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Getting some work done!
written by:

Getting some work done!

This is an original work of fiction; any resemblance to real people either alive or dead is purely coincidental.

"Sandy!" Nat said,

"We can't afford to pay Mark to repair that wall."

‘That wall' had been broken when Sandy had been giving Gavin (A block she'd met in a club) a blowjob in his car after a night out. They were driving home a Sandy had got horny and decided to suck on Gavin's cock as a treat for giving her a lift home. Being Sandy she couldn't wait ‘til they got in the house so she gobbled him as he was driving along. Just as they reached Sandy and Nat's house Sandy had deep throated Gavin's member and he had blown his load, closing his eyes and letting go of the steering wheel the car had mounted the pavement and crashed into the wall.

Gavin being a bastard wasn't insured and blamed Sandy for making him crash his car, they'd rowed and in the end Sandy had kicked him in the nuts and told him to fuck off which left the girls with a broken wall and a strict land lord who got upset if they didn't cut the grass!

"What made you ask him to fix it?" She was peeking through the net curtains at the shirtless workman in the front garden as he flexed his broad back picking up his large tool box.

"We won't have to pay him a penny; he'll do this for nothing. I guarantee it."

"And what makes you so sure of that" Said Nat, eying her blonde friend suspiciously

"Two reasons actually, first I've just spiked his tea and second, this" From behind her back Sandy produced a large shiny silver vibrator. Nat's eyes went wide,

"You can't. Mark is Monica's boyfriend; he'd never just fuck you he's too loyal to her!"

"I agree, but he would if it was both of us", she grinned and produced a large rubber dildo, with a life like head and veins running all over it. Nat could feel her pussy clench emptily at the site of it, her favourite toy.

"Okay, how long do you think we've got until the pill starts to take affect?"

"Don't know really, I gave him 5 just to be sure"

"Sandy! 5! Do you want to kill him, quick strip off your jeans and we'll have to make it look impromptu so he doesn't suspect you've planned this. He'll probably be in just a moment. Don't be surprised if he just pumps his load all over the floor at the mere site of us then passes out" Nat said, undoing the buttons on her blouse and releasing the front clasp on her bra. Her large breasts swung free, full and plump with pale pink nipples.

She pinched them hard as she looked over to Sandy sitting on the couch, sliding her jeans down her long tanned legs. She moaned at the site of them, her friend never failed to turn her on, especially her legs. Sandy sometime modelled shoes and stocking to help pay the rent, one photographer had said he could get her some work doing foot fetish for a website he knew but so far they'd not been desperate for money.

Sandy kicked off her jeans and caught her friend staring at her legs; she twirled her panties round her ankle.

"Cum here babe" Sandy said licking her lips. Nat knelt down on the floor in front of Sandy and they kissed, hot and passionately. Sandy's tongue was in Nat's mouth as they swapped spit, relishing the fire that they knew so well growing inside their pussies. Both girls were getting hot and bothered Nat's fingers stroked up the blondes legs to her sparsely furred pussy, causing her to gasp. Sandy was dripping wet already, obviously excited from the planning and anticipation of what was to come. She grabbed her dark haired friends large breasts and weighed them as she squeezed, gasping and moaning as her pussy was stuffed with first one then two fingers.

"Fuck!" Sandy cursed "You know me too well, bitch!" In fact both girls had discovered the quick ways to make each other cum in record time. They were very like minded, both lived by the same principle "It can't be wrong if it feels this good!" which meant that that very little was not on the menu. Sandy released one of Nat's boobs and picked up the long shiny vibe, she sucked the end to wet it, though god knew she didn't need to this time, she felt she could float the Queen Mary with her juices today but she made it a habit to suck anything that was destined for her pussy.

She handed the toy to Nat. Nat took it and sat back on her haunches to line it up with Sandy's drooling entrance, and slid just the tapered tip into her friends pink snatch. She turned it on to the first setting and worked it slowly in and out using only the first inch or so. Sandy whimpered thrusting her hip up to meet it trying to impale herself on to the chromed phallus. Nat was a deft hand at teasing Sandy, knowing that her blonde friend would cum like a fright train if worked the right way.

"Please, I need it, fuck my pussy. Oh Please Nat." Her requests went unanswered; Nat bent her head instead and tongued the slippery button at the top of Sandy's cunt getting a squeal of delight in return. Sandy pushed down her simple strappy top revealing her small pert tits and tugged on her own nipples strumming her fingers over the aroused flesh.

"Oh FUCK" she wailed as Nat finally stuffed her with as much of the toy as she could take skilfully flicking the switch to a faster, harsher setting. Sandy's insides clenched around the thrusting buzzing invader sending her into instant orgasm.


Outside strange thoughts were going through Marks head, he couldn't seem to get the image of Sandy out of his head ever since she'd handed him his tea, her long blonde hair, that cute little smile and her figure hugging jeans that sucked to her ass as she sashayed away from him telling him to bring the cup in when he was done.

He remembered her wearing a tiny string bikini to that party on the beach, her long beautiful legs flashing in the sun as she ran about playing Frisbee. Monika had told him not to stare, but everyone was, even his girlfriend. He was unsure if it was jealousy or lust in her eyes, he just remembered that they'd had the best sex of their relationship that night with Monika letting him fuck her doggy style. He realised if he wasn't careful he was going to get a boner right here in the street.

His thoughts switched to Sandy's house mate Nat. Nat, petite but stacked, with a nice rounded rear that was just made for banging against doggy style. But it was he breasts that everyone noticed first.

"Doubled D minimum, gotta be" He said to himself, imagining those luscious titties wrapped around his shaft. He felt a familiar stirring in his boxers.

"Get a grip man!" He chided, fortunately he was bending over anyway as he slapped some wet cement onto the brick in his hand and placed it making a squishing sound.

"Just like a dog on heat" he thought trying to put himself off as he felt his erection stiffen inside his old jeans. They're probably in there together, watching out the window making sure I'm doing the job right, he thought. Or maybe they're in there tongue fucking each other to screaming lesbian orgasms he told himself sarcastically but the image was planted in his head.

"Ahh Shit!" it was no use now he had to do something about his rigid cock.

