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Tomboy - A True Life Experience - Rewritten
written by:

Tomboy - One of my Real Life Stories - rewritten by Lover

I was on summer vacation from college and back in my hometown. My Biology Instructor had informed us, on our last day of class that he had assignments for those who signed up for his fall class. That assignment was to make a collection of insects found in our home areas.

After grumbling about it for a few hours, I wondered how much time this assignment would take away from my summer fun. Knowing I couldn't get out of it, I said under my breath, ‘Hell, I might as well get this out of the way as soon as possible'. That decision turned out to be a very good one because I met Ruth during that effort.

I had the advantage of living in a rural neighborhood, so I was able to start my collection right in my own back yard. As I traveled further out into the country, I had to cross other people's property. On my second day, after observing an ugly little beetle screwing a female of its own species, I stood up and stretched my aching back. I looked across the pasture for another likely spot to search and saw someone coming toward me. It looked like a small woman.

As I stood there wondering if I was in trouble, she got close enough that I was able to notice a frown on her face. This little woman wore a pair of "disintegrating" blue jeans that were cut off quite short, with a lot of skin noticeably uncovered. She immediately got my full attention.

As she got even closer, I realized she was a young girl, maybe 14 or 15, but her mature upper body told me my estimate had to be wrong. No 15 year old could develop a set of tits like this girl had.

When she got about 10 feet from me, I was able to appreciate her incredible body even more, especially under her low-riding waist band. I asked myself, ‘How could her pants stay up without a belt?'

I looked at her smooth tanned thighs and the other exposed skin through the perforated material that used to be front pockets. Her bronze butt cheeks showed through the rear tares. Her fully exposed stomach, with some unmistakable silk of her pubic hair, showed plainly under her cute naval. She was an incredible sight for someone who had not enjoyed sex with a woman for several months.

As she came to an abrupt stop, I was sure my mouth was hanging open as I gaped at her awesome body. I quickly realized that this girl wasn't a bit bashful about how she was dressed either. She stood eyeing me unabashedly and without saying a word. I was speechless as I stood there basically stunned looking at this virtually un-dressed phenomenon.

I licked my dry lips to make sure I wasn't drooling and closed my mouth. She had on a thin cotton blouse tied tightly under her bra-less bust. It was now quite obvious what was underneath from the erotic bounces of her initial approach. The thin material couldn't hide a pair of more perfect jugs. They jiggled wantonly again as she shifted her stance. The transparency of her blouse allowed me to see her small nipples supported by reddish-brown rings.

After a few uneasy moments between us, she asked me boldly, "What are you doing on my parent's land?"

I quickly snapped out of my trance and gave her a hurried explanation of what I was up to, which I hoped satisfied her curiosity.

Then, with a grin on her face, she said with a little laugh, "I know your sisters and I also know who you are their brother."

She told me her name was Ruth. Then she said, "You should know who I am."

I was stone faced for a moment. My mind raced for any past knowledge of her...but I couldn't for the life of me remember her. I did not know this girl from Adam...but I sure as hell wanted to.

She discerned my puzzlement and quickly offered an answer for me, "Well, maybe you don't remember me. I have never talked with you before but I have seen you several times in your house. You are Chuck Brown and your sisters are Elaine and Carol."

She explained that she had hung out with my sisters in high school. They were a little younger than she was but in the same grade because of the school cut-off dates. She had already celebrated her 18th birthday and was a graduating senior.

Ruth wore absolutely no makeup, which she probably would never need. Her natural beauty was enhanced by her blemish free face and smooth tanned body that had been recklessly exposed to the sun. Her reddish-blonde hair was naturally curly and generally un-kept...yet she looked beautiful in spite of its disarray. The excess length of her long wayward locks had been tied into a crude ponytail that made her look cuter than hell. It was obvious that she was healthy, physically toned and extremely fit.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her wholesome body. I was also having a tough time hiding my growing hard on. She stood right in front of me at just 5 feet. Her hands were on her hips, as she looked searchingly at my face with her beautiful green eyes. She was breathtaking and she knew it. I would have done anything for her at that moment. I wanted her physically in every way...and yet I had just met her.

Under all of her outward appearances, Ruth tried to present herself as a "tom boy" with ratty clothing a take-charge stance. However, there was an underlying depth in this girl's character that exposed her femininity that she could never hide. She was unquestionably...all woman! No, I corrected myself...she was more than that...she was a little goddess. Mother Nature had given her a double dose of head turning beauty.

Everything about Ruth's body was perfection from the tip of her forehead... past her tight crotch that outlined the split in her large mons and finally down to the tip of her toes. Her beautiful legs and arms screamed of sculpted perfection. Even her small-dusty ankles, jutting out of her ratty tennis shoes, were beautiful to look at.

I had several waves of lust hit me with enough force to make me weak all over, as I tried to compose myself. In just a few minutes chatting with Ruth made me fall completely under her spell.

She boldly told me that she knew where I could find about every kind of "bug" and she would show me exactly where to find them. She also told me in such a way that I believed her without any doubt...and yet I didn't really know her.

That afternoon's short encounter in Ruth's family's field was the beginning of an interesting and incredible summer. ------------

The next day, I was able to get to know Ruth even better. She was never bashful or worried about the amount of skin she showed in her new day's apparel. She acted like she was just one of the 'guys' hanging out with me. I was completely entertained by her beauty and energy. She also made my insect search a hell of a lot more fun. My problem was that I had a hard time keeping my mind on insects and off of her body.

When Ruth was helping me find insects, she made sure she did anything I did and more. I have never been a panty-waist roughing it in the woods and fields and this was no exception. I knew my way around the wilderness and had been on 80 mile canoe trips in Canada. I decided Ruth would have been right at home on one of those trips.

She Climbed trees, waded through muddy creeks, crawled through thorny brush, climbed across barbed-wire fences. She also picked up every kind of insect with her bare hands without batting an eye. I wouldn't have picked up some of the "shit" she found especially the vermin under a rotten log. Hell, she was more man than I was during those findings.

When I needed to take a piss, which happens when you are spending hours in the fields and woods away from modern facilities, Ruth would walk around the other side of a tree, drop her drawers and take care of business without flinching. I caught a few cute distant views of her tanned naked butt.

In our casual conversations, I found out Ruth was born in the house she lived. She knew her way around every square mile from her home. She mentioned a few good places we could go to find insects which I showed her in my books. With her as a guide, I would complete my collection in no time at all, I realized.

She was a quick study on little details and very intelligent, besides being witty and feisty in our conversations. Anything I told her she remembered...even scientific names rolled off of her tongue better than mine. She told me a few things about some common insects that I didn't know anything about. She had to have gotten that from her dad who was no longer living.


That night, I found out even more about Ruth from my sisters. Ruth had, had a crush on me (from a distance of course) for a couple of years during my high school time. I had never really met Ruth face to face, and as I thought about it, that was a real travesty.

Ruth was a "breath of fresh air" to me now compared to some of the girls I had hung out with in high school and college. She had a personality that I quickly fell in love with and she became someone I definitely wouldn't kick out of my bed...if I was ever able to get her into it.

-------- As we searched the next day, I spent half of my time with a hard on as I trailed close behind Ruth's incredible body trudging across some fields.

When I first met Ruth, I wondered if she was going to be hygienically clean but working closely with her all that day, I found that I didn't have to worry. Ruth always smelled clean and fresh working close to her, even when she got hot and sweaty. We definitely got that way crawling around that first week in 100 degree heat with 65% humidity.

This morning I couldn't help to get really close to Ruth, as I helped her climb a tree. Her butt crack pressed right against my face as I boosted her up to collect some kind of vermin on a tree branch above us. I got a little dizzy smelling her femininity. The sweet smell of perfumed soap waifed through my nostrils as her firm ass pressed up against my cheek and nose. The other thing I inhaled during her climb was a sweet whiff of clean cunt, as I looked up her gapping pant leg. I also caught a glimpse of her open pink gash and her unspoiled hymen.

She was a virgin? I couldn't believe it...the way she acted around me. I figured shurly she had been fucked by one of her hungry boyfriends. I sure as hell wanted to lay her down and fuck her hard every time she put herself into a compromising stance by me, which she did all the time.

We worked very closely all that day in fact. Ruth offered to travel out of the neighborhood with me the next day. We needed to get into a wooded area, which was not too far away. It was somewhat isolated and harder to get into by auto. There was one butterfly I was looking for, which I showed her in a picture. She told me she had seen lots of them in that particular area. I was excited to see if we could actually find one to complete my collection.

I was about done collecting bugs but not done with hanging out with Ruth.


If you have ever crawled around in the deep woods, ticks are plentiful and they can get onto your clothing easily. This day we crawled around in the brush for over an hour. As we finally returned to my car, I saw a tick crawling on the back of Ruth's blouse. I knocked it off and into my net. When I showed her what I had found, I wasn't expecting the reaction I got from her.

I had explained earlier that morning what to expect from those nasty-little bugs that were plentiful in these woods. Ticks are like little vampires if they get onto your body. I had casually told her that a tick looked for dark-warm sweaty places on people's bodies, particularly where the skin was protected and tender. Then, ticks would bury their heads under your skin deep enough to draw blood. I mentioned also that ticks could triple their size as they could engorged themselves on your blood. I laughingly asked her if she had ever heard of the saying, "blowed up like a tick".

Well, when Ruth saw the tick, she let out a little scream and shook herself violently and ran her hands through her hair and her clothing. She let down her pony tail and brushed it wildly with her hands watching for ticks to fall out.

With a little amusement at her un-natural reaction, compared to her fearlessness over the past week, I told her that just shaking wouldn't work. Ticks hang on for dear life with their 6 hooked-legs. That was why they found a tight place under a waist band, bra strap, stocking elastic, or someplace where your skin was overlapping.

She let out another little scream with shivers of revulsion and sat down on my car seat. She quickly kicked off her shoes and looked all around her ankles and legs.

I told her we would have to check each other completely...every place on our bodies. I emphasized, particularly where our clothing lay against our skin. (I was specifically thinking about under Ruth's hanging breasts and in her cute little butt tucks in the back of her legs, and finally in her cunt and butt crack).

I got an immediate hard on thinking about seeing other hidden parts of Ruth's naked body. Would that happen?

She unbuttoned and remove her blouse as I enjoyed watching her expose those perfect breasts at last. God did she have a set of incredible knockers.

I told her that she couldn't see everyplace herself and asked if she would mind if I looked for her to make sure.

Without a second thought, she finished taking off her blouse. She stood up and turned away from me and put her arms up into the air.

With a demanding hurried command, "Well...are you going to look for them or not?"

I walked up behind her quickly and looked at her graceful back and the fine hue of feminine hair up her spine. I couldn't get over her smooth skin under her hairless arm pits. Carefully I ran my hands down her back and under the nape of her hair looking at her beautiful neck. I wasn't looking for ticks now...even though I should have been.

I carefully asked, "Would you like me to look under your breasts?"

She squeaked, "What are you talking about...of course I want them checked too, I want you to check me everyplace."

I slid my hands up her sides and then up under the most incredible breasts I think I have ever held. As I felt the weight of them, I looked around her side and admired their perfect shape and smooth texture. I have seen breasts in books, magazines and movies but nothing compared to hers. I held them up and slowly moved around underneath them, enjoying her warm-smooth texture. She was no longer sweaty in the cool shade of the woods. Yes, I gawked at those perfect tits and every thing else I could see.

A huge wave of lust hit me again. I wanted to fuck this woman right then and there. My will power was leaving me...but somehow I forced myself to calm down.

"Well, are there any under there," she squeaked demandingly again?

My mind was jarred back into reality. " under there either."

She reached down and jerked her cut off jeans down to her knees.

"Now don't look at me...just look for ticks", she said a little breathlessly, but with a little laugh in her voice. "Just don't get any ideas...ok?"

She was unashamed as she stripped off her pants exposing her incredible tanned butt, and the rest of her naked body which was now revealed to me. It was no big deal to her, but it was getting me so fucking excited I couldn't stand it. I was more ready for sex right then I think, than I had ever been before in my life.

Her beautiful legs looked awesome seeing her standing there with just her tiny white panties bunched up and stuck in her sweaty crack. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Her gorgeous body was a rare gift as I admired her innocent beauty. I enjoyed her with just the natural-shaded light of the woods. There were small rays of sun streaming down through the leaves made her fine hair glow on her skin.

My cock was as hard as a rock and pre-cum was dripping out of my opening and soaking my jockey shorts.

With a sweet demanding whimper, "Well, what are you waiting for...get them off of me?"

I pulled down her tattered pants the rest of the way so she could step out of them.

"Don't worry about them," she whimpered sweetly, "The ticks...get those little devils off of me."

Without any hesitancy, I put my hands on her incredible hips and felt her cute rounded buns in my hands as I ran them under her butt tucks. The texture changes just slightly underneath and it was a new thrill to feel it. There were small dimples high on the curves of her sculpted butt, just inches from my face. I squatted down and enjoyed looking close up at her whole perfectly proportioned nude body.

I inhaled her clean femininity. In my mind, her body was begging to be kissed and fondled by me. Shit...I wanted to do so much to this little goddess...not just look for ticks!

I slid my hands down her silky mounds and carefully lifted and felt under her small tucks for ticks. But...fuck...I wasn't feeling for ticks...I was feeling for myself. The fine feminine hair and unique texture felt incredible as I fondled her backside and buns.

I could feel her fine body hair standing up in little goose bumps from the cool breeze in the wooded summer heat. The moisture on her back had evaporated now and her skin was smooth and silky cool. Evaporation was causing little goose flesh all over her body, arms and legs. I ran my hands down her arms and her legs to feel her even more. Her creamy skin was delectable as I searched her body...toes to nape.

She was just perfect...I didn't think I could control myself any longer. It was so fucking erotic holding this little goddess in my hands. I about shot my wad right then and there in my pants.

I wanted to feel her more so I got even bolder. I wanted to run my hands down her crack and up into her cunt. Hell, I wanted to plunge my swollen dick into this beauty's forbidden virgin holes.

"Well...have you gotten them all off", she whimpered sweetly again?

I stuck my neck out this time as I paid attention to her sweet voice.

"Remember, they like tight-dark damp places. I am going to get a little more personal so if you don't want me to do this, tell me now."

She groaned with frustration, "For gods sake...I don't want those little suckers on my you understand. Do what you need to do and be done with it...quickly."

That was all I was waiting for. I ran my hand down her smooth spine to the cleavage of her butt crack. I pulled her damp "g" string down between her legs and away from her crack. I carefully separated her firm buns with both hands and waves of lust swept over my body again when I saw the fine damp hair against her wrinkled hole.

I slid my fingers down over her dark-brown sphincter...hesitating there for just a few seconds as I realized what I was actually doing. I enjoyed touching her clean little virgin hole and wanted to slide a slippery finger inside just to feel her anal tightness. Somehow I again resisted. What I actually wanted to do was slide my lubricated cock into her virgin butt hole and pound against her beautiful soft butt.

Cum was pulsing out of my cock as I felt down further. I went under and in between her legs. I slowly felt the reddish-blond pubic hair separate at the apex of her vaginal lips as they opened to expose her pink slippery wetness.

I was startled as Ruth spread her legs quickly to allow me to proceed more easily.

"I want them all out of there too...what are you waiting for," she whined pitifully but it sounded heavenly to me.

I opened my hand and cupped it under her slippery opening. As I slid my index and middle fingers up on the inside of Ruth's hot gash, I had chills run up my back just feeling her wet mons separate to allow my inspection.

I was just about out of my mind now with lust for this woman. I felt the slick flesh as I continued up into her clitoral area and reached the swell of her hard bud, firm and round under my fingers. I smelled the clean scent of her hot pussy perfectly now.

She was responding to my touch, as I groaned with an ache in my own loins. She let out a small incredible gasp and moan which just about made me pass out.

With a slightly choked voice, she whispered, "Now don't get any ideas...I am a virgin...let's just get this over with quickly...ok?"

With a thick lump in my throat, I cleared my dry mouth and answered her, "I think you are ok inside...nothing to worry about. Let me check around the outsides, ok?" I didn't want to rape this girl but it was all I could do to hold myself back.

I quickly felt on either sides of her firm-soft mons and ran my fingers through her silky-sparse pubic hair. I ran my fingers up and down through her soft strands with thrills continually running up my spine and my head was spinning and my balls were aching with need.

I tried to sound calm and collected in my voice but it was disobeying me. I was crying on my insides. "Ok...there...too."

I came around to Ruth's front and looked at her inviting cunt and body. I felt down and all around her perfect swollen mons and down her pouty tails. I wanted to thrust my tongue up into her crack and feel her firm small clitoral bud on my tongue and to let her juices run down my chin. She was moist and smelled sweet, clean and ready for me to enter her. I wanted to eat her out and then fuck her till I passed out or died...I didn't care what happened to me. I desperately needed her.

With dust in my throat I croaked weakly, "You look all clear...I have not found anything anyplace."

With a great sigh of relief, she exhaled, "Thank god for that...thanks for checking me out."

I thought to myself...I would do that all day any day..., "It was my pleasure," I choked out sincerely.

Without missing a beat, she pleaded, "Well, don't you want me to check your body for ticks?"

Again, I was shaken out of my lust-filled trance by her sweet concerned voice.

"Y...Y...Yes...of course...yes you better check me for ticks too."

I kicked off my shoes and she pulled off my socks and looked all around my ankles. As she inspected me. I enjoyed the view of her cute backside and butt poking out behind her as she squatted before me...still naked and beautiful. She hadn't bothered to get re-dressed.

She then stood up and started unbuttoning my shirt and almost tore it off my body. Then she ran her hands under my sweaty arm pits as she made me hold my arms up in the air. I was really glad that I had showered that morning and had used deodorant.

She got behind me then and looked around my neck, ears and in my hair. It was sweet feeling a woman fondling my body with soft hands. She quickly checked down my back and down to my waist.

Without any warning, she reached around and un-buckled my belt and jerked my zipper open. She slid my pants down along with my under briefs to my knees.

She was repeating exactly what I had done to her...almost. She felt under my butt tucks and then she slid her finger down my butt crack and separated my cheeks as she ran her finger down over my anal opening. She stopped there, like I had done to her. She pressed on my sphincter but didn't enter me. I could tell she took a peek into my opening as she stretched my own cheeks. A slippery finger would have probably gotten me off if she had entered passed my sphincter. I was that far gone.

She ran her hand with an open palm under my sweaty balls and felt my damp pubic hair. Slowly she held my scrotum feeling the weight of my sagging testacles as she cradled them gently. I could tell she had never felt a man's balls before and she slowly rolled them in her hand exploring my manhood.

She let loose of them and quickly came around to the front of my body. My cock was standing out rock hard enjoying the cool breeze that was hitting my sweaty crotch.

I could see a small shock on her face as she saw the size of my erect penis standing out at a full 7 inches with its chubby 7 inch girth. I think this was the first time I had seen any insecurity in Ruth's disposition. She stood there stunned for a few moments with her mouth open. Then she spoke with a little quiver in her voice.

"Are you b...big...I mean is your penis normal size?"

I grinned inside myself knowing that I had shocked Ruth once in her lifetime. I answered her with a little reservation in my voice. "Well, yes but it is a little excited right now and this cool air feels so good to me...I mean, do you feel the same way I feel right now?"

She looked up into my eyes and I could tell she was also enjoying the cool air on her own sweaty crotch. I could also tell by her eyes that she was feeling the affects of my touch on her body. I had softened her feelings toward me and I could see the hunger in her loins for what we were both doing to each other. I wanted her and I think she wanted me.

Then she looked down at my penis again. "Should I check for ticks by your...your penis?"

"Sure...I don't like them any better than you do. Please go ahead."

She carefully took hold of my penis not knowing exactly how to handle me and gently moved it from side to side, which felt like a million dollars as she ran her finger nails through my thick pubic hair.

"Your nothing like I had thought it would feel like. It is so warm and soft on the outside and hard on the inside. is also much bigger than I imagined a man's penis would be!"

A large throb of feeling hit my root from her pressure as she pushed my cock up toward my stomach to check under my scrotum. This caused a large trickle of pre-cum to run out of my opening and it dripped down onto Ruth's wrist.

Ruth let out a little gasp as my sticky juices landed on her but she didn't let go of my cock.

She choked with a little start, "What is that? Are you peeing on me?"

I tried to answer her technically but instead just blurted out the truth, "That is moisture from the feelings I am having from you touching my body. It is clean lubricant and not urine."

"Lubricant...what do you mean lubricant?" I could see disbelief on her face.

I held her hand and put a little of my "pre-drool" on her finger tips and helped her rubbed them together so she could feel its slipperiness.

"That is the same thing you make in your female area when I touch you." I reached gently down and ran my finger carefully inside her lower labial opening, which was dripping wet with her own moisture. I let her feel it the same way I had with my pre-cum.

"You make the same thing. When a man enters a woman, you need to have that lubricant."

She looked at me with a little more astonishment but also with a growing-burning lust in her eyes. A new awakening of sexual bodies was coming to light for Ruth.

"I feel really funny all over right now...I have never felt this way body is tingling all over...I don't know what to do with myself."

It was then that I could not help myself. I leaned over and gently kissed Ruth soundly on her lips. Her eyes closed and she didn't open them again for almost a whole minute. I took advantage of that time and kissed her again.

I pulled her against me this time though...I couldn't do less than that. She melted into my arms and I pressed my cock against her mons as it slid between her silky inner thighs but not into her vaginal opening. Her breasts pressed against my chest and I could feel her nipples firm up instantly against my chest. I kissed her again and we stood there in the cool shady space floating linked mouth to mouth and body against body for several minutes enjoying each others dry closeness in the cool breeze. This was heaven...almost!

I could feel her wetness on my shaft sliding over me as we pressed our loins against each other with desperate need. I could feel her hard clitoris against the top of my shaft and Ruth let out a deep groan into my mouth as the pressure tightened and the movement stimulated her beyond her readiness.

Ruth cried out as she went into her very first orgasm. I could feel the flood of moisture on the upper part of my cock from her wet cleft as she gasped into my mouth. Her body convulsed against mine sweetly. Her climax peak caused her to cry out again into my mouth and then her breathlessness increased so fast that made her bury her face into my neck as she panted gasping with blissful pleasure. She shook with orgasmic jerks and her body tightened over my trapped cock between her thighs.

I had not entered Ruth's vagina but my cock was being stroked between her strong silky-inner thighs, which were clamped tightly together. I could not hold back any longer and I shot wad after wad of cum on the ground behind Ruth and then as I subsided from my own climax, I was sure some of my cumulated cum ran down the back of her legs and down her inner thighs.

Ruth looked and felt beautiful as well as helpless in my arms. This woman was no longer the boisterous little tomboy that tramped through the woods with me. Not this woman! She was a little goddess with a body like nothing I had ever felt before. She was healthy, tanned, muscular and with a hot hungry body.

I wanted to enter her and fuck her in earnest now...but would she let me?

I lifted her up by cupping under her firm butt cheeks and gently laid her on the back seat. I wanted her more than any woman I had ever wanted before in my life. She moaned as I crawled over the top of her and looked down into her teary eyes that were wetted from the intensity of her incredible first orgasm.

She sweetly spoke to me as she looked up into my eyes. She said iwith intense emotion, "I have wanted you to kiss me for over 3 years in my dreams. I had no idea kissing would feel so wonderful...what did you do to me? I thought I would explode with the feelings I just had. I was about out of my mind and"

I kissed her gently, "You had an orgasm. Haven't you ever had one before?"

", but it felt so did it happen? I didn't know what was happening to me. I thought I was passing out but it kept feeling better and better...I didn't want it to ever stop. I didn't know a man could do that to me by just kissing me. How did you do it...I want you to do it again?"

Knowing that it was only a few minutes since she had had her first orgasm, I didn't know how sensitive her clitoris would be. I took a chance though, since I barely stimulated her pressing against her. She might respond again right away. I slid two fingers down into Ruth's wetness and moved the moisture onto her still swollen clitoris.

"If you lay back and relax, I will show you how I did it."

I gently began stimulating her wonderful smooth clit enjoying the feelings under my fingers. Ruth closed her eyes and moaned sweetly as she felt even deeper stimulation on her womanhood now. This time, I would be able to build her slowly and she would have a deeper and stronger orgasm.

I slid my body down then so I could use my mouth on her wonderful tool. I had dreamed about licking her cunt all week and to be able to stimulate her with my tongue, which I began doing.

"What are you doing to me...are you...licking me...oh god...oh god...that feels so good. How can licking feel so good...oh...oh...god?"

I was enjoying Ruth's clean hot pussy the way I dreamed I would do it now. I was ready to go again myself and wanted to be inside this woman the next time she came. As she got closer to her own orgasm, it became very obvious to me because she was crying out with abandoned enjoyment. Then, I purposely stopped...I didn't want her to go over without me being inside her this time.

I pressed against her tight soaking opening with my throbbing cock and slid my head up over her clit a few times to get my head fully wet and to keeping Ruth near her peak.

Moaning almost uncontrollably, she began begging me to not stop, "Ohhhhhh...Chuck, what are you doing? Please don't stop...oh god I feel that wonderful feeling again...I loved...that...feeling...oh...oh!" She couldn't get her breath.

"Ruth, I want to be inside of you this time...will you let me do that, please?" I was the one begging now.

"Yes...anything you want...but don't stop...for god's sake don't stop...please!" She was out of her mind with sexual need and desire again and I was ready too.

I lubricated my penis well with her excess juices sliding in her labial lips. Then I slid the head against her throbbing bud until she was ready to go over again. At that point I slid my throbbing head down and pressed hard against her fragile hymen. Ruth cried out as I plunged snugly inside her forbidden sleeve.

I groaned with waves of perfection as I slid every inch into Ruth's incredible depths.

Fortunately, at that same time I entered her, she reached her orgasmic peak. She screamed with lust and went into a wild intense orgasm that must have masked some of her pain as I took her virginity.

I held still inside her as her tight vaginal muscles and gripping orgasm stroked my frenulum and glans perfectly. They had never been stroked like that before. I knew there would be some blood on my car seat but I didn't care about anything else right then. I began to enjoy the interior of this goddess's velvet-glove, which was made to stimulate my hungry thick cock and she did.

As I began to move, Ruth cried out with new intensity...which I quickly discovered was not from her pain but from the deeper stimulation I was giving her on the backside of her clit. It stimulated her to even newer heights in her orgasm. As I built up my own readiness, Ruth was being stimulated from the largeness of my penis, which was giving her a second peak and then a third peak. She was going out of her mind and so was I.

Her legs wrapped around my body as she arched her strong back to take my pounding so it would give her even more stimulation. Her body was demanding more and more and I stopped holding back and let loose with even more action and quickly met her demands as I met my own.

Her wonderful cunt was tighter than any stimulation I had ever felt and it gave me the most intense orgasmic peak in my life.

We both screamed with blinding orgasms as we pounded wildly against each other and maximized and satisfied our overdue sexual needs. We finally collapsed in each others arms on the back seat of my car panting and sweating. We were exhausted so we just lay there completely satisfied and weak. The shade of the woods had a wonderful cool breeze that lowered our temperatures quickly and brought us back to earth together.

What an insect hunting trip this turned out to be. I gained a beautiful little goddess and a tomboy too...and I finished my collection.

Ruth was mine now...I knew that without doubt in my own mind. She had given me more than help in finding insects. She had now given me her virtue and I planned on honoring that. I just hoped that Ruth felt the same way about me. This was going to be one hell of an incredible summer together.


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