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The Escort and the Kinda Shy Guy
written by:

This story was written in collaboration with another author who shares some of her work on ES; she provided the woman's perspective, while I provided the man's. We never had the opportunity to finish the story, but now, approximately two years later, it seems appropriate to revisit the story and post it here on ES. Too, this story represents my desire to honor her and our altogether too brief and unrequited interaction. I also wish to say thank you for the honor she did me, by writing a recounting of our interaction; one I will treasure deeply.

It is appropriate to note, as I re-read the original story, besides the numerous typos found throughout both of our contributions, there also appeared to be some major lapses in the telling. As a result, it required that I fill-in many blanks in order to provide better continuity for the reader. Whatever creative changes I made within her contributions, I attempted to stay as true as possible to her voice and essence.

Though the story is about a strong female escort hired to help a shy and somewhat submissive man overcome his discomfort around beautiful women, the challenge originally posed to both of us, as fellow ES writers, was to take on the role that was opposite to our normal disposition; she is by nature a natural submissive, while I lean dominant. This is a slow building story, as we spent a lot of time fleshing out the characters. If you are looking for a quick get-off; you can skip this story.

If you decide to stay, please enjoy the read. Comments, whether complementary or critical or otherwise are most welcome. I will make sure that any comments attributed to her sections are forwarded for her review.

Copyright 2009; not to be reproduced without the expressed written permission of the author.


SHE: I've been in the business for a few years now and have been called many things like whore, slut, and prostitute, but in truth I was just an escort. I didn't sleep with them because of the money they paid me, but because I love sex. I'm a black woman and all of my dates are white men. Yes, I prefer white men and I'm not embarrassed to say so. I am curious though, why there is so little on the net by way of good quality porn showing white men fucking black women. Are there so few of us out there? I guess one day, I'll just have to make my own.

I'm 5' 4" and have the classic hourglass-shaped body, though my breasts are on the smaller side while my hips and ass can be considered quite voluptuous. Not out of proportion to the rest of my body, but there is no mistaking my derriere. I love my body and especially my tits. They are so sensitive, all I have to do is rub them and they get instantly hard, while a bolt of pure electricity reaches out to awaken my clit. I've shoulder length thick black hair that dances about my face. My eyes are dark brown (like what sista doesn't have ‘em) and my nose buttons up and oversees a set of full lusciously plump lips that just love to kiss and suck. But it's my smile that every date always comments on; I guess when I smile, it really shows my glee (or my wickedness). I'm twenty-three years old and feel like I have just arrived at the point where my adult life is just starting to heat up; I'm so excited.

I have the same routine whenever I get ready for one of my "dates." I lay in my bathtub for a good while, as it fills to the brim with bubbles. Thoughts of the night to come begin to fuel fantasies of what might be possible and never, ever fails to ignite my internal fire. I slide my hands across my breasts to caress my now hardening nipples, but by the time I do, as usual, I don't have much time to completely enjoy myself. Before I go too far, to that point where I won't stop, I step out of the water to get ready. I slowly towel dry my tingling body, taking care to barely dab the soft terrycloth against my now moistened pussy.

I walk naked into my bedroom, my full-length closet mirror capturing my excited sashay as I proceed to pick out what I want to don for the evening. I rub lotion all over my body and put on my clothes, first starting with my navy blue demi bra and matching panties. I always get dressed in front of my mirror so I can watch the fabric caress and kiss my skin. I pull on a medium length flowing black skirt, which is semi-casual but still sexy, and a blue form-fitting top that dips low in the front to show some nice cleavage, but not so much to be considered slutty. A hint of my blue lacy bra peeks out from beneath my shirt's edge. After inspecting my look and liking what I see, I bend over to tie the straps to my three-inch heels. Just then, I hear the knock on the door; my date has arrived.

I go to answer the door and there he was; he was more handsome than I expected and involuntarily my breath drew in quickly at just how sexy he looked. He looked at me momentarily and then looked down; it was very cute. I think he was a little embarrassed, but that's OK, I kind of like that. He was slightly taller than I; I'm guessing about 5' 7," with dirty blonde and very-closely cropped hair, ala Jason Statham, and a few day old beard shadowing his chiseled jaw line and punctuated by a neatly trimmed soul patch. What is it about soul patches that I so much like? I haven't even begun to figure it out, but boy, does it get me going. He was wearing a gray V-necked cardigan polo shirt with a black sport coat draping across his broad and obviously athletic torso. His nice slim waist made me wonder if he had a six-pack tucked away in there; something that sets me quivering every time I get to caress its muscularity. Black pants and black loafers, sans socks, complemented the rest of his get-up. Now I'm wondering what his ass looks like (girl, calm down)!