He looked up and scanned the windows of the house, he couldn't see any movement. He swallowed hard stuffed his hand down the front of his jeans and untangled the knot his cock had tied itself in, he breathed a small sigh of relief, but his prick just kept on growing. He tried to think of other things, of bricklaying, his truck anything but his mind kept returning to the two girls in the house. He soon realised that there was nothing for it he'd have to do something to relieve the tension, he thought of his girlfriend Monika but she was out of town visiting relatives, and probably wouldn't be to impressed either if he asked her to come take a load from his pole that just wouldn't quit.

He was going to have to do this solo, he just had to get into the house without running into either of the girls and get accused of being a pervert or something.

Checking that the coast was clear one last time he opened the back gate and slipped into the back garden. He glanced in through the kitchen window but no one was insight Mark opened the door as quietly as he could and at last stood up straight. There was no hiding the big lump in the front of his ripped jeans but he was hoping for speed. He listened and heard some feint sounds coming from further inside the house, probably from the lounge. They must be watching TV he thought but it meant he'd have to walk straight passed them to go up the stairs.

Peeking down the hall, the lounge door was open,

"Oh yes, yes, yes!" He heard. Was that what he thought it was? He shook his head telling himself that it was just his over active imagination and strode purposefully down the hall. He just glanced into the lounge with no intention of stopping but what he saw made him halt in his tracks.

Sandy was draped on the sofa with her legs spread wide apart, naked from the waist down, her panties around one ankle. Nat was kneeling on the floor between the blonde's legs pumping a shiny silver sex toy into her best friend's pussy.

"Oh Fuck!" Mark said louder than he intended as his cock jerked in its tight confines. Both girls looked round.

"Hi there Big Boy, wanna join us? We're just getting started." Nat said shaking her exposed tits at him. He just stood there not quite believing his eyes. Sandy pulled a large silver vibrator from her pussy and said

"Cum here Mark, Nat's got my pussy all nice and wet for you." She ran a finger along her slit, it came away dripping. He groaned, unable to resist any longer. He strode into the room, undoing his fly. He reached into the gap and tried to pull his cock out through the gap but found his cock was too hard and too long to fit. Growling he literally ripped the button off sending it flying across the room and yanked down his underwear and jeans together.

Without a pause he stooped slightly and buried all of his cock into Sandy's sopping wet pussy with a roar.

"Oh fuck yes. This is just what I needed" Sandy panted as Mark pistoned himself into her, his heavy balls slapping against her butt with each powerful stroke. Nat stripped off the rest of her clothes and bent at the waist to kiss Sandy's panting mouth and tug on her erect nipples. Mark looked at the site of her glistening pussy peaking out from between her legs and couldn't help himself. He pulled out of Sandy's gripping cunt and slammed himself into Nat's.

"Oh god that's good" Nat said as Mark pumped her with all his might, "Looks like we've got ourselves a tiger"

"Hey!" Sandy complained "That was mine!" Nat grabbed the top of the couch and held on as Mark continued his assault, both focused on one thing. Cumming! Sandy, not to be out done, scooted down on to the floor and knelt beside them. She stripped off her top and wetted her lips. She then reached over her friends back and pulled her buttocks apart. Mark had his eyes closed a look of blissful concentration on his face.

"Look" Sandy whispered sexily. Mark stared down entranced by the sight of his engorged cock disappearing and re-appearing from Nat's silky folds and the tight puckered star just above. Sandy wet a finger and stroked Nat's ass hole. He slowed his pumping to watch, which is what Sandy wanted. When she had his full attention the mouthed to him

"I want you in my mouth" Sandy whispered. After a moment hesitation, he pulled out of Nat and grabbed a handful of Sandy's hair, she willingly opened her mouth and he shoved his throbbing member straight down her throat. He had one last moment of self control when he felt her gagging around his length and pulled back to let gasp air but then shoved back in again.

Sandy loved being treated roughly, it was her inner slut. The taste of Nat's fresh, tangy pussy juice mixed with her own and Marks pre-cum all served on a super hard cock made her pussy shiver, this really was her kink.

Nat smiled grimly, beaten at her own game of cock nabbing, well she still had a couple of tricks up her sleeve, even if she was naked. She grabbed the long rubber dildo from the floor where it had been dropped and wetted the end with her tongue. Sandy and Mark's attention were elsewhere so she knelt behind Sandy and got her to raise her delightful rear of the floor with only a little coaxing. Then she tucked the handle end of the toy between the lips of her pussy and lined up the head with Sandy's swollen lips.

Sandy's eyes went wide when she realised what was happening, but she was powerless to stop it, not that she wanted to really. A cock at either end was one of her favourite positions, one she'd tried out a couple of time before.

"Watch this Mark!" Nat said, getting his attention. He stared wide eyed still roughly pumping his cock into Sandy's willing mouth. Sandy moaned around Mark's buried member as Nat shoved the dildo hard into her slippery tunnel.

Sandy was being thrust into at both ends, and Nat had even started to tweak her friend's clit with her free hand. The two built up a rhythm, pumping into her alternately, so her hot sexy body was constantly being filled. Sandy seesawed back and forth on her spit-roasting cocks gagging and slurping, trying to deep throat Mark's throbbing cock while Nat pumped her dripping cunt with the dildo. It was all too much, the pleasure built up and in a few moments she was Cumming.

She moaned and hummed her cock muffled cries of pleasure; this extra sensation sent Mark over the edge too.

"Ahhh Fuck!!!" Mark bellowed as he pulled his stiff prick from her mouth and spewed a great wad of cum all over her face and hair, joining her in orgasm. Some landed in her panting mouth, and some splattered her pert tits. It seemed like a fire hose blasting her, he came with such force. Sandy swallowed what she could and then licked Marks cock clean, sucking the dregs from his overworked balls.

"Oh Jesus, that was fucking good!" Mark said amazed at the amount he'd cum, and at Sandy's willingness to suck his cock clean. He pulled out of her mouth, his cock hadn't sagged one bit, and in fact it felt like he could do it all over again.

Nat hadn't stopped fucking Sandy all through her orgasm, though she had slowed a little to let the blonde get her breath back.

