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Trailer Park Pussy
written by:

Jim Derringer was very despondent over his wife's recent death. After three months of mourning, he decided to take a couple of weeks off and travel in his RV to get away from it all. He was on the road for about a week, stopping at RV parks at night, and occasionally chatting with other travelers. Never-the-less, he was still feeling gloomy, sad, and lonely. He missed his female companion and he felt like he was just a half a man without her.

Another day passed as he drove his RV down a lonely Arizona highway, stopping at scenic points along the way until the bright orange sun began to settle in the western sky and another RV park came into view.

After Jim pulled his big RV into a parking spot, he plugged it into the park services. As he was getting his unit all secured, he noticed a couple sitting just outside the door of their trailer, enjoying their drinks, carrying on and laughing a lot. Seeing a happy couple together like that only made him miss his wife all the more.

When the couple noticed Jim looking their way, they gave him a friendly wave and he sent them a quick wave in return, then resumed back to what he was doing. A couple of minutes later, that very same couple walked over and greeted him. "Nice weather we're having. My name is John and this is my wife, Dee. Welcome neighbor."

Jim smiled and responded, "My name is Jim and I'm tired after traveling today."

"Come have a drink with us and relax," John said to him.

"Well, I appreciate the offer, but I am pretty tired. Afraid I won't be much company to you."

"Nonsense," John insisted, "came an have a beer."

Although Jim was tired, he was glad that someone took notice of him, and he was happy to sit down, enjoy a cold beer and chat with his new found neighbors. Although Jim missed his wife, he was a virile man and he noticed that Dee was rather pretty and sexy looking in her skimpy tank top and skin-tight shorts. He had a hard time keeping his eyes off of this one. She bared a lot of resemblance to his deceased wife; her long blonde hair for one, those pearly blue eyes and bright smile. There were a lot of similarities that kept him looking at her.

After a lengthy conversation of Jim sharing a bit about himself, and the couple telling him where they were from and sporting some details of their RV adventure, John said, "I'll bet you're hungry. Dee has plenty of food prepared, so why don't you come in and eat with us."

Jim was pleased with the invitation and followed the couple inside their comfy trailer for dinner.

After they had finished eating, they moved to the couch for an after dinner drink. Dee served the men another cold beer and sat between them. About half way through their drinks, Jim opened up and told them about his wife's death and his grief.

Dee sadly said, putting her hand on his arm, "You poor man. I know it must be a difficult time for you.

John added, "We're so sorry to hear about that. I couldn't bare the thought of losing my sweet Dee that way."

Then John looked at his watch like he'd just remembered something and said, "Oh, I just about forgot. We had a flat tire today and I have to take it down to the station and get it fixed before we hit the road again in the morning."

Jim then offered, "Guess I should leave."

"No. stay and keep Dee company. The station is only five miles down the road. It shouldn't take me all that long," John insisted.

Once John had left, Dee said, "Again, I am sorry for you. I know you are having a rough time suddenly finding yourself alone. It must be hard sleeping alone at night. I know it would be for me. Have you thought about finding a girlfriend?"

"No, my wife has been gone just a short time. But you are right, the bed does feel empty without her. Someday, I'll start looking."

Since they were both sitting on the small couch, it was easy for Dee to move her hand over to clasp Jim's hand. "I'm so sorry. I know a big, strong man like you must miss a woman's touch. I would like to do something to help you. Something to cheer you up."

Jim smiled at Dee and said, "You are a beautiful woman with a wonderful personality, and you remind me a lot of my wife. Maybe someday I can find a woman like you."

"Thank you for saying that. My husband rarely tells me things like that anymore," Dee sweetly responded.

Dee moved closer to Jim and held his hand up to her cheek. Jim wasn't sure what her intentions were, but he had a feeling she was being overly affectionate with him. "I meant every word of it. You are beautiful and you have a fantastic body," he said, feeling his dick beginning to swell inside his pants as his eyes roamed down her shapely torso. She was a beauty - hot and enticing enough for any man, but Jim tried to focus on the fact that she was a married woman and belonged to just one man.