I have to admit that I was feeling very horny; I must be close to getting my period - and when I'm in this place, I know I tend to be unpredictable and even rash. So quickly, to calm my re-igniting libido, I invite him inside to wait for me on the couch. He declines my offer for a glass of wine, so I told him that it would only be a few more minutes before I was ready to go.

As I put the finishing touches on my makeup, I smile inward as I admit that I'm going to go all out to tease the hell out of this poor guy. He won't know, "if I will or I won't" until the end of the evening, so this is going to be so much fun. I could feel my vaginal lips getting all puffy and dewy as I put on a pearl-white necklace that dipped seductively between the curves of my now cleverly-lofted breasts, while teardrop-shaped blue topaz hooped earrings playfully tugged on my earlobes. I have never told anyone this, but when I wear these kinds of earrings, the subtle pressure they apply to my ears never fails to get me to a highly-aroused state in a very slow-burning kind of way. Sometimes so much so that before the evening is over, my pussy is so dripping wet that I always have to excuse myself to freshen up before it shows its wanton presence.

Now standing before the mirror admiring my chosen attire and after making sure everything was as I intended, it was clear that something was still amiss; I was wondering what else might add an extra bit of sexy sizzle to my already enticing ensemble. Ah, sheer black thigh-high stockings would definitely add a nice feminine touch. I grab the stockings and walk back into the living room and sat down on the ottoman opposite my date. I remove my shoes and pull on the stockings, slowly, intentionally allowing my skirt to fall slightly back so he could catch a quick glimpse of my baby blue panties. Can he see my pouting camel toe pressing hungrily forward? I definitely felt my pussy swelling and my moisture building, but can he see any signs of my dampness oozing? After encasing both my legs, I ran my hands over them suggestively... palms down and fingers inward moving closer and closer, ever so slowly to the center of my universe, making sure that everything was smooth as it should be. I look into his eyes to see if he was paying attention; I smiled. This is definitely going to be a fun evening.

I bent down to put my shoes back on and lifted my head to look at him. Busted. He was looking down my shirt to see how much of my tender orbs he could vicariously enjoy. Again smiling, I finish tying my shoes, stood up and grabbed my purse.

We left my place and walked to the elevator, got on and rode down in silence. It was obvious that he wanted to say something but wasn't sure what to say. Just when he was about to, we reached the lobby and began to step off. He placed his hand at the small of my back to guide me out of the elevator and just feeling the heat from his hand, radiated instant desire and made a clear connection all across my already over-heated torso. It caught me so completely off guard that my knees almost buckled.


HE: I was nervous when I first stood by her door as this would be the first time I've ever done something like this. I had been curious about hiring an escort for awhile now, wondering what would it be like to ‘rent' a woman to be my date for an evening. Her rates were reasonable and quite frankly, less expensive than some of the normal dates I'd been on. Hell, I've had some very expensive dates and ended up with nada but a cheek peck. I know, I know, dates are, well, dates and there isn't supposed to be any ‘strings' attached. But still, I'd like something a tad more fulfilling than a quick brush of my date's lips on my cheek after all was said and done.

Well, here goes nothing.

I knocked and who eventually came to answer the door was far more beautiful than I had imagined from the pictures she had on her website. To say I was mesmerized is an understatement. Her skin was so deliciously shimmering; I almost wondered if it was chocolate poured on. The outfit she wore attenuated her form so much so that I quickly noted her tender-sized breasts. Ah, my favorite; I know lots of men like them huge, but not me. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect specimen of the female form; indeed I picked a beauty.

But it was her eyes that captured me and made me feel all nervous (rats). I couldn't hold my gaze; damn, why am I so afraid of beautiful women? I've got to get over this once and for all or I'll never find the girl of my dreams. One of the reasons I even thought about hiring this lass was so I could gain some practice; I'm sick and tired of being so damn shy. Too, I'd never been with a black woman before, I always wondered what that might be like. There remains a certain taboo still attached.

After inviting me in, I sat down while she went to finish getting ready. A few minutes later, when she came back out, she sat down in front of me. She proceeded to put on some stockings and I don't know if she knew, but as she sidled sideways to slip them on, I caught a quick glance at her panties; baby blue they were and oh so sexy! Oh my gosh, I can see her puffiness underneath, sheesh, what would it be like to taste those wonderful slices of pink flesh, or would that be pink chocolate flesh? Was I dreaming? Pinch me please. I felt like I died and went to heaven; is she doing this on purpose? No, she couldn't be, she seems too much the lady. But then, when she bent over to put her shoes back on, it was the sight of a nipple hardened that caught my eye as her bra and shirt fell slightly away and presented me with a ray of shining lust that betipped her golden swell. I was so engrossed in the view, that before I knew it, she was looking right at my face, while I continued to stare at her creamy breasts like a dumb ox.