"Still hard? Maybe you could put that back where it belongs?" Nat said to Mark as he gripped his shaft, he looked at her questioningly.

"How about my nice tight little pussy?" Nat asked wetly pulling the dildo from Sandy's cunt and encouraging her to lie on her back on the carpet. Mark soon got the idea and went behind Nat pulling off his jeans, shorts and shoes; he stroked her wet pussy lips and brushed her sensitive clit, with his saliva covered cock, making her shudder in anticipation.

Nat lay the dildo aside and instead licked and kissed Sandy's splayed pussy. Nat had an exceptionally long tongue, which was the reason Sandy had first decided to let Nat have her bi-sexual ways with her many months earlier. Nat dove into Sandy's honey pot now, giving the leggy blonde every writhing inch of her oral gift and getting a scream of delight in return. Moments later she had to pull away to scream herself as Mark, unable to resist any longer, simply lined up his throbbing manhood and sank it balls deep into Nat's tight snatch.

"Fuck! You girls are so fucking Hot, and fucking dirty!" Mark said. Sandy was slowly wiping up his earlier cum from her tits and face and the sucking it from her fingers, panting, moaning and gasping to Nat's skilled lady loving. Mark pounded into Nat reality was so much better than his imagination, but he was right about her ass, it was definitely made to be fucked from behind. He gave her a playful swat making her moan into Sandy's dripping box.

"That's right you dirty bitch, shove your finger up my ass!" Sandy wailed feeling Nat probe her back passage with one of her slim digits.

"Oh Mark, fuck her good. Make her fuck me in the ass!" Sandy begged. Mark slammed his meat into Nat's tight pussy, revelling in the clasping muscles that gripped his length and the sensory overload of these two fine bitches on heat seemingly willing to do anything to each other.

"Oh fuck yeah, like that. Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck my ass!" Sandy was shaking her head back and forth in wanton abandon, she couldn't believe she was doing this, it was so much better than she'd planned. The three continued for a few moment the only sound was Mark's hips slapping against Nat's rump and the sighs and groans of pleasure.

Nat's tongue and fingers were becoming less coordinated. Mark must be screwing the arse off her if she's getting this distracted, Lucky bitch! The blonde thought and pinched her own nipples to compensate.

Mark had had fantasies in which he'd been with two girls, but this was the first time he'd ever actually done it. His girlfriend Monika had gone off sex for a week when he'd mentioned it after a steamy romp, how he'd like to see her with another woman. She'd shouted at him, "So I'm not good enough for you is that it! You want some lesbian whore as well. Let me tell you, you Pervert real girls don't do that sort of thing!" She'd slammed the door and that was the end of that. Except that he now had two of his girlfriend's hottest friends competing to fuck and suck his cock. He grinned at his own good fortune and tried to get his tool even deeper into Nat's tight wet pussy, gripping her fleshy hips tightly for extra leverage.

Nat raised her head from the blonde's crotch

"Oh YESSSSSSSSS!" She wailed,

"Fuck...FUCK...FUCK! I'm... Cummm... iiiinngggg!" she said in staccato gasps with each hard deep slam of Mark's cock. The juices literally poured out of her each time Mark pumped her full of his cock, more girl cum squeezed out and ran down her thighs. Nat's pussy suddenly turned into a wet silken vice and tried to milk Mark's thick cock. He groaned and the flood gates opened again. He blasted his thick cum into her spasming cunt, sending her into a second, more powerful orgasm.

"Oh FUCK" They both yelled together as the combined bliss swept over them. Nat knelt up and twisted to kiss her lovers lips. Mark grabbed her bulbous tits and kneaded them with his cock still twitching, deeply buried in her pussy.

Sandy watched the display enviously, she was so close. She grabbed the vibrator switched it to the highest setting and held it against her aching clit.

Brought back to reality by the sudden buzzing noise, Nat and Mark looked round to see Sandy's desperate attempts to get herself off.

"I think she'd like some help, why don't you fuck her now?" Nat asked Mark staring into his eyes. Mark pulled his cock out of Nat's now sloppy cunt and grinned to see he was still hard as a rock, he'd twigged that the girls must have slipped him some Viagra or similar, he'd never last like this normally, and he intended to make the most of it and fuck them ‘til he fell down.

"That's it Big Boy. Come here and Fuck me!" Sandy said "Fuck me and make me cum all over you." Mark shuffled forward on his knees and lined himself up. Sandy put the vibe down and wrapped her beautiful long legs around his waist and pulled him down onto and into her. Her ankles locked behind him and pulled him in deeper; she arched her back and groaned.

Mark lifted himself up on his arms and ground his crotch down onto her clit the end of his cock scraping her g spot. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, her eyes closed as she gave herself to the pleasure. Mark kissed her jaw and scraped his teeth down her neck adding to her sensations, he then slowly withdrew until just the flared head was held by her pussy lips before slamming back in hard and deep.

This boy's got talent, Sandy thought, as Mark built up a rhythm, slowly out, tripping her inner pleasure spots, hard back in with a slight grind on her clit. Sandy had been close before, this was taking her to a whole new level.

"Oh, Mark, Oh Mark, Oh Mark!" She moaned with each powerful thrust. She took his face in her hands and kissed him, trying to convey the deep passion he was about to unleash within her. He kissed her back tasting a little of his earlier deposit on her lips, but wasn't put off, his tongue reaching into her mouth to battle with hers.

Mark unhooked her ankle from behind his back and spread her legs wide. He leaned forward and the back of her knees caught on his elbows holding her splayed apart, with her hips forced to tilt up slightly so he could pile drive straight into her juicy tunnel.

Sandy tried to hold on, wanting him to cum inside her like he had with Nat but she soon lost. The pleasure wave she was riding broke and she was cumming. Her mouth was full of his tongue so she moaned out her climax. Her abused pussy vainly clamping and clasping at the rigid invader, jolt of pleasure flew round her body at lightning speed and made flashes of colour burst in front of her eyes. She kept cumming for what felt like hours but wasn't more than a minute and Mark kept thrusting through it all.

Suddenly Sandy's body sagged as all the tension left with her consciousness. Mark stopped; he looked down at her beautiful face concerned for her wondering what had happened.