Dee knew how her body was affecting Jim's libido, and she wanted more than just a friendly conversation. She wanted to feel his desires against her flesh in the ways that made her pussy hot enough to softly say. "I want to do something for you to make you feel better."

In a bold move, Dee brushed up against Jim on the couch and started rubbing his crotch. Jim's cock sprung into a full erection as she stroked her hand over it. Although he felt somewhat embarrassed and uncomfortable, he couldn't resist how wonderful her touch made him feel.

Feeling Jim's cock growing hard under the touch of her hand thrilled Dee to lean around to give him a light kiss. Again, Jim couldn't resist the allure of this lovely woman and put his hand behind her head and pulled her lips tightly to his. He heard her whimper and felt her tongue searching for his. Then he opened his mouth wider and Dee responded with a very sexy open mouth, tongue twisting kiss.

Jim's hands moved under her tank top, exploring her soft, sexy breasts and the hard pert of her aroused nipples as their mouths met for another longer kiss. Then one of Jim's hands slipped into Dee's shorts to feel her crotch, but her shorts were so tight he could barely stretch his fingers to where he wanted them to go. After they broke the kiss, Dee quickly got up and without saying anything, removed her shorts and panties. She stood in front of him with her legs spread to give him all the room he needed to touch her most sensitive area. His hands roamed up and down the smooth, creamy flesh of her thighs, outside and inside, towards the moisture of her heated crotch, rubbing her soft pussy lips through her wet thatch while she leaned forward and shared another kiss with him.

Jim wasn't sure how long it would take Dee's husband to return from getting his tire fixed and he was dreadfully concerned when he implied, "Aren't you afraid John will be coming back right away. We can't let him catch us doing this."

"I don't think John will care too much. We have a close friend back home who regularly has sex with me while John watches."

Jim was still a little apprehensive, but he was so hot for this promiscuous crazed woman that he didn't care.

He pushed her body back onto the couch, grabbed hold of her bare foot and lifted her leg over the back of the couch and let the other hang off on the floor. His face went directly to her crotch, sniffing the hot, sexy scent of her pussy while his tongue melded through her wet folds and slithered into her tight, steamy hole. Spreading the pink slit of her cunt with his thumbs, he licked it up and down from her clit to her vagina. Her body flinched and she gasped every time his tongue made contact with her swollen clit and she cooed sweetly when his tongue slithered in her vagina.

Dee loved feeding her pussy to a hungry man, especially a man who hasn't had any in awhile. They really are the best when they get their face into it. Dee always loved the feel of a soft tongue and rough whiskers mixing it up with her crotch. She took hold of Jim's head with both hands to pull his face tighter against her pussy. Sensing her eagerness, Jim went on an eating frenzy, munching on her sex from her ass hole to her clit. He could feel her body begin to tense up and hear her moans getting stronger, and wondered if she would soon have an orgasm.

Dee continued to moan and grind her pussy against Jim's face as if she was really enjoying it. Jim thought she was about to explode, but Dee seemed to be holding back to prolong the pleasure of his eating frenzy.

Jim wanted to give Dee a real thrill by working faster on her pussy and ass, so he pushed his middle finger in her anus and his thumb in her vagina and concentrated on her clit with his tongue. Dee's body could only take so much and began to stiffen as she let out with a lengthy moan, "Ohhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhhhh... I'm going to......." Just then, before she could finish her sentence, she fell into a series of shrieks as her body shook with sharp jolts of sexual energy. Jim knew she was having a very good orgasm and sucked hard on her juicy peach throughout her climax.

Jim continued to lightly and slowly lick from her ass up to her clit as her body began to relax a little. She laid still and lightly moaned as her body recovered and her breathing returned to normal. Dee raised her head high enough to look into Jim's eyes and she said, "Fuck! That was amazing!" Then her head went limp back on the couch. A minute later she came around and said, "It's your turn now."

In her anxiousness, Dee took Jim by the hand and led him to the cubby hole bedroom at that back of her trailer. She backed up to the side of the bed and lay back, allowing her legs to hang from the bed. Jim quickly disrobed from pants and shorts and stood between her sexy limbs. Her eyes marveled over the alluring sight of his hard cock pointing at her. He moved nearly down to his knees, leaned forward and rubbed his cock against her pussy, then pushed a little bit to let it penetrate her.