"So sorry," was all I could say and barely at that. She just smiled, didn't say a word and we got up to leave. To watch this ebony goddess walk, her skirt highlighting two luscious cheeks tightly encased, my mind went into overdrive imaging what I would do given half a chance. We'll see how things go, after all, she is my escort and her job is to cater to my every whim. Now I won't have to guess if she will or she won't... or do I?

We walked the hallway to the elevator quietly; I so much wanted to tell her how beautiful she was, but I just couldn't get the words out. Damn I'm such a dolt around women. What am I afraid of? C'mon dude, she is waiting for you to say something, but what? By the time I got up the nerve to tell her what I was thinking, we reach the lobby and the world opened up in front. I urged her forward and out and towards my car, which I hope she would like, a white BMW cabriolet with tan leather interiors. Perhaps it is a cliché, that I'm a white man and drive a white car and until tonight only had tasted white women for dessert. Is that what they mean by being plain vanilla? I dunno.

I guided her out to my car, opened the door for her to get in. She turned sideways to sit and then swung in first one leg and then the other... pausing momentarily while her skirt opened yet again and a flash of her panty graced my view. So... so... sexy.

Not knowing the area very well, I followed the directions she intoned huskily and once we arrived at our destination and the valet took the car, as we were walking into the restaurant, she slipped her hand inside my arm and pressed her torso against me. I could feel her nipple denting a bit of my arm as we walked. Small talk ensued, with her mostly asking questions about me, my background, why I even needed an escort to accompany me as she thought I was a very attractive man. I blushed involuntarily, as nervous as I was. It was almost like she could tell that I was nervous because she then reached up and pulled my face to look at her.

"Tonight is all about you, I'm here to make your night one as you wish, just let things unfold naturally. Besides, we are such a dashing looking couple, and a normal one at that. Two people out on their date; forget that you are paying me... no one else knows."

I began to relax, and looked around. She was right; no one could tell that she was anything but my date. She wasn't over the top in her attire or possessed that haughty aloofness that working girls tend to emanate when they work; she was just a normal woman hanging with a normal (ok shy) guy. We entered the restaurant and still, I said nothing. Sheesh.

The restaurant was the latest flavor of the month and as we walked in it was crowded with all manner of people, but mostly couples and groups out on the town. It was a Moroccan restaurant, one that opened up recently, all faux, subdued, marble walls, soaring to the heights with quiet simple black wrought iron chandeliers dangling with flickering candle-like lights casting their spell across the ambiance of the scene. Heavy set, oaken tables spread out across the tiled tanned slate floor and large carpet-style, maroon-drenched drapes adorned the otherwise starkly bare walls. A bar aligned one entire wall and the patrons were at least two and three deep. We walked up to the Maitre d' and confirmed our reservation. Like one entertaining royalty, he summoned a hostess who proceeded to guide us to our table on the far side of the restaurant, in the enclosed lush garden. Along the way, I noted the blatantly open stares of men that, I imagined, were wishing they were in my shoes. I have to admit, in that moment, I was acting like a proud cock.

Once seated, she starts looking at the menu and after we ordered our drinks, I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to break my quietude. When she caught me staring, I looked deeply into her eyes and literally blurted out, "You are gorgeous."

"Thank you," she returned with a full sweet smile upon her lips.

After our drinks came and we ordered our meals, when all was set, she asked "So tell me again, what is a nice, handsome guy like you, doing hiring an escort?"

I was still nervous, but as I continued to sip at my drink, I could feel myself calming a bit and too, her smiling eyes and gentle demeanor helped assuage the churning seas within. I still was having a hard time holding steady eye contact, typically looking down whenever I got self-conscious, but I answered her honestly, "I get real nervous around very pretty women." OK, that did it, she's gonna laugh at me and ridicule me for being such a dolt. Just then, our dinner was served and once again, I lapse into a bumbling quietude.


SHE: Throughout dinner I looked at him as we ate. It was obvious he was still very nervous. I have to admit, I like the nervous ones; they are so much fun to play with and I get so wet, knowing that I'm in total control. And the wicked tease in me, likes to toy with them, like with quick touches to his knee at the right and most unexpected moment that sends them through the roof. I must admit that I find my job very exciting when I have a nervous man to play with.

In a way, while they may be nervous or shy, they are almost always gentlemen too. I know the norm these days are for women to want their bad boys, but I prefer the good guys who I can have a nice dinner with. He didn't try to treat me like a throw-away girlfriend at a work function like so many do. His shyness was very appealing and he would occasionally flash a smile my way and when I smiled back, he would blush. How cute is that?

I asked stuff like how long will he be in town and what else he had planned for the evening. He wouldn't tell me, but he seemed to relax. I then asked him why he picked me from all choices he had. He got all red and nervous and that just shot a bolt of raw lust through me.

