about it?"

I took the opportunity to tell her that I really liked eating pussy and giving women multiple orgasms doing so. I even went further and said "I would be very happy if you would let me eat you." She answered that is very tempting but I am not sure I want to fuck anyone else just because my husband is." I answered "No one said anything about fucking just sucking your pussy. Hell I won't even take my pants off."

‘Are you serious, how could we, where would we do it, I don't want to get caught."

Now that she had come this far I said "my friend has a van parked up on the hill and he is down watching the concert'. What if he came back when we were doing it? We have a signal of tying a bandana to the antenna that the van is being used. Are you sure you won't try to fuck me? Yes I have never forced a woman to do anything she did not want to. Okay where is the van? Follow me and off we went. On the way there she asked for another drink and I asked are you sure, I want to sober enough to really enjoy this.

"Oh you do not know how ready I am now that I made my mind to do it; I just do not want to lose my courage.

When we got to the van I let her in the back and went to put the bandanna on the antenna. When I got back in she already had her shirt and bra off and was removing her jeans. I removed my boots and when I got down besides her she pulled me to her and we started to kiss. Her tongue was in my mouth and mine in hers. After awhile I moved down to her 36 inch titties, her aureoles were large and nipples hard. She started to moan and tell me how good it felt as I continued to suck on them.

I slid my hand down to her pussy and felt trimmed soft hair and then her wetness. Damn I was only getting started and she was soaking. I slid a finger the length of her slit and then into her. She moaned and her ass came up off the carpet as I removed it. I sat up looked her in the eye and sucked her juice off my finger and said Damn you taste good. I am going to really enjoy making you cum and with that I got between her legs slid her panties off and started to lick her.

I was taking my time as I wanted to make it special for her. As I continued to lick her she started to moan oh, ah oh yea, oh that feels so gooood. I slid my finger into her curled it upward and started to massage her. Oh like that, oh yea that feels so good and then she said "Suck My Clit. Oh please suck my clit" and I got right to the task. It was hard and sticking out from under its hood. I took it in my mouth and sucked on it and then swirled my tongue around it before I did it again. She started telling me "Suck me oh suck me make me cum oh fuck make me cum and then it turned into don't stop oh please don't stop I'm cummmming I'm cummmming as I felt her fill my mouth. I continued to lick her until she was totally relaxed.

She sat up and reached for my belt buckle I caught her hand and said "Whoa what are you doing?" She said "That felt so good I want to suck your cock."

I knew that eventually she would and there was even a good chance I would end up fucking her. I said "The deal was I would make you orgasm a couple of times and I like how your pussy tastes and as soon as you are ready I want to finish eating you."

"Okay but I am going to show you I suck cock as well as you eat pussy first" she pushed me on my back and undid my belt and jeans. As she pulled them off she said "Oh that looks so good and so hard I want it in me" I was not sure if she meant her mouth or her pussy so I did not say anything.

She started off by licking the length of my cock from the base up to the head; she licked under and around it and took some pre-cum from the tip. She sat back and said that tastes good I want to taste all of it. Then she was back to licking it and I told her I was ready for her to suck me. In due time lover, in due time, I want this to be something you will remember for a long time just like I will. She continued to lick me and then eventually take the head in her mouth just past her lips and ran her tongue all over it. I thought I was going to lose it right then. Next she took my shaft and started to go down on it. When she got all of it she sucked as she come up and she continued doing that while I kept telling her how good it felt. I finally could not take it any more and told her I was about to cum. I saw a sparkle in her eyes and she nodded her head slightly with out stopping sucking. I felt my cock shoot the cum into her mouth and her swallowing and me cumming more.

We were laying side by side when I asked her to play with your pussy for me, that's a girl, you look so good doing that, let me taste it and she put her finger in my mouth and I sucked it. Oh that tastes so good do it again and she did. Then it was my turn and I put my finder in her and when I took it out offered it to her to suck saying see how good you taste. She hesitated and said I have never done that before or tasted another woman. Try it for me, you will see why I want to suck you again, she did and smiled. All this was turning her on and as I slid my finger back into her she said Go right to my clit I am ready, suck it until I cum in your mouth again.

As I took her clit and began to suck on it she began to talk and tell me how good it felt "Oh I love how you suck me, damn I needed this and I want more, make me cum oh suck me and make me cum. It has been so long since anyone ate my pussy and no one as good as this. She was moaning and saying "Oh I am almost there this is going to be a big one" I was surprised when she put her hands on my head and pulled me away from her pussy. She then pushed me on to my back.

My cock always gets hard when I eat pussy She slid up on top of me and lined my cock up with her pussy and before I could tell her I thought she said she didn't want to fuck I was buried to the hilt in her. She started riding me like there was no tomorrow all the time telling me how good it felt. I agreed with her and let her take control. I reached up and played with her nipples for a while and told her how good they looked and felt. I took her hands and replaced mine with hers. She started to play with her tits and nipples. Oh I haven't felt like this in such a long time, she said. I used my finger to massage her clit as she rode my cock, her head thrown back and continued saying how good it felt. It was not long before she started telling me she was coming and I felt her wetness run down my cock. She said "Baby Fuck Me Cum In My Pussy"

I let her finish and then told her I wanted to do doggie style and as she got into position I slid right into her. Harder she cried oh yea like that fuck this married pussy that hasn't had any other cock since she got married. That did it for me I felt my cock get a little harder and I held her by the hips and drove into her. All the time she was talking to me telling me how good it felt for her and then she told me she was ready to cum again and asked oh please fill my pussy with your cum, Fuck me, fuck this housewife pussy and fill it with cum. That was all it took I was cumming and when we had finished she said Damn Playboy you sure gave a girl something to remember about Sturgis. You do know as much as I enjoyed this it is a one time thing right? I told her Yes and you also made this year special. She said she had to get going as her husband and his buddies should be getting back to the motor homes. She asked for another drink of Jack and swirled it around in her mouth before swallowing it and said can't have my breath smelling like cum now can I. I asked what about her pussy and she said I will clean it up before I get back there but he is never interested in sex after a visit with the chippies. She added I bet I had a better time than he or they did tonight she said. With that she got out of the van and disappeared.

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