"Ooo!" she cooed, smiling up at him as she felt the head of his cock pressing into her wet vagina.

He was in a very uncomfortable position in the tight quarters even though it felt good slipping part way inside her hot pussy. He got up to say, "Let's get in a comfortable position on the bed."

Jim went onto his back with his head on the pillow. Dee rolled over on her stomach. Since she had been sitting on the side of the bed, this put her head near his hips. She reached over with one hand to hold his hard erection and Jim moaned as he felt her fingers coil like a serpent around his shaft. His pre-cum was oozing onto her fingers as she moved her hand up and down. She loved the vision of his pre-cum dripping like warm icing on a freshly glazed doughnut. She wanted some of that hot sugar, and while licking her lips all nice and wet for it, she moved into position to take his cock in her mouth to suck and deep throat him.

After three or four minutes of having his cock devoured by this beautiful sexy woman, Jim commented, "You do a fantastic job of that. Do you do this to your husband?"

She took a breath of air and answered back, "Yes, my husband likes me to go all the way down to his balls. I like doing that for him. I love how it feels in my throat. Your cock is a little longer, but I can go all the way down on you."

Dee resumed to prove her point and Jim watched as his cock completely disappeared behind the tight seal of her scrumptious round lips. He felt the thick saliva in her throat coating the end of his shaft which was almost too much for him to bare. "If you keep doing that, I'll cum very soon. I would really like to fuck you before I cum."

Dee pulled her mouth up from his cock to say, "Alright, I'll take it a little easier with you. I just don't want to stop sucking you just yet. I love the way you taste."

She continued to slowly lick from his balls to the very tip of his cock, then swirling her tongue around his knob and occasionally swallowing it. Jim marveled over the way Dee expressed her enjoyment through her hungry little moans that vibrated around his cock. Each time she went fully down, Jim's ass would rise off the sheets and he would groan. It thrilled her over the way he liked it.

When Jim couldn't take it any longer, he moved around to get between her legs. He grabbed her body by the midriff and flipped her onto her back with his powerful strength, and she bounced against the mattress with her legs flailing open. "Oh yeas honey, take me. Make me yours!" she gasped as he manhandled her body.

He shifted between her sexy legs and after he partly penetrated her pussy, his hands made a grab for her lower limbs and pushed them back towards her head. He lunged against her and fully penetrated her hot, slick canal. "Oh my God! Oh, give it to me!" Dee gasped and her eyes rolled back inside her head when she felt his length of hard meat knifing into her inner regions.

He fucked her slowly, using the full length of his cock with every stroke. He made most of the movements since she was pinned to the bed underneath him, but she managed to grind her crotch against him when the deep penetrations of his cock started getting the best of her. "Oh, fuck me harder Jim. Ohhhh, you feel soooo good!" she pleaded as she felt another orgasm nearing.

"You want it hard - I'll give it to you - hard and deep."

Jim began fucking her harder, hard enough to make the trailer rock. He couldn't believe how much she was enjoying it, taking it as rough as he could give it to her and still begging for more. She began to thrash and wrapped her legs around him when she came, screaming loud enough to be heard on the outside of the small unit. After catching her breath, she said, "Oh Mister, you really know how to turn a woman on. I could do this all night with you, but we better finish before John returns. Do you want to cum inside me like this?"

"This is really good, but I really like what you were doing to me before." He turned a shade of red and said, "I want you to suck the cum out of me with your fantastic deep throat."

"Mmm, sweet!" Dee remarked, revealing the devil in her eyes while licking her lips out of anticipation for his tasty treat.

Jim rolled over onto his back, pulling her on top of him in a sixty-nine position. Jim could feel her luscious mouth going down on him once again while he licked her pussy and ass and concentrated on her clit. He wondered if she could have another orgasm. Her pussy seemed to turn sweet as sugar when she came the first time. He could feel Dee's mouth going all the way down and he could feel the head of his cock rubbing inside the tight, slippery walls of her throat. It was a fantastic feeling, but he wanted to try to give her another orgasm before he ended up losing his seed to her.