"Sandy?" he asked, but she was unresponsive. He knelt up and pulled his still painfully hard cock from her gushing pussy. She remained limp.

Nat had been watching the scene while idly stroking her well fucked pussy, looking forward to the time when Mark would pile driver her cunt. She saw Sandy shudder through her orgasm and was amazed at the duration of it. Lucky Bitch she thought, but remembered the wonderful double cum Mark had given her. When Sandy suddenly went limp she watched in awe as Mark pulled his still hard cock from her prone friend with a wet pop.

She went to Sandy's side and shook her shoulders.

"Looks like you fucked her unconscious!" She said incredulously, sitting back on her haunches after checking Sandy's pulse and breathing. Mark was struck dumb he knelt between Sandy's long legs, panting open mouthed from the incredible exertion and bewildered by this turn of events.

"Lucky lady" Nat whispered under her breath. She then realised she needed to quickly take control of the situation or Mark and his still rigid member might run out on them and she still had lots of ideas for fun they could have.

"Mark, she's okay, but I think we should put her to bed for now. Can you help me do that?" Nat asked in a loud voice, trying to get through to him. Mark nodded and effortlessly picked up the slim, unconscious woman, he cradled her against his chest. She moaned contentedly and snaked her arms around his neck, brushing her face against his broad chest. Mark breathed a sigh of relief, and carried her up the stairs to her bedroom, placing her carefully on the bed and pulling the cover over her naked beauty.

Nat followed bringing the discarded clothes and toys dumping most of them in the corner of Sandy's untidy bedroom. She took Mark by the hand

"She's fine, but you and I have some unfinished business!" she said her small hand wrapping round his hard shaft and wanking it slowly. He groaned and closed his eyes, in a way wishing his cock would go down but also glad he was still hard and had a little nympho to stuff.

"How about we take this into the shower?" Nat said not letting go of his hard rod and guiding him along the landing to the small bathroom. She kept one hand on his cock the whole time she fiddle with the controls to get the temperature just right, slowly jerking him off. When she was happy, she stepped into the shower and let the warm water soak her hair. Mark watched entranced as she ran her fingers through her hair and stuck out her impressive chest. He stepped in too, and picked up the shower gel and a sponge.

"Uh uh" Nat said wagging a finger at him. "This body is a no sponge zone. Strictly hands only." She took some shampoo and lathered it into her brunette locks, closing her eyes to prevent the soap getting in. Mark poured the jasmine scented gel into his hand and then rubbed them together before transferring the bubbles to Nat's ample chest. She moaned, she loved having her tits played with, especially in the shower. His fingers made her tits glisten and slippery, and her pink nipples stick out lick pencil erasers. An earlier thought occurred to Mark.

"Will you let me fuck your tits?" he asked, as Nat sluiced the suds from her hair, a smile played across her lips.

"Since you asked soooo nicely" She said with a wicked grin, wrapping her small hand around his stiff rod and wanking him wetly for a moment. She told him to switch places and rinse off first. They had a delicious skin to skin moment as they changed ends, they kissed and groped each other before Nat pushed him under the hot stream and handed him the shampoo. He grinned and quickly worked the froth into his short dark hair. Just as he closed his eyes Nat poured the cool shower gel straight onto the throbbing tip of his cock making him gasp a mouthful of bubbles. She chuckled as he spluttered, and then ran her hand up and down his now soapy cock. He groaned at her soft silky touch, but then moaned louder when she wrapped her firm breasts around his shaft.

She took it slowly at first just gently squeezing him between her tits, then raising and lowering each globe to rub each side of his cock, making it sway side to side and rub against her smooth skin. He kept his head under the stream while she pleasured him with her tits. She closed her breasts around his shaft and slid them up and down, the water and suds lubricating the way, the head of his cock popping out between them.

"Marky... Look Marky" she said quietly. He opened his eyes, blinking out the water; she was staring up at him with possibly the sexiest look on her face he'd ever seen. She stuck out her tongue and licked his knob as it appeared between her fleshy orbs.

"Oh God!" Mark moaned, unsure if the sight or the sensation was turning him on more. Nat opened her mouth and sucked his exposed cock head as it poked through. Mark's hips stated thrusting gently on their own accord adding to the delicious slippery friction from Nat big tits and the heat of her mouth.

"You like that, don't you?" Nat asked between sucks, Mark just nodded dumbly lost in his world of pleasure. Nat gripped his meat tightly between her tits and slid them up and down faster, pleasuring the full length of his cock.

"Do you wanna cum on my tits or in my mouth babe?" Nat asked sweetly, swirling her tongue around his cock head. She pulled back when he didn't answer grasping the base of his shaft and pressing the sensitive underside of the head against her hard nipples. He swallowed still staring.

"Can I cum... Err Can I cum on your tits?" He asked sheepishly grinning.

"Sure you can baby! Do you want me to suck you or do you want to fuck my tits some more"

"Both" Mark blurted "Just keep doing what you're doing, it's so beautiful" Nat closed her large sort breasts around his throbbing manhood, and wrapped her sweet lips around his swollen bulb.

"Yeah, like that, let me fuck your big titties!" Mark started thrusting harder into her mouth and cleavage. Nat was twisting her mouth from side to side each time Mark parted her lips.

"Oh Fuck you are so good at this!" Mark groaned, balancing one hand against the wall and gently guiding her by holding the back of her head. She dropped her tits for a moment and let him slide his thick cock into her mouth, but held back from taking him into her throat. She'd found that she couldn't suppress her gag reflex as easily as Sandy, but her long tongue usually made up for it.

He felt it now snaking around his shaft one moment, tickling the slit in the end the next and then sliding down to lick beyond the reach of her lips. She backed off and just used her tongue for a few moments licking and swirling and slurping wetly. She washed the entire twitching length before plunging back into he mouth, and rubbing the throbbing head against the inside of her cheek savouring his leaking pre-cum. He watched amazed as her eyes fixed on his and she pushed him back to her limit, smiling around his buried prick.

"Oh Yeah, that's it babe, keep doing that and you're going to make me cum all over you" Her small hand wanked in a twisting motion the length of cock unable to fit in her mouth. Nat's hot mouth and busy tongue was driving Mark insane, he badly wanted to cum all over this beauties face and tits spaying his seed onto her wet skin. The constant gentle sucking was coaxing the boiling cum from his balls. He couldn't help it, the image before his eyes sent him over the edge and he fired off the first jet, spraying it straight down her throat. Nat swallowed and pulled his prick from her face aiming the next jet onto her left breast, pumping it rapidly with her fist.

"Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, you are so hot. Oh Fuck I'm cumming, I cumming all over you, oh fuck ,oh fuck!" Marks cock head was so sensitive it felt like it was being burned when Nat sucked it back into her mouth to drain the last of his offering. His legs were shaking and his knees felt week

"Oh God Nat, you're the best OH God AHH, No stop, I Can't take it any more, Oh Fuck!" Nat grinned up at him her face and chest plastered in his seed.

"But Baby. It's still hard!" She said a wicked smile on her lips as she ran the pad of her thumb over his cock head. His rod twitched each time she rubbed it with her thumb making him grimace.

"And I so badly wanted you to fuck me again and if you're really good I might even let you fuck me in the ass!"

"You girls are going to kill me!" Mark said trying to get his breath back but then flashed a grin,

"But what a way to go!" After a final rinse they dried each other off with large fluffy bath sheets. Mark took his time gently drying Nat back. He reached around from behind to do her boobs while pressing himself against her back and rubbing still hard cock between her fleshy arse cheeks.

"Would you really let me do you in the butt?" he whispered as she leaned her back against him and ground her ass into her stiff rod. He kissed her neck and gently scraped it with his teeth making her moan. He lifted and squeezed her soft heavy tits.

"Maybe, depends on how horny I am." She breathed huskily

"And how good you are to me" she shivered as he dropped the towel and ran his hands lightly up and down her side. She squirmed in his arms and twisted out of his reach giggling. She opened the bathroom door and ran down the landing to her bed room her big breasts bouncing with each stride. He laughed and followed his still hard cock bobbing along in front, he caught up with her in the door way and smacked her ass with the back of his hand.

Nat squealed, and skipped into the room to shelter around the bed

"Come here you little tease" Mark said following her, she tried to dodge him by scampering over the bed but he grabbed her by her hips and pulled her back to him. She rolled on to her back and wrapped her legs around him as he leaned forward over her. They kissed, more gently and passionately than earlier, with closed eyes and open mouths. Nat slowly worked her hips so her clit rubbed against his stiff and slightly sore cock. He moaned into her mouth as they made out and ground against each other.

Mark pulled away slowly from the kiss and smiled down at the insatiable girl below him, he'd never cum so hard or so many times before and yet this little minx was still unsatisfied. She was beautiful, petite with big tits and a round ass, he leaned in and kissed her again grinding his cock against her hungry twat making her moan.

He took both her hands and held them in one of his; clasping them to the bed above her head as kissed his way down her neck. She squirmed and pretended to struggle, but lifting her hips to increase her pleasure even more. He kissed his way down her collar bone giving it little bites, she shuddered in delight.

"Oh Marky. I love it when you suck my tits" She moaned as he clasped a nipple in his mouth and sucked pulling at the puckered bud with his teeth. He sucked as much of her tit into his mouth as he could and swirled her nipple with his tongue causing Nat to cry out in pleasure. He worked on her tits for a few moments bathing both breasts with his mouth and tongue and pinching and tugging on the free nipple before switching back.

Mark was really enjoying himself; he got his biggest thrills from feeling and hearing a girl appreciate his ministrations. He kissed licked and gently nipped his way down her body, he dipped his tongue into her navel and she squealed. Nat was panting in anticipation as he slowly kissed his way down her the soft skin of her stomach toward her honey pot. But then she groaned in frustrated disappointment when her veered off left and went to her inner thighs. He grinned at Nat as she stared at him down the length of her hot body and soon he gave into the pleading in her eyes.

"Oh Yes, Oh you're good at that!" Nat panted when she felt Mark's tongue finally penetrate her nether lips and lapped at her drooling entrance. His tongue reached into her hot hole and he sucked up her streaming juices. She moaned again as his tongue found her aching clit and battered the little button mercilessly. She grabbed handfuls of the bed sheets and tossed her head back and fourth as he slid a finger up her juicy slot then followed it shortly with a second.

"Oh my God!" She moaned. Mark had crocked his fingers inside her and was rubbing softly at some internal part that was so sensitive it was making lights flashing in front of her eyes.


Sandy stirred in her bed; she smiled to herself as she got a warm surge in her crotch. Her hand trailed down her body, feeling the wet mess that was oozing from her abused slit.

"Mmmmmm!" She moaned to herself as she squirmed beneath the covers.

"This was definitely a good idea" she dipped hr fingers into her pussy and brought them to her mouth tasting her own juices.

"Monika really doesn't know what she's got the stupid bitch!" She said aloud, stretching her aching muscles like a contented cat. Just then she heard a sound she knew very well. The little mewing noises that Nat made when someone was eating her pussy.

"Oh goody! He's still here" she smiled and slowly dragged her self out of bed and checked out the refection of herself in the mirrored wardrobe door. Her hair was a mess, her makeup a little smeared. Her perky tits stood proud on her breasts and nipples were still hard pink and puckered.

Her long body and even longer legs had a sort of just fucked glow she thought, and there was a lingering hand print on her firm ass cheek from where Mark hand gripped her during their last frantic fuck. In short, she looked like a dishevelled sex kitten still on the prowl.

She was just about to leave when she spotted one of her new shoes amongst the clutter on her bedroom floor, a quick search revealed the other just under the bed. She slipped on the sky high stiletto sandals, another quick glance in the mirror confirmed that she was now irresistible,

"Meow!" She said under her breath and she strutted off to find the other two.

She found Nat spread out on her bed with Mark's face buried in her crotch, by the look on Nat's face Mark was definitely pressing all the right buttons. Nat's feet were flat on the bed slowly pushing her hips up and forcing Mark harder into her pussy. As her hips got higher so did her voice, she screamed out her climax, her balled fists turned hanging for dear life as Mark drove her over the edge.

Nat came down from her high and tried to push Mark away from her pussy, twitching from each lick.

"No more, I can't take it anymore" She panted opening her eyes to look down the valley of her heaving breasts at Mark. Then she saw Sandy standing in the door way looking like a porn star in her killer heels.

"Don't listen to her Mark baby, She'll come like a train the second time round" Sandy said with a wicked smile on her face.

"What?" Mark looked up his lower face plastered in Nat's latest lot of juice, he looked round and saw Sandy resting her back against the door jam with one arm above her head, and she looked like she'd just stepped off the pages of Penthouse.

"Oh fucking wow!" He moaned his jaw hanging open he felt his ever present erection get even harder. She stepped forward and closed his mouth with a long nailed finger, wiping some of the girl cum off his chin and sucking it into her mouth. She climbed on to the bed beside Nat.

"Don't keep a lady waiting!" Sandy chided at his inactivity and bent to kiss her best friend. Mark dived straight back in, fingering and licking at Nat's sopping pussy for all he was worth.

"Ah SHIT!" Nat managed as Sandy released her mouth and sucked on Nat's billowing breasts, biting quite hard on her delicate nipples. Soon the pair had Nat gasping and moaning through yet another orgasm, Mark had one finger up Nat's ass hole and two flexing in her pussy while he sucked upon her throbbing clit when she blew.

"FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! You Big Dick Bastard Fuck Me NOW!" She demanded, almost hysterical in her lust, when her waves of pleasure subsided. Mark grinned beneath his second coating of cunt cream and pulled Nat so her bum was just hanging over the edge of the bed. In one swift movement he'd buried himself balls deep in her searing depths and they groaned in mutual satisfaction.

Sandy feeling a little left out through her leg over Nat's face and facing away from Mark sank her glistening snatch on to Nat's waiting tongue. She moaned and gripped the head board for support as Nat's long tongue found its way back into her slot and started her on her way to another orgasm.

Mark was watching Nat tongue fuck Sandy's pussy and clit driving him to fuck her hard fast and deep. His muscle burn with the constant erotic exertions but he couldn't stop. His cock was in sweet heaven with the wonderful slippery friction. The drug was still rushing round his body, keeping him hard and flashing forgotten fantasies through his endorphin soaked brain.

He remembered what Nat said she'd let him do if he was really good, and he'd never stuck his cock up a girls ass before. He set his face and worked every trick he could think of. He thrust and pumped, first using long slow strokes, the short and deep getting a whimper in return. Then slammed back in long and hard using every inch he had.

Sandy knew from the regular jolt of Nat's face against her pussy that Mark was really giving it to her. She also felt that Nat's extraordinary oral skills were definitely being distracted by Mark's rigid member being thumped rhythmically into her.

Sandy, being the kinky one, reached into the bed side draw and after a moment of rummaging found the items she was looking for. She grinned and slightly twisted herself and laid her face and shoulders on the bed. She looked back along her and Nat's bodies and then called to Mark.

"Oh Mark" she said in a husky voice. Mark watched amazed as Sandy held her cheeks apart with one hand with the other applied a liberal amount of lube to her little pink star. Her slick fingers smeared her tight anus with the transparent jelly, and then her middle finger probed and was slowly pushed inside her hot back door.

Once Sandy had buried her finger to the knuckle she pulled out and applied more of the cold jelly directly to her butt hole and quickly shoved two fingers home, stretching out her tight orifice ready for her next surprise. Mark saw her pick up a short thick butt plug from the bed and then line it up with her greased back door.

Sandy moaned loud and long as she forced the stubby red sex toy into her ass just as Nat's tongue found a sweet spot inside her aching pussy and literally blew her mind. Her pussy gushed, squirting copious amounts of juice all over Nat's face, nearly drowning the furiously licking girl.

"OH FUCKING YES!" She yelled as her cum continued to pour out of her. She rolled over onto her back and scooped up her drooling cunt cream and licked it from her fingers. Mark watched in awe at Sandy's anal antics, knowing now that these two girls really were as nasty as they seemed. He couldn't wait to feel his first ass wrap around his cock so he re-doubled his efforts and slammed into Nat with every ounce of force he could muster.

Nat couldn't take this onslaught for very long, Mark was mercilessly pounding her to an orgasm of epic proportions. Without Sandy's crotch in her face any more she was able to tell Mark exactly how much she loved this fuck.

"Yes.Yes.Yes. Oh you fuck my pussy so good!" She panted right on the brink of cumming. She squeezed her pussy muscles, clamping down on super hard cock milking it trying to get Mark to cum again too.

"Oh god, . I'm going to cum, cum with me Mark." Nat wailed "Fill me up with your cum. Fuck MEEEEEEEEE! Oh Fuck Me... I'M CUUUUMMMMMMIIINNNGG!!!" Nat crested over into her biggest climax ever, lights flashed in front of her eyes. Her mouth opens in a constant wail as she screamed out all the air from her lungs. Her legs wrapped around Marks back and locked solid preventing him from moving and her back arched. She literally pawed at her tits as the fires inside her spasming twat raged through her body and exploded inside her clit and nipples.

Mark felt like Nat's orgasming pussy was going to crush his imbedded member. She squeezed him so tightly it was like a velvet walled vice. He stood over her panting like he'd just run a marathon, gritting his teeth as her pussy muscle rippled over him, this did it. Her pulsing juicy hole collapsed around him and he blew, firing off deep into her twat.

At last she relaxed and she sighed, a big grin plastered across her face beneath Sandy's massive deposit. Her fingers snaked down to her over sexed box still stuffed with Mark's cock and she smiled.

"Oh Baby, you're simply the best. Now I think it's time for your reward." Nat looked over at Sandy and saw the short handle of her butt plug peaking between her cheeks.

"Hey! Who said you could borrow that Bitch!" Nat flared, grabbing her friend on the ankle and dragging her bodily down the bed.

"You never let me play with your beads, so who do you think you are with that up your trumpet!" Sandy just screamed delightedly pretending to struggle.