"I saw your picture on your website, the one on your hands and knees, with your green/black striped stockings, bare ass and breasts pressed against the bed as you looked toward the camera with you deep red-lipsticked countenance staring at me. There was something in that picture that was so compelling for me."

"Go on," I urged, my curiosity piqued.

And I've always wanted to date a black woman, but have been too unsure if one wanted to go out with a shy white guy like me."

You shy? I asked.

He nodded almost in submission to his reality. I smiled, admittedly, with wicked thoughts of how I might tease him tonight. I told him I would be back and excused myself to the restroom.

When I got to the restroom, I did my thing and even something naughty, the twinkling of a plan forming (but I'll save the details of my shenanigans for a bit later in the story), I checked myself to make sure I still looked ok, washed my hands and went back out to the table. We continued eating and he began asking the questions I'd been waiting for all night, "How long have you been doing what you do, and do you enjoy it? How many men are you with during any given week?" I make a point of answering the questions as honestly as possible so I don't seem like a whore because I'm not; I only have sex with them if I choose to. There's no denying what I do, but I am a woman who likes to have sex and I still get to pick with whom; I will not hide that about myself.

And with that I asked him point blank, what did he find most sexy about me tonight? And he replied that it was my eyes and my red-coated lips every time they revealed my smile. But they all say that, like it's the only PC answer they are allowed to give.

"Come on, Bobby, tell me what you really think?" His answer almost caught me off guard as I leaned back, thought a moment and began to laugh. How delicious and tantalizing he was.


HE: We talked throughout dinner, and I could feel myself relaxing more as we did. But while we talked, I kept seeing the image of her blue-pantied nether lips in my mind's eye. So while I was feeling better about our communication, I was still very nervous, the juxtaposing of our banter with my desire was somehow incongruent and caused me to fidget more than usual, though I tried to hide it as best as I could. I did learn about her hobbies outside of work and it turns out that she enjoys going out to concerts, dancing and romantic restaurants. Hopefully then, the evening that I planned would do well by her admission. I had been thinking of her as an escort, but listening to her talk made me soften and see her more as a person, a woman I would enjoy going on a date with. My comfort level was increasing as her human qualities endeared me to her. I was almost embarrassed at how mechanical my perceptions were of her when the evening started. Then too, perhaps, the bottle of wine we shared during the meal had begun to exert its import.

Once we finished our meal, the restaurant was far less busy than when we arrived. During our conversation, I hadn't realized that people stopped coming in and were now leaving in greater numbers. Veronique, as her website claimed her moniker, excused herself to freshen up and while she was away, I took a moment to reflect on her beauty, her smile, her two little pinpoint nipples that seemed to stay perpetually hard, staring at me incessantly from across the table; from within the tight blue top, her swells so tantalizing erotic with every breath she took. I so badly wanted to reach out and feel her perky nipples, to feel their turgid flesh. And every now and again, when she reached for something that would stretch her shirt and highlight her nipples, I could feel my cock involuntarily responding in kind, with its own twitching and hardening. Yeah, it got a bit uncomfortable and though I wanted to reach down and adjust myself, I remained still and acutely aware of the sweet agony she was causing within me.

I didn't notice when she sat back down, until I heard her chuckling at my seeming ‘lost-in-space' demeanor. But I smiled quickly, and to slow down my quickening arousal, I asked a bunch of questions, ones I'm sure she gets asked all the time, but I just couldn't think of anything else. All of which she answered quickly and with a great deal of open honesty. I didn't get any sense that her answers were just for my benefit and I was glad for that. But then she kind of surprised me with a more direct question of her own, about what I found most sexy about her; my shy butterflies instantly returned. I tried to hold my gaze upon her face as I told her that I found her eyes and lips most alluring. It wasn't the first thing I thought of when she asked, but it was the best thing I could come up with on the spot.

"Come on, Bobby, tell me what you really think"

OK, you really want to know... "I was thinking how sexy you looked when you put on your stockings on, back at your place earlier today. I have to let you know that I did see your beautiful blue panties and how they so vividly showed your womanly mound. And I could have sworn that I saw a darkening spot too. Just thinking about it and telling you, is getting me all aroused and bothered too." And that was the truth for my cock was now painfully full-grown and doubled-over within my jocks.

There was a long pause and I had wondered if I had insulted her, if I had gone too far with my attempt to be ‘not shy.' I was starting to get nervous, when she suddenly smiled, a kind of Cheshire cat smile and then it was my turn to be stunned.


SHE: Wow, how bold is he, this man-child!! I like this guy! What a rush it was to hear him speak his truth as I felt my pussy gush yet another leak, copiously alongside his revelation. Not that I could have gotten any wetter; I was already soaked.

"Bobby, wow, for a shy guy, that was a most un-shy and bold thing to share. I have to say, it is so salubrious, I love it." My smile sparkled as my body began to get that tingly tell-a-tale sensation. Yes, I so much wanted to fuck this guy. "Give me your hand... now."

I don't know why my tone demanded it of him, but I was beyond analyzing it. He did as I asked and opened his hand, palm up, on the table between us. Jesus, he was so sexy, I swear, if I could have, I would have so leapt across the table and kissed him so hard that the force would send his chair reeling back and onto the floor, where I would quickly undo his pants, not giving a shit who was in the room, so I could whip out his cock and start sucking on it, so heavy was my desire to have his hardness in my mouth.

Instead, with a closed fist and a calm demeanor, I hovered my hand above his and let drop, my now crumpled up and unworn blue panties. Before, when I had gone to the bathroom, I had taken them down as I had to wipe my then overly-soddened pussy lips, but as my panties were so thoroughly soaked, I decided to leave them off. Now my wet thong was sitting in his hand and his eyes were wide-eyed.

"Smell them, Bobby, I want you to get a sense of how much you turn me on." And he did, but in a manner that made me smile deviously as his shyness once again asserted itself. He balled up the panties as tightly as possible so that it couldn't be seen in his hand and then he slowly, almost like he was embarrassed, brought them up to his nose, where he made like he was going to cough into his hand, but instead took a deep whiff. His eyes closed momentarily... but then reopened with a shocked look.

My foot was now caressing his hard cock through his pants and if I'm a good judge of size, this man-child was no small beast. Yum. I continued to rub as he continued to sniff and I swear his cock was getting even bigger.


HE: Damn, if I could just get up, walk over to her and rip off her blouse, and have at those hard nipples that have been teasing me all night; I want nothing more than to bite, nip, suck, tease and pull at them. I cannot think straight anymore, I don't know what to do, a part of me just wants to step up right next to her, forcibly lift her right onto the restaurant table and rip off her clothes. I so much want to taste those swollen pussy lips, to dip my tongue into her wetness; is she salty or sweet? In my mind's eye I know her pussy is naked and wet and it's driving me crazy that she is so close and yet so far. I want to hike up her knees and push her feet up on the table while I lift her skirt so that her nakedness is exposed to me and all the patrons remaining; that everyone could see how wet and drippy she was, that the table cloth would be getting wetter and wetter with all her juices draining down onto it. I keep trying to imagine what her pink chocolate yoni would look like. I suspect it will be so pretty; I've an overpowering need to lean down to suckle and devour; a most perfect dessert to end a most wonderfully romantic dinner.

I looked at her, I wasn't sure of what to do next and as she looked back at me, I couldn't help it; again I looked down.

"Look at me," she said, and I did. And then she whispered, "How big is your cock, hard?"

"I don't know," I answered truthfully, but I'm told it is one of the bigger ones most of my dates had experienced, at least what few I've had.

"And how many times have you had sex?"

"You mean intercourse?"

She laughed heartily and replied, "Yes, how many times have you fucked a girl good between her legs?"

I looked down again, kind of embarrassed by the answer. "Only three times," I said, barely audible above a whisper.

"Look at me and tell me again," she said, "Tell me with pride."

I looked up and into her dark brown and big eyes. "Three times, have I lain naked with a girl and fucked her pussy." I smiled as did she.

"Good, now let's get out of here!"

I asked for the check and I paid the bill, in spite of her offer to split it with me. Being a gentleman was more important to me than anything else regardless of how the evening progressed. She suggested that we continue talking at the bar at the front of the restaurant; it was as if she read my mind knowing that I wanted to continue talking. I stayed close as if claiming a property I had no right to claim. I walked behind her watching those long legs sway in a rhythmic and undulating pattern and I kept thinking of her naked pussy. My cock was still hard, but not as much so at least I could walk without an awkward gait. The way her walk made her ass shake was amazing; I was getting harder again, just from watching.

We ordered our drinks and sat very close to each other. You think I would know what to do, but all I could think of was I had no idea where the evening would go next. I figured she already knew what I was thinking so I waited for any signals from her that she was cool. You think I would know better, but this is where I always feel so inept and may account for my so few successes in getting a girl into the sack. I know that sounds tacky and I do want a heart-connection when I do it (the PC thing right), but right now, my little head has completely taken over the big head and now neither of them are being very assertive.

"What are you thinking, Bobby?"

This time I held her eyes. "I'm trapped," is what I shared.

"What, why?"

This time, I looked down and while crunching my hands, one inside the other, rubbing them as though they would take away my discomfort, I thought of what to reply. As I was honest before, I guess I'll be honest again, I thought. "I'm so horny, so hot and I so much want to fuck you. But I'm feeling guilty too, as we don't have any real connection, any real reason to fuck, other than to, well, just fuck. Pure hedonistic pleasure all centered on what I want, not on what you might want. Is that wrong of me to want you to just fuck you, to want my cock deep inside you, to want to eat your pussy, to want to feel your lips sucking on my cock?"

She looked at me and said nothing. She ordered one more drink for both of us and we sat there sipping. Her non-response was maddening, but also in a way comforting as she hadn't run away with my admission. We sat there and finished our last drink and then I excused myself to go to the restroom. Truthfully, it was a little comical in the bathroom as I tried to get my hard cock out of my pants and aim it with some measure of accuracy at the urinal so that I didn't splash back all over my pants.

When I came back, the bartender had just come with our check and before I could reach into my wallet, she pulled out her cash and covered the tab. "Are you ready to go, she asked?" She slowly slid off the barstool but not before letting it pull up her skirt so I could briefly see her wet and bald cunt. BALD, she's completely shaven. Oh my god, I so fucking much want her cunt in my mouth!! I have to have it. I've always dreamed of seeing a bald cunny and just giving me this teasing glimpse just blew my mind; I was rock hard all over again! FUCK!

I literally followed her out the restaurant and back to my car. I was like a good little puppy dog, or would that be a lap dog (pun and double-entendre intended).


SHE: He was so cute in his revelation and so honest, it was endearing. I may be an escort and I certainly know how to keep my emotions and heart tucked away safely, but this one was really going to be hard, he was so fucking cute and adorable and honest. As much as I wanted to say something in reply to his revelation, I thought it best to let it hang.

As we left the restaurant and was walking to his car, I looked at my watch to see that it was only 11 o'clock. The night was still young and there was so much more to do. He told me he wanted to go downtown and so we did; where we could have fun hanging out and watching a bunch of people we didn't know. I could see he was tense, so I leaned over to him and told him to breathe and relax; that these people would never see him or me again. Downtown was where all the cool bars were and even one that only the locals know about, Zephyr, where I know the bouncer and can skip the line readily. He looked a little shocked that we got in so fast or even that it was a bar; I guess he thought it was just an abandoned building. But really it was a place of secrets, sweat, and sex. So when I got to the secret door and knocked on it and they looked through the slotted peephole, like one of those prohibition era bars, once they saw me, they admitted both of us. I exchanged my regular pleasantries and continued on inside, dragging the bewildered Bobby along.

The music was so loud and pounding you could feel its vibration right through you. Walking down the long dark corridor, you could see many bodies grinding into each other, hands wandering and moans emanating from many different mouths. I felt Bobby squeeze my hand and I squeezed back to let him know that everything was ok and for him to just follow my lead. We continued until we got to the Great Room, a large cavernous and red bricked area with many, many levels and alcoves along its perimeter; there were people everywhere, many dancing and just as many not. We walked over to the bar and ordered our drinks and walked onto the floor to join in the writhing mass of humanity. One of the things I love about this place is there is never a specific type of music that they play, there was a bit of everything, from techno, to hip-hop, rock to rap and even slower songs that allowed all of our bodies to get really close. After a few songs, I showed him around the club and you could tell he was mesmerized, not only by the size of the place and the large number of cavorting bodies, but also about the niches and alcoves we just passed. But his question centered on one door that was at the back. "What is behind that door," he asked? So I told him, "That room is only for the open-minded.

He was definitely intrigued and wanted to see what was behind the door so I led the way. When we walked in you could see so many sweaty bodies, in so many different positions, writhing within their own sense of pleasure. In one part, there was a large group of people together in a puppy pile, a large ball of arms, legs and other body parts. It was almost like the bodies were moving in rhythm to the beat of the music here. It was one of those slow trance songs; and as I was watching the people, in all of their naked and semi-nakedness, cavorting with the rhythm and each other, I too began to sway in unison as though captured by their energy. I was directly in front of Bobby, so my swaying hips began to rock back and forth against him, my ass pressing against his obviously hard cock which seems to be getting even harder. I could feel him starting to rock with me and of his own accord, his shyness now less evident, he started sliding his hands up and down my body feeling my curves and touching me, teasing me. My head fell backward against his shoulder as my eyes closed enrapt.


HE: Unbelievable! Erotic, exciting and never in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined the scene that lay before me. It was just amazing, so many bodies, all pressed together, tits, asses, arms, legs, wanton sex, kissing, abs pressing asses, asses pressing faces, groins pressing groins, faces pressing cunts and dicks. I'm in awe. And as I'm staring at this scene literally agape, Veronique begins to sway to the music herself. That ass is to die for as it sways back and forth, its globes pulling against her taut black skirt and of course, my inner eye is imagining the slipping and sliding of her naked and bald cunt lips. I watch, rooted to the ground I stood upon as she backed up slowly against my, again painfully swollen cock. I sighed as we made first contact and I felt the energy of her cheeks caress my entire groin and cock, as it sought to nestle itself.

I couldn't help myself, I may be shy, but now was not the time for me to be shy anymore. I reached out and started to feel her arms, her hips, her thighs; up and down I would caress. Okay, maybe a little shyness was still hanging on as my touch was gentle, almost imperceptible, even though my mind wanted to grab and ravage her wildly. Hey dude, don't forget, she's your escort I reminded myself and with that, my tentativeness began to abate.

I grabbed at her shoulders and pulled her to me and in return, she laid her head back against my shoulder from which I could gaze upon her exposed neck. Like a vampire, I sought to bite her neck and as my lips descended. I bit, I sucked, and I licked as I brushed her dark curls away and devoured her as my needs demanded. My hands curved around and cupped her demi-bra lofted breasts and squeezed. So soft, so succulent, I could feel her two hard points begging for attention; which I obligingly provided by closing my fingers upon their points and squeezing them hard; to which she took a deep breath and pressed her ass even more insistently against me.

My hands dropped over her hips I draped them slowly, my fingers just inches from her pussy that I so desired to breach a digit or two within. I felt the bottom of her skirt and the top of her stocking where a strip of her heated flesh was burning my hand. I couldn't help myself, my lust gave way, my shyness evaporated (ok mostly), and my hand slipped under her skirt. I had to feel her pussy; I just had to have its baldness against my palm. I pushed her skirt up; with all the nakedness around us, it didn't matter if everyone could see her bare cunt and I didn't care. I rolled her skirt up and over her waist, inverted it now was. I reach for her pussy and my god she was soaked. For an escort, either she was a very good actress at making me feel her wanton desire for surcease by my hand, or she really was just as horny for me as I was for her. I slipped a finger in, unsure of what to do as I've done this so few times, but right now, as horny as I am, I want to feel her whetted lips pulsating with desire. And the more I stroked her, the more she undulated and the more I fucked my cock along her ass crevasse.


SHE: Oh my god!! OH MY GOD!!, He's gonna make me cum, I reach behind me to grab his neck as he continued to devour my neck, my cunt pushing hard against his probing, inexperienced hand. But it was the erotic nature of the scene before me, my aching cunt naked to that big writhing ball of humanity, my nipples like hard pointed erasers poking through my shirt just atop the edge of my bra, his hands and finger fucking my pussy, going in and out, his palm pressing against my clit every time he pressed deep and his cock buried hard between my ass crack as I feel its searing heat wanting me through the fabric of his coarse trousers...

I turn my face towards him, him still biting and sucking on my neck as I whisper, no, I wail loudly, "I'm gonna cum Bobby, oh I'm so.... gonna... cum... oh... oh... OH.... OHMYGOD..."

My legs squeezes hard together as my hips start to buck and if it weren't for the strength of him holding me tightly against him and his fingers hooked deep inside, I would have collapsed right there onto the floor. It was so exciting to be orgasming with him, right in front of all those people as I caught several of them watching us intently....

Oh, Oh, OHHHH... and then, I felt I was gonna come again...


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH GOOOODDDD... EEEEEEE... OOH... OH... ooooooooooohh... mmmmm... mmm... He kept his fingers inside me as I came yet a second time, so quickly and unexpectedly I came. This shy boy, for all his inept handling, made me cum twice in quick succession, something that never, ever happens when I'm just the escort...

My breath coming back, his fingers easing, I could still feel his arousal still unabated, still wanting, still instilling in me a desire to fuck him. Yes, I decided, I am going to fuck him... but first, I wanna play...


HE: Wow, I could feel her cum and cum again, against my fingers, but never before had I felt a woman ejaculate, her juices running warm across my fingers and palm. Now I was so fucking horny, if I hadn't stopped rubbing so hard against her ass, I would have shot my load within my pants. No I didn't want to come too soon. Her skirt was still up-ended and her cunny exposed and some of the men who had watched from their perch within the puppy pile as I masturbated her, crawled over to feel for themselves, her sloppy wet cunt. As they reached, she turned around and without a word spoken, reached up and pulled me down to kiss. Deeply we did, tongues dueling and lashing out with lust for each other. And after a long while she broke free of my still brimming hunger, leaned in close to my ear, that I could hear her over the moans and groans around us...

"That was unbelievably erotic, so hot, so goose-bumpy" and before she could say another word, it was evident that the new hands had found their mark; she shuddered as fingers dipped in deep to feel the wetness still oozing out. Her lips formed an ‘O,' her eyes closed as her head lolled back, just before she again fell against me as if to hold on for dear life. She shuddered, once and again and then pushed slightly away so she could look at me in my eyes.

"I'm going to cum again, do you want to watch me cum?" Yes, I nodded and then, nervously looked away.

"Look at me," she asserted, and I did.

"OH, OH... Yes, I'm gonna cum... OH YES, OOOH, UGH... OOOOHHHH... as I watched her mouth open and her whole body shake. And all the while, my eyes and her eyes remained locked.

And just as she shuddered through her fourth or fifth aftershock, I felt her, in an almost desperate manner, reach down for my cock, to feel if it was still hard. Hell yeah, I was painfully hard, and so in need of a release.

"Get your cock out Bobby, undo your belt and unzip your pants. I want your cock, NOW."

I did as she asked, my hands slipping down to unhook my belt, unbutton my pants and unzip my fly. I opened my pants and let them slip to the floor, my cock now obscenely pressing against my dark jocks with its big wet precum spot very evident.

"Take your jocks down NOW Bobby; I want to see your cock."

As shy as I was feeling, I did as she commanded, for that was how it sounded and I was willing to let her tell me what to do. She continued to buck and tremble as little aftershocks and strange men's hands continued to probe and titillate her wet and hungry pussy. My cock jutted out, its' angry purple head looking like it was ready to burst, big popping veins pulsing wildly along its length as it bobbed with every pulse of my racing heart.

"Wow Bobby, what a big cock you have," she looked quickly between my cock and my eyes and then without warning she got down on her knees.

"Stroke your cock for me Bobby; I want to watch you masturbate."

What, I wondered within? I've never masturbated in front of any one person, let alone a beautiful woman who I so fucking much desired and of course the mass of humanity continuing to undulate in front of us.

"I'm not sure I can Veronique," I said.

"DO IT," she demanded, "I want to watch you masturbate!"

In reality, I really had no will to resist, even my shyness had evaporated, I was so horny and I wanted so much to please this woman, it was exciting and scary at the same time. I proceeded to wrap my fist around my cock and as slick as it was from all of my precum, I began to stroke its length, tightening my fist as my desire increased.

"Oh Bobby, it is so fucking sexy to watch you masturbate, you like masturbating your cock for me?"

"Yes, Veronique, I like doing this for you." And as I continued to fist my cock in front of her face, one of the men that had been fingering Veronique's pussy and giving her little mini-orgasms, quickly turned over onto his back, placed his face under her pussy, between her legs, snaked his hands up around her waist, and insistently pull her cunny down to his lips, as she spread her legs to accommodate his desire. When his tongue made contact with her heated pussy...

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH my..." she quickly hissed and involuntarily grabbed my cock as if to steady herself... When she was finally able to gain whatever modicum of composure she could muster in that moment, she again looked up at me and said, "Keep masturbating, but let me suck on your cockhead."

I thought I'd died and went to heaven... and as I continued to fuck my cock with my hand and felt her lips slipping across its head.... She slipped more and more of my cock into her hot mouth. Oh, fuck, oh fuck, I won't be able to last too long and the hotter I got, the more she took of me into her mouth until my hands were now firmly enmeshed within her hair as she sucked and fisted my cock on her own.

As I slipped between the erotic delirium of her mouth's sweet devouring of my tumescence and the electric vibe that surrounded us, I did note two other men step over to where we were and begin to masturbate their cocks right alongside mine in front of Veronique. As if she possessed a sixth sense, she reached up to both guys and grabbed their cocks, one in each hand as she continued to suck and swallow my thick rod. It was obvious she was long past her own surrender, having succumbed to the tantalizing tongue of the stranger beneath her and the three cocks now hard and wanting because of her. I could feel her getting ready to have a massive orgasm again, as her moaning and humming around my cock increased in volume.

"I'm gonna cum Veronique, I can't hold out much longer."

"mmmmmm, MMMMMM, mmmmmm." She uttered as I watched her entire body begin to shudder and tense up... my hands now reaching down to twist and pull on her nipples... and as I did so, like a jolt, she started screaming around my cock.

UUUUGH, MMMMM... MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.... That is when I lost it... but before I came, she pulled my cock out of her mouth, grabbed it with one of her hands and shouted, "Come on my face, Bobby, splash me with your jism."

I did, and as I did, that set off a chain reaction with the other guys, who now furiously pumped their own cocks as Veronique stood there, taking all of our cum, roping crisscrosses about her face, her hair and her tits; her blouse now disheveled about her waist, having been hastily pushed down to join with her up-ended skirt, leaving her a writing mess of oozy cum all over; her own elixir running in rivulets down her legs.

She looked up, with sated eyes and gasped, "Help me up Bobby, please," and I did. And after a bit, when she recovered some of her strength, breath and composure, she looked again into my now smiling eyes and said.

"Take me home Bobby, we have some unfinished business to attend."

"Yes ma'am, I intoned and smiled back knowingly... Yes ma'am..."

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