Dee seemed to be approaching another orgasm, but Jim couldn't hold it back any longer and started shooting his hot cum in her mouth and throat. Since she was the first woman Jim's had since his wife died, he built up a thick and heavy load over the months of celibacy. Dee started to choke as he flooded her pipes and she pulled up, gasping, but kept stroking his cock until he finished his ejaculations. His cum was splattering all over her face, and she was enjoying it while licking the thick pearly cum dripping from her lips.

"Dee yelled, "Keep doing me. Don't stop!"

While Jim was feverishly licking and sucking her throbbing clit, he could feel Dee's mouth once again working on his slowly dying cock, sucking it clean of his seed. It felt good and urged him on to give her another orgasm. Dee reached her orgasm and her body strained and shook as she moaned her pleasure.

She rolled off of her "one-time" lover and made eye contact with him. She grinned as he looked at the cum smeared about her face and she laughingly said, "You really made a mess of me." She ran her finger along her cheek, scooping up his spent cum and licked it from her fingers. "Mmm, I love that spunky taste."

Just then they heard the truck pull up in front of the trailer. "Oh shit! It's John. Hurry up and get dressed!"

"I thought John was okay about you having sex with other men," Jim said, sounding confused.

"I lied!" Dee shouted. "Hurry! No time to waste!" she said as she ran to the couch and snatched up her panties and shorts, then headed to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Jim's heart suddenly burned in his chest as he hustled his ass off getting his clothes back on and making it to the couch in the nick of time before the door of the trailer opened. He tried his best to look like nothing was going on when John came inside to say, "I got the tire fixed. How are you two doing?" John's eyes glanced the room. "Where's Dee?"

Before Jim could speak, Dee yelled from the bathroom, "I'm in the bathroom honey. Be out in a minute!"

John looked at Jim and said, "How about another beer, Jim?"

"No, I think I had all that I can handle tonight, John. Tell Dee I enjoyed the company, but I think I'll get on to bed before I keel over dead."

"Ha-ha, okay good buddy. Get a good night sleep now," John said and patted Jim on the shoulder as he walked out the door. Dee came out from the bathroom a few minutes later, looking as fresh as she was when John left to get the tire fixed.

"Smells a little stuffy in here," John said as he opened the glass slider behind the couch.

"Really?" Dee said, sniffing the air and feeling relieved that John wasn't quite putting 2 and 2 together on what he was really smelling. "Maybe I'll go and open the windows in the bedroom too, and get some air flowing through here."

Dee woke up early in the morning while her husband was still asleep. She quietly got out of bed and threw a robe over herself, eased the door shut on the trailer and ran briskly through the dew covered grass in her bare feet to Jim's RV.

"Jim - Jim," she loudly whispered while tapping on his door.

She had waken Jim from his sleep and he opened the door with just his boxers on. Dee pushed him back as she quickly made her way inside and closed the door behind her.

"I just had to see you again before you left. My husband is still asleep and I don't have much time before he gets up," she said breathlessly. Then she grabbed him and kissed him passionately on the lips.

Jim responded like any man normally would and kissed her back, and when he untied Dee's robe, he found her naked underneath. "We got no time to waste baby," she said pulling him by the hand to the back of the RV and onto the crumpled sheets of his bed.

Dee didn't need any foreplay. She was already wet and ready for him when he slipped his hard cock inside her warm, slick pussy. He fucked her good and hard, and dumped his seed inside her pussy. It was a rushed fuck. It had to be that way. As soon as they finished, Dee got up and tied her robe, then asked Jim for a pen and a piece of paper. She then wrote her cell phone number on it and gave it to Jim.

"Here. If you ever come to Sacramento, call me."

Jim took the piece of paper and folded it and set it on his table. They kissed once again and Dee made her way back to their trailer, relieved to see that her husband was still asleep. She took a shower, then woke John with the smell of bacon and eggs cooking on the stove.

"Good morning honey. Thought you might like a good breakfast before we get on the road today." Then she kissed him lovingly and fed him breakfast like any good wife should.

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