"Hold her down Mark, I'm going to teach this little thief a lesson" Mark held her by the ankles, as Sandy squirmed down the bed and tried to line her wet pussy with Mark's slick throbbing cock. Mark willingly sank his length into Sandy's tight little hole, but held onto her hips so she couldn't move. Pinning her impaled on his thick prick. She'd felt tight before but with the toy buried in her ass hole, she felt tiny around his thick cock.

Sandy loved the feeling of being so delightfully stretched and ground herself against the root of Mark's big cock, being unable to move she just flexed her internal muscles to tease him and stimulate herself.

Nat finished what she was doing and came back to join the other two, Mark stared at the red dildo bobbing from a complex series of straps at her waist, it was long and thick and covered in small bumps. She had a slightly sadistic smile on her face.

"Oh no you don't! You don't deserve that beautiful cock!" Nat said mock sternly. Sandy locked disappointed as Nat pulled Mark off her.

"Tie her hands to the bed" Nat said handing Mark two pairs of hand cuffs, Sandy willingly complied as Mark snapped then around her wrists and fastened them to the bed posts. Nat crawled up the bed, and tied a discarded stocking around Sandy's mouth to gag her.

"Come here Mark, you can help me and get what I promised but first I need you super hard." Nat bent and took him into her mouth sucking and licking all the pussy juice and spilt cum from him. Mark groaned, Nat really did have a very talented tongue. When she was satisfied he was hard enough she told him to get the lube.

Mark was grinning like a school boy in a toy shop as he picked up the tube of lubricant from where Sandy had dropped it and squeezed it over his twitching member. The cool jelly soothed the slight burn he was feeling from the skin of his over worked cock and he wanked himself slowly. He watched Nat spread Sandy's impossibly long legs as wide as she could and stuff a pillow under her butt. Nat then lined up the toy with Sandy's puffy pink slit.

Mark looked on in wonder, there's no way Nat was going to stuff that dildo into Sandy's pussy he thought. She's too tight, it just won't fit. But he was wrong; Nat took the lube from Mark and spread it over the end of the rubber phallus before pushing it relentlessly into the blonde's little pussy.

"Finger my butt, get it loosened up a bit then you can fuck me in the ass" Nat said once she had the broad head buried in her friend's tight hole. Mark knelt on the bed behind her and leant forward, knowing that she'd just stepped out of the shower he decided to taste her back door. He put his hands on her fleshy globes and licked her crack; she squealed in delight and thrust her false cock further into the bound blonde.

"Oh you kinky sod!" she grinned looking down her back at him. His eyes twinkled at her and he worked the tip of tongue into her delicate puckered opening.

"Oh that is..." She trailed off and pushed back against his probing tongue. This was a new sensation for her, she'd been fucked up her ass before but this the first time anyone had licked her back door. She definitely liked it. She slowly pushed all of the ridged strap-on into Sandy's dripping cunt, watching the bound girls face. Sandy's eyes bulged as she was forced to take thick toy as well as stubby butt plug still nestled tightly in her ass hole.

Sandy's hands flexed, testing her restraints, she was being stretched to her limit and tiny tears formed at the corners of her eyes. God she loved it, that pleasure pain mix was something most of her lovers had been afraid to try, frightened of breaking her delicate body. But she and Nat had explored each others kinks thoroughly over the months and knew exactly what to do to really satisfy each other.

"He's got his tongue up my arsehole" Nat said looking down at her immobilised lover.

"It's like nothing else; if you're a good little slut I might do it to you." Sandy moaned around her gag and nodded her head.

"Would you like that my pretty little slut, do you want my long tongue up you tight little arsehole?" Nat teased, working the over-sized toy out of Sandy's cunt before forcing it back. Sandy moaned louder and vigorously nodded her head.

"Mark" Nat said.

"That's really nice but I did promise you a ride in my arse, so if your going to do it now's the time." Mark squeezed some of the lube onto his fingers and pushed one of them into Nat's saliva slick ass. She cried out at the invasion and was still why he worked it deep into her back door. She whimpered as he pushed a second finger into her and sighed when he pulled them out again.

Mark crawled up the bed behind Nat and aimed his ridged cock at her puckering star. She paused with the strap-on buried in Sandy's tight cunt; she reached round and held her cheeks apart for him.

"Slow and gentle, to start with honey, then when I'm used to it you can pound the shit out of me!" Nat said looking into Mark's eyes. He nodded and rubbed his swollen member against her anus. Looking down in amazement he watched transfixed as Nat pushed back and forced his cock into her dark gripping passage. It took a moment but when he had the head inside her hot tight butt the feeling was like nothing else.

He pushed forward slowly, inching his way inside, revelling in the super tight inferno. The lube eased the way but the sensation was like gripping oven squeezing his cock to breaking point. Slowly he felt Nat's anal muscles relax enough for him to ease more of his cock into her ass. Nat halted him when he was about half way in.

"That's it lover, now wait there a moment, it's been a while since I had anything as big as you in my tail pipe" Nat panted it felt as if he'd shoved a baseball bat up her ass, but she loved it. The thick toy that Sandy had borrowed was one of her favourites; she got off so quickly with her butt being stretched open while someone fucked her pussy hard.

Sandy writhed impatiently chained to the bed with a plug up her ass and the thick dildo in her pussy, she wanted fucking. She pushed her hips up at Nat inadvertently pushing her deeper onto Mark's cock. Nat tried to back away but she was trapped between her two lovers. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as Mark's balls rest against her vacant pussy, knowing that she now had his full length in her over stuffed arse.

Mark watched in amazement as his pubic hair finally rested in the crack of Nat's ass. Her butt muscles flexed like a gripping fist squeezing his buried cock.

"You're going to pay for that, slut." Nat said when she brought her breathing under control, looking down at Sandy with hard eyes. Sandy flashed a wicked glint in her eyes and pushed up harder on the thick toy in her muff, moaning around the gag.

"Hold still a moment Mark; let me teach this insatiable, cock hungry bitch a lesson!" Nat said. She pulled out of Sandy's juicy slit and pushed Mark back a little, keeping his cock in her ass, then when just the rim of the plastic phallus was gripped in Sandy's stretched pussy lips she thrust back in, at the same time sliding herself off Mark. When she bottomed out in the blonde's little box she pulled back, impaling herself on him once again.

Mark revelled in the delicious feeling of having his swollen dick being ass fucked by such a cute girl as Nat, it was a site he would never forget watching as her splayed rear continued to envelope his cock time and again.

After today he was beginning to think that his own girlfriend Monika was a frigid prude. According to her, supposedly ‘nice girls' didn't use sex toys, didn't talk dirty, didn't have threesomes and certainly didn't let people shove things up their butts. According to Monika, Nat and Sandy were ‘nice girls' and they were doing things he'd never even dreamed of.

Soon Nat had quite a fast rhythm going and both girls where moaning in harmony. Sandy was thrashing on the bed as Nat's ministrations sent her over the edge in a series of mini orgasms each time Nat skewered her with the strap-on. Her pussy was literally running with her slick juice, squirting out each time Nat pumped her full of dildo.

"Oh God Sandy." Nat moaned to her pinned lover,

"His cock feels so good in my arse. I bet you want him to fuck your arse too don't you!" Sandy nodded her head delirious with pleasure.

"Will you be good? Will you ask before you borrow my stuff next time?" Sandy shook her head, and then moaned loudly around the gag when Nat slammed home the ridged toy. Another slam sent her reeling in orgasm, Nat ground the base of the false cock against Sandy's clit driving her to greater heights. Sandy's nostrils flared as she tried to suck in air as her body went into overdrive, twitching and bucking in uncontrolled spasms on the buried cock

Nat eased herself off the prone blonde and then off Mark's throbbing tool. She turned and kissed him passionately, her tongue a writhing snake in his mouth.

"Don't go anywhere, I haven't finished with you yet" She said stroking his cock from base to tip, it twitched under her fingers. She got Mark to help her release Sandy from her bonds and the leggy blonde flexed her arms to get some life into her hands. Nat got Sandy to lie face down with her legs over the end of the bed and pulled the stolen toy from her butt, it came away with a wet pop.

Nat un buckled the strap-on and then positioned herself over her friend and kneeling on the edge so that her pussy was hovering just above Sandy's open asshole. She looked back at Mark over her shoulder and said.

"Take your pick Honey; you've got four holes to choose from now!" Mark couldn't believe it, he simply walked up behind the two girls gripped Nat's delectable rear in both hands and shoved his cock up her twat in one go. Nat moaned and gripped Sandy's pert tits from behind and pinched her nipples hard. Mark was thinking purely with his Cock now and after about a dozen strokes pulled out and slammed home in Sandy's pussy.

Sandy cried out, her pussy was sore after the abuse Nat had put it through with the strap-on, but she was still running with cunt cream and that eased the way for Mark's big member to slide in. She was given dozen strokes to before Mark pulled out again. This time he paused and carefully pushed his cock back up Nat's once fucked butt.

"Oh god, he's in my butt again" Nat whispered into Sandy's ear as she ground herself back onto the invading shaft.

"He feels so good, do you want him to fuck your ass too?"

"I feel so empty, I need it!" Sandy whined pushing a hand between her own legs to flick her tender clit. She didn't have to wait long, Mark gave his last full length to Nat then pulled back again and lined it up with Sandy's as yet unfucked tail. He took his time and gently rubber the rubbery helmet of hi cock across Sandy's little hole. His cock was slick with the prolific amounts of cunt cream oozing from both the of the girl's pussies. He dipped the head briefly into Sandy's pussy and transferred some of the liquid to her back door. He eased himself so his cock head was being crushed by Sandy's tight anus.

"Fuck Me Mark, I want to feel you in my ass, go on fuck my BUTT!" Sandy groaned throatily as Mark sank most of his length into her. Sandy butt felt even tighter than Nat's had and she worked some internal muscles to constantly milk him as he drove in the final inches.

"Oh my god Nat you were right. He's in my ass and I love it! Now fuck me Mark. Fuck me good!" Mark didn't need any more encouragement. He withdrew back feeling as if she was trying to suck his cock with her asshole and then shoved back in.

"Oh yes baby, now come in my ass, I love it, let me have your cum!" Sandy moaned her fingers busy on her clit. Nat put both hands on her own ass and spread her cheeks for Mark to see.

"Oh but Marky, what about little old me, don't you wanna fuck my tight ass some more?" Mark pulled out of Sandy and thrust straight back into Nat's splayed asshole. He knew he was going to blow any moment but he wanted this scene to last as long as possible. Five deep thrusts in Nat's nasty little hole he switched to Sandy's skilled pussy. It felt like he was plunging his thick prick into oiled silk after the tight dryness of their asses. He slammed hard and deep making Sandy squeal with delight before stabbing his cock back into Nat's pussy.

He changed rhythm and just dipped his cock one long stroke into each hole. Pussy, ass pussy, ass, pussy, ass over and over changing girl to girl at random until

"Oh Fuck I'm going to cum!" he announced.

"In our faces" Both girls cried out and scooted down onto the floor in front of him kneeling with their pretty faces turned to he cock. He gripped his throbbing slick cock in his fist and offered the head to each of them in turn, letting them taste each other juices. He pushed their faces cheek to cheek and felt both tongues on him together, watching the two gorgeous women pleasure his cock tipped him over the edge and he blew! He felt like this was the first time he'd come in a month and hosed their faces with his thick cream. He pumped spurt after spurt over their tits, into their hair and in their mouths. They licked and sucked all he had to offer, then scooped up what had gone astray and fed it to each other.

"Oh My GOD!" He panted at last feeling his cock start to sag.

"You girls are the best, the absolute best!" his knees went weak and he sat down heavily on the floor.

A little while later when they were dressed and cleaned up, Mark looked out of the kitchen window and saw the half finished wall.

"Sorry girls, I'm too knackered to finish your wall today. Maybe I could stop by on Wednesday and complete the job?" He asked

"Sure!" said Sandy walking slightly bow legged,

"How much will it cost?"

"After today?" Mark looked at her surprised

"After what you two just did, it's on the house!" He laughed

"And of course, if we need any other work doing about the place I'm sure we can CUM to an arrangement!"


The End

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