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The Slave
written by:

I volunteered to be a slave. This is not as bad as it sounds. In fact, some versions of indentured servitude can work out really well, both for the slave and the masters.

Houseboat vacations are very popular around here. Three or four couples get together, pool their money, and rent a large luxury houseboat for a week or two on one of the big reservoirs in the mountains. They bring their ski boats and their wake boards, their personal watercraft and their kayaks. They can anchor a houseboat pretty much where they want on the lake and use it as a base camp from which they ski, fish, or sightsee. Some group their houseboats together in temporary cities, and party hearty. Others seek solitude up one of the arms off the main body of the lake.

The houseboats are outrageously equipped. Each has several large bedrooms, bunkrooms for kids, multiple bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, stereos, wide screen TV's, and often a hot tub. Most have a slide where, if you get too warm, you can wander away from the sunbathing deck on the roof, step into the slide, and have a two story rush into the cool lake.

About the only drawback to such a vacation, is that the ladies usually get stuck cooking and cleaning up afterward, just like back home. Which ain't no vacation. That's where a slave comes in handy. A slave will come along on one of these vacations, cook, wash dishes, launder the towels, fetch beer, drive a ski boat, and generally do whatever he is asked, to nurture and reward the masters on their vacation, and in return, he doesn't have to chip in any money. He gets a free roof, free beer, free food, free skiing, