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written by:
DG Hear

Reading Stories By DG Hear

A big ‘Thank You' to WanderingScot for editing this story and making it a much better read..

Where do I start? Two days before Christmas and here I am sitting in a bar wondering where I had gone wrong. My wife Sue and I had a hell of an argument. All because I read adult stories on the computer.

It all started a few years ago when I started reading erotic stories on line. After seven plus years of marriage the sex wasn't happening as often as I liked. So after fifteen thousand arguments with the little woman I just said, "Hell with it." If she didn't want to do it that often, then I would at least read about it.

As I've read in many articles that this shit is as bad as smoking, drinking, or even taking pot. It's addictive and can ruin your life. I'm somewhat inclined to agree with that assumption right now. My mind just doesn't seem to have the answers anymore. Fantasies, realities, truth, lies, I can't seem to get a grip. I often wonder if there are other guys like me? I wondered if other marriages were like mine? What happened to them? Did they succeed? I wish I knew.

That's why I'm here at the bar waiting for some old friends. I wanted to hear their stories. Brad and Mark are both divorced now. Jim is still married to an Asian woman he had met while overseas. They've been married for about four years now.

My marriage seemed pretty normal. We had two kids at home. Both of us work and our schedules are quite busy and not enough time together. I guess we put everything in our lives ahead of ourselves, or maybe the sex just got old and not worth the bother.

Reading these stories are head games with me. I don't even know what I believe anymore. I always thought I knew what kind of person I was. But, after reading so many stories I don't know anymore. Sue gave me an ultimatum to stop reading the stories or she wanted a divorce.

Once I started reading the damn stories. I had to ask myself, "Fantasies or realities," no-one could put up with some of the shit I was reading about. Husbands wanting to swap saying, "Fuck my wife, please," parties that turned into orgies. Men bringing strangers home to fuck their wives. Interesting reading but it was warping my mind.

All I wanted was to liven-up my sex life a little. I didn't want to fuck the whole damn planet. I did wonder how I felt about my marriage, my wife, my sex drive. I wasn't out to have affairs but to just take care of my own wife.

Reading so many stories made me wonder what it would be like to watch Sue with another man. Would I get turned on like they do in so many stories I‘ve read? Could I share her with another man and maybe even join them?

I was finding out the stories I enjoyed most were ones where the husband was in charge and gave his wife to other men when she was drugged or so drunk and not aware what was happening or was at a point she didn‘t care.

God, I can picture Sue lying on the bed and having old friends or strangers rubbing her tits or fingering her pussy. I picture her on a dance floor and letting men rub her ass as she smiles at me. In my thoughts she never remembers what she did the next day. The main point was I was in control.

The flip side to these stories was Sue cheating on me. When I read those cheating wife stories I always pictured Sue as the cheating wife. The outcome to these stories was me finding out and then taking revenge on Sue and the guy she was fucking.

I beat-up or killed more guys than you can ever imagine in these fantasies. I didn't want to be made a cuckold. As I said, I'm really mixed up.

The guys showed up and we ordered some beers and went and sat in a corner booth, away from the noise.

"So Bob, what's this shit about you wanting to hear about my divorce," said Brad. "Sue isn't fucking around on you, is she? It would be hard for me to believe but shit does happen."

"That's why I'm divorced today," mentioned Mark. "My cunt of a wife said she found someone better. The fucking problem is I introduced them."

"No, Sue hasn't been cheating except in my mind. I've been reading all these stories about wives that cheat and it makes me wonder about Sue. It's all in my fucking head. Sue is so fed up with me reading these stories that she said I can read the stories but it won't be under our roof. She has had enough of my bullshit fantasies. I better either get it out of my system or find another wife."

"Damn, Bob, that's pretty straight to the point. Are you going to let her tell you what you can and can't read? If my old lady tried that shit with me, I'd kick her ass out on the street. I'm the boss at my house. Maybe you guys should have married an Asian woman," replied Jim.

"So Brad, do you want to tell us a little about your past and why you are now divorced?"

Brad's Story:

Not much to tell you except I blew it. We got married young and the sex was good. I had a sales job traveling and was gone a couple of days a week. I spent too many nights alone in a motel room and decided to spend more time in the lounges. Needless to say after a few drinks and seeing some women alone in the lounge I started getting acquainted.

The first couple of times I felt bad about it, you know, cheating on Amy. I always told myself I would stop but the truth was, I liked the strange pussy. After awhile it was just a matter of hiding it hoping Amy never found out. Since I went to different towns I rarely saw the same women over again.

It actually became part of my life. I still tried to treat Amy right when I was home. I convinced myself that it strengthened my marriage. I wasn't as mad at Amy when she didn't want sex. I really made myself believe that it was okay.

I thought I was hiding it pretty good until I was at the office and received the divorce papers. It was two years after I began cheating on Amy. She had hired a private investigator, who I ended up having to pay. He followed me on and off over a two month period.

I didn't see it coming. Apparently, she had received a call from a woman asking for me. The woman, Sheila had found my cell phone which I left in the room. She called my house to let me know she found it. On my cell phone she looked up my contacts and just called home.

She told Amy that she was the maid for the motel I stayed at. Amy gave her our address and the phone was mailed to us. Unfortunately Amy must have been suspicious because she called the motel back and asked to speak to Sheila.

The desk manager told her that no one by that name worked there. Amy told me at the divorce hearing that I looked nervous when I told her that Sheila had called and said she found my phone. I guess I didn't react right when she mentioned Sheila. So that's when she called the motel back.

I regret what I did to Amy. She deserved much better. I miss my kids only seeing them every other weekend and now that Amy is back dating, I find myself jealous.

I don't know if we will ever get back together. It's been over a year since the divorce. The strange sex isn't as enjoyable as it once was. I guess not getting away with it has lost its luster. Besides, now I miss what I don't have, that's Amy. We have done a few things with the kids but she won't let me touch her.

I'm paying alimony and child support for a lot of years, all because I thought I was smart enough to get away with cheating. Now I'm paying the price.

"Damn Brad it seems you still care for Amy," I replied.

"That's the problem; I do. It just took a divorce to recognize it. Don't screw it up with Sue. If you really love her, put your macho attitude aside and think of her and the kids," said Brad.

"What about you Mark? You seemed to give the impression that Marie cheated on you or that you knew about it. Do you want to get it off your chest and tell us?"

"Look, I'll tell you what happened but if any of you ever tell anyone, I promise to come back and kick your ass."


Mark's story:

I'm older than you guys and was married longer. After about seven years our sex life got stagnant. Marie was a wild child before we met but we fell in love, so I thought, and got married. Marie was unable to have kids so we never had any children to interrupt our sex life. Don't get me wrong here, it just didn't make any difference to me if we had rug rats. I wouldn't have made the best father anyway.

After a few years of marriage we started talking about swinging, swapping and such. Just talking about it made our sex life better. When we went to parties we started to let ourselves go. I started touching other men's wives in front of them. Just a little touching at first to see how they would react.

When they saw me they then started touching Marie. It actually made me hard. We were entering a whole new lifestyle. Going to a room and watching another man fuck your wife while you fucked his was a real turn on.

I didn't feel like a wimp; I felt great. We started attending swingers parties. I got to fuck women of just about every race or nationality. Marie and I weren't cheating on one another. We both knew what our partners were doing.

This went on for a couple of years. We attended parties about once every couple of months. In between we swapped with other married couples. From the beginning we made a rule that we both had to be happy with the swapping couple. I sure didn't want anyone hurting Marie. Another rule that we had is that we wouldn't go out and have sex on our own.

I had anal sex with a number of women. It was something I liked but Marie wasn't fond of it. I watched Marie taking on two men at once, sucking one and fucking the other. It was quite the turn on.

I fulfilled so many fantasies that I had through the years. Life seemed like it couldn't get any better sexually. "Jim, is it alright to tell them about us?"

"What? You and Jim swapped?" asked Mark.

"Go ahead, I was going to tell them later anyway," said Jim.

Jim's wife is Asian as you know and I approached him on swapping wives. He laughed and said he and Kim had shared sex since they met. I asked Marie and she said she always thought Jim would be good and was willing to give it a shot.

We wanted to do it right so we took the women out for dinner and a little dancing. Then the fun began. I was on the dance floor with both of my hands on Kim's ass. Damn, she had one tight little ass, sorry Jim, but that's a good thing.

"No offence taken," replied Jim while smiling.

I looked over in our booth and Jim was sliding his hand up Marie's thigh. It was east to tell when he got to her pussy because I saw her mouth open. I knew Jim was finger fucking her. I pointed it out to Kim and she smiled. I worked my way up to her breasts. Even though she was older, she seemed so young and tiny.

We got a room with double beds and I must have fucked Kim at least three times that night. I knew Marie had completely worn Jim out. After that we got with them two other times.

Everything seemed great until one day I broke one of my own rules. No singles or divorced partners. We wanted them married so they had as much to lose as we did if anything went wrong. I got a new boss and like most employees I wanted to impress him.

You've all seen Marie, she could impress most anyone. He invited me and Marie out to dinner. Damn, she looked sexy. She did her normal flirting which she is good at but she knew our rules. Joe, my boss was how do I say it, enthralled with Marie. He did his best to hide his feelings but I could see he was enamored with her.

After we left the restaurant I reminded her that no singles or divorced men were allowed. She said she understood and would abide by our pact. She only teased him to help me out in the business.

Things at work became busier. Joe was talking about making me an assistant manager. He often asked about Marie and I would always say she was fine.

I asked Marie one day about attending another swingers party. She told me she would think about it. It was to be the following Friday. Lo and behold, Joe asked me if I wanted to go to the home office that same Friday for a conference. He had other plans and needed someone to go for him.

He told me it was mandatory for someone from our office to attend and he was going to send someone. It was my choice if I wanted to go. I would be leaving Thursday and coming back Saturday. All my expenses would be paid.

Not being able to see beyond my nose, I told him I would go. When I told Marie she said that it was nice and she really wasn't in the mood for a swap meet anyway.

I left Thursday after kissing my wife goodbye. I parked at the airport lot since it would only be two nights. I got on the plane and flew to New York. It was fantastic. I stayed at a Holiday Inn and called Marie after checking in. We talked for a little bit and I told her I would call her Friday.

The conference was rather boring but I managed to sit through it. It was nice to meet some of the managers and my upper bosses. They had told me that Joe said good things about me and I was doing an excellent job. That made me feel pretty good.

We all went out to lunch and then sat through the remainder of the meeting. I went back to the Holiday Inn and went into the lounge. The women there were something else. I couldn't tell if they were hookers or just some women on the prowl. I was getting hot just looking at them.

I was approached by a couple of women. One even put her hand on my thigh and started her way up to my crotch. It wouldn't have taken much to take them up to my room but I remembered my pact with Marie. I didn't want to go down that cheating road.

I called Marie. The phone rang a number of times before she answered it. She sounded out of breath. "What took you so long to answer the phone?" I asked.

"I was in the shower. I thought you would be calling much later so I thought I'd get it out of the way," Marie answered.

"Damn, I miss you. I wish I could be there with you right now. I'd eat your pussy and fuck you like there was no tomorrow," I said.

"Baby, keep that promise in mind and you can do it when you get home tomorrow. I have to go. I'm getting water all over the floor from the shower. I'll see you tomorrow, good night."

She hung up the phone and I stood there wondering what was keeping me from going home tonight. I called the airport and I could be on a flight for home in an hour. I gathered up my luggage and headed to the airport.

When I arrived at our local airport I thought about calling Marie but thought I would surprise her. Of course as you figured it out by now, I was the one who got the real surprise.

When I pulled up in front of my apartment there was Joe's car in my driveway. I didn't want to think the worst and kept making excuses as to why he was there until I unlocked my front door. All the lights were off except for our bedroom. There was only light from a lamp by our nightstand.

The closer I got to the bedroom the worse the feeling. When I got to the doorway I saw Marie on her hands and knees being fucked in the ass by Joe. Needless to say I was totally pissed.

You have to understand that I saw her fuck a lot of men but she wasn't cheating on me. This time is was completely different. I was being cuckolded by my boss. He heard me enter the bedroom doorway and looked back at me.

He didn't have time to say shit as I hit him with a right hook to the side of the face and knock him clear out of Marie's ass and onto the floor. That's when Marie saw me for the first time and screamed at me.

"No Jim, I love him, please don't hurt him."

I couldn't believe what I heard. She loved him? That meant one thing; they must have been together before. I hit him one more time for good measure. I told Marie that she had until morning to find another place to live. I wanted her out of my house and out of my life.

I left and went to a nearby motel and got dead drunk. I didn't wake up till noon the next day. Remembering the night before I headed home. When I went inside I could see that Marie had taken a lot of her clothing and personal items.

I cried, I really cared for her but she broke the rules. Once she cheated on me I knew I could never trust her again. She did call later and asked when she could stop by and get the rest of her things. I told her Sunday I would be gone and she could get them then.

On Monday I arrived at work and there was one of the bosses from the home office. He told me Joe had called him on Saturday and explained the situation. I don't know what story he was told but I was offered an assistant managers position at this office. Joe was transferring to an office in another state and Bill, this new manager was taking over.

I later found out that Joe was related to the company president. He and Marie now live in Michigan. She filed for a dissolution and I had no reason to argue with it. The last I knew they were still living together.

Bob, you want my opinion? Don't open a can of worms. Once it's open you can't get the worms back in.


"Damn, Mark, I would never have thought you and Marie were like that. I knew she was a little wild but I have to say you surprised me."

"Ok, Jim, it's up to you now. Apparently, you live a life similar to Mark's old life. Aren't you afraid it might end of the same as Mark's?" I asked.

Jim's story:

Wow, guys, I'm sorry things didn't go well for you. Kim and I have an open marriage and an open relationship. You have to understand that I spent quite a few years in and around Asia. They think of sex quite differently there. At first I was rather surprised that it was so open. Men selling their wives and brothers selling their sisters.

If I'm going to tell you guys about my sex life I need to know that it goes no further. Not even to your wife or ex-wife. Most people wouldn't understand my life with Kim.

"Jim, we all promise it won't leave this table. Is it that different than we might expect? Mark's was pretty much out there," said Bob.

Look, when I met Kim she was somewhat of a prostitute. I paid her for sex for months. It was pretty cheap, sometimes she didn't even charge me but I helped her family out anyway.

Kim has six sisters and three brothers. They lived in a very poor part of the village and the girls were prostitutes to help bring in money. I have had sex with all of Kim's sister and even her mother. It's just the way it was.

Eventually it was Kim I wanted to be with most when I went to their home. Hell, she could make me come in mere minutes if she wanted to. I really had no one here back home so when it was time for me to return to the US, I asked Kim to come with me. I had to pay a dowry to her dad. Hell, it was only a thousand dollars. That was a lot of money for them all at one time.

Kim has always said she loved me but what is love? She probably said it to every guy she had sex with. I do know that she respected me and treated me great. It was enough for me.

After we returned home she always wanted to show me how grateful she was to me. It was usually in some form of sex. There is nothing that girl can't do. She's small but very agile. She can bend like a pretzel and fuck at the same time.

After a while I was missing being with some other women. I was used to a little variety. Kim speaks great English and we get along great. We don't have any kids which makes it a lot easier for our sexual relationships. Maybe one day she can stop taking the pill and we can have a kid or two but right now we like the open sex life. She still has a few years left that she can have kids. She has told me she did want a couple but not quite yet.

It's surprising how many American guys want Asian pussy. When Kim and I go out she is always hit on. Most of the time it is subtle but other times they come right out and ask her for sex if I'm not there. I've kicked more than a few assholes thinking they could just take Kim.

We may have a different kind of love but she's still my wife and expects me to look after and protect her, which I do. Anyone touches her without her or my permission will be put in a hospital. I can guarantee you that.

The first time I let another man have her was at a party. This guy's wife was a knockout. Tall, big boobs, long blonde hair and sexy as hell. She was quite the opposite in looks to Kim who looked extremely petite and young. This guy couldn't get over Kim's looks.

We began to talk and the four of us sat at the same table. I asked his wife to dance and it wasn't long before we were rubbing each other. She told me that they had an open marriage and her husband had the hots for Asian women. I later talked with Kim and asked her if she wanted to do the guy. She told me I was the husband and should make the decision. That was her way of saying yes.

They invited us over to their house and we didn't take long to swap wives. Damn that woman was good. I had been used to the petite body of Kim and this woman sure was different. We spent the night fucking and sucking each others' wife. In the morning we got cleaned up and went home.

I asked Kim if she liked it and she said she did. When I asked her if she wanted to do it again and she said yes but only if I wanted to. We don't do swinger parties and the wide open sex thing. We are more one on one with other couples. I have more control this way.

We usually don't go with another couple more than three times. We feel that it could ruin our relationship. If one of us begins to really like someone else, we break it off. We're not out to ruin what we have.

I mentioned that we have an open marriage. By that I mean we talk about other people or couples. Kim doesn't fuck anyone unless I'm around. Too many wacko's out there who would want to hurt her. I've shared her with a few guys but she never does other men on her own.

I know you wonder if I trust her after hearing Jim's story. I trust her completely. We have this special bond and she knows if she ever lies to me it will be broken. She tells me if she has been approached when going shopping or out alone going to get her hair done and things like that.

I honestly do trust her. She knows if she has a sexual need we'll take care of it but I'm in control here. I have fucked a few women when out on a trip. I actually tell Kim about it when I get home. I want her to know that I'm honest with her.

I know most people can't understand our lifestyle but there are a lot of other people whose life style is similar. Just think; I can fuck most any woman out there whose husband has the hots for Asian woman. Believe me, there are a lot. Jim here for one.

Many men get tired of fucking the same woman for years. They want something different and that is where Kim and I come in. It's one of the reasons I keep in shape. I'm not stupid and I know that it's Kim that brings the couples in.

Some guys think they are going to go behind their wife's back and I'll let them fuck Kim. It will never happen. I will say that a couple of wives had to get a little drunk before swapping.

Looking back I guess some of the other marriages didn't last. It takes a special kind of bond to be part of the swap scene and still hold your marriage together. Kim and I have that. Will we always swing? Probably not. Once we start a family the swapping will stop but until then we'll keep doing it.

"Hey Bob, I've seen Sue and if she's willing I know where you can get a little Asian tail," I said it as a joke to Bob. He and Sue would be divorced soon after a swap.

I've seen it before Bob. You're going through a rough patch. I suggest if you really love Sue that the two of you sit down and have a heart to heart talk. Reading stories and getting into the wife watching, swapping, and extra marital sex are two different ball games. Fantasy verses reality, I don't see you sitting by while someone's fucking Sue. Just saying, you have a family and should be thinking about them.

At least Jim was being honest with me. If I know Sue, she wouldn't go near him with a ten foot pole. She just wasn't the type that flirted or played around, I was sure of that.


Thanks guys, I've learned a lot. I guess it's like they say, ‘Different strokes for different folks'.

"Brad, Mark, I'm sorry things turned out bad for you. Hopefully there are other women out there for you."

"Jim, I wish you the best. It looks like you have the average man's fantasy working for you. The only problem is real love. I don't know if you will ever achieve it. I'm not sure how to explain it. It's when I'm glad to be home and see Sue smiling at me. Or, the kids yelling, ‘Daddy's home', it's a wonderful feeling."

I said thank you to my friends and headed home. I walked in the door and Sue was looking at me.

"Sue, we need to talk. I love you, I really do. As I told you many times, I read the stories because we don't make love very often."

"Bob, we don't make love because you're in there getting your head filled with weird ideas and masturbating. Do you really believe I want to make love with you after that?"

"If I stop reading the stories do you think we can be together more often? I do mean more than once every few weeks."

"Bob, I love you and realize I've neglected you, and you me. Yes, we can make more time for each other. The last thing I want to do is lose you. I want you to understand that it's you I want, not other men."

"I saw you reading wife swapping stories and some of the other stuff. It bothered me that you would want to watch me with someone else or that you needed other women. I'm willing to try and do things with you, but only you."

About that time my kids came into the room and I heard that familiar sound, ‘Daddy's Home'.

"Where have you been Daddy? Mommy said she didn't know and looked sad," said my six year old daughter.

"Daddy had some things to think about. I was wondering if maybe you kids could convince mommy to go look at the Christmas lights tonight."

"Mommy, can we go, please mommy." The kids, ages six and five were excited.

Sue smiled at me. She knew I was trying to put our life back in order. After all Christmas was only two days away. She told the kids to get dressed and put on their heavy coats.

"Sue, I love you and want to be with you forever." I took her into the computer room and brought up the adult sites and one by one I deleted them.

Sure I could always go back and put them in if I wanted too, but I wanted to show her I was serious about us trying.

We went to West Virginia which was only a hour and a half a way to see the beautiful Christmas display they set up in the park. They set it up every year and thousands of people come to see it. The kids were happy as can be and Sue seemed to enjoy it also. We were a family again.

It was late when we got home and I helped Sue put the kids to bed. I undressed and figured Sue would be too tired to make love and jut kissed her goodnight.

"Oh no Buddy, you aren't getting off that easy. I've waited all night for this."

She closed our bedroom door and pulled the covers off of me. I sleep in my underwear and she quickly pulled them off. She had on a nightgown but no panties. She got above me and grabbed hold of what was now a very hard cock and slowly lowered herself down. God, it felt so good.

She was raising and lowering herself on my cock. It got larger with each stroke and I reached up and pulled off her nightgown. Even after two kids she had quite a nice body.

"It feels so good Bob, fuck me baby. Push that cock deep in my pussy."

I knew she was really hot. She never used the sexual innuendos unless she was really hot. I put my hands on her hips and pushed up hard every time she came down. It wasn't long before I saw her juices coating my cock. I couldn't hold back any longer as I let go with a load of cum that I knew she could feel.

"That's it Baby, give it all to me, it feels so good," she replied.

I could see our juices flowing out of her and down my cock. As soon as she came she lay across my chest. We must have lain there for ten minutes until I felt my cock pop out of her. I reached over and handed her the tissue box and she grabbed a handful. I took some also and wiped off my cock.

Sue got up and went into the bathroom. I put my underwear back on and got in bed. Sue came out of the bathroom and slid her nightgown on but didn't slip on any panties. When I asked her why?

She said, "You might want to cuddle up to me and I want to feel you against my ass. She was right, sometime during the night I found myself fucking her from behind. She just pushed her ass back and took me in. Damn, that felt great.

Life for us changed after that night. I did miss the stories but instead I was getting the real thing with someone I loved. We found out that if we communicated more and told each other how we felt it really helped.

We went out for New Years Eve, with some friends. I was surprised to see Jim and Kim there. I guess that their lifestyle works for them. I also saw Brad and Amy together. They came over and talked to us.

Brad said that after we all had our guy talk that he went to see Amy. He asked her out for New Years and she accepted. He's hoping that maybe they might get back together eventually. He asked us if they could join us. Sue and Amy were always good friends. Sue told me later that Amy was thinking of giving Brad a second chance but he would really have to work for it. Distrust is a hard one to overcome.

Later we saw Mark come in and he said hello to us. He was with a woman that we had never met. It wasn't a big surprise that he joined Jim and Kim at their table. Sue knew all my friends and she told me that Jim was one man she could never trust. She did say that Jim and Kim seemed like an odd couple and asked me never to ask to go out with them.

"There is just something about their relationship," said Sue. "It's not love but more like master and slave."

I didn't say anything but Sue read people pretty well. We dance and acted like two people in love, the truth is we were. That night we made love like never before. I couldn't believe she gave me a blow job and she wasn't even drunk. After eating her pussy to a climax, she let me fuck her in the ass for only the second time since we've been married.

I could tell that she was really trying to make our marriage work. I tried too, our communicating was the answer. It's something we should have done more of years ago.

I know if you're wondering if I ever go back on line and read stories. The truth is Sue and I go on-line together once in awhile after we put the kids to bed, and pick stories out she finds interesting and read them together. We also watch a porno movie every once in awhile. Sometimes we make it all the way through before going to bed and making love.

What I truly found out was that it takes two to argue. Be honest with your partner. Tell them if something is really bothering you and why. You can't solve a problem without communication.

Life is good - if only people would just take the time to talk to each other, relationships would be so much better.

Thank you for reading my story Comments are welcome and appreciated DG Hear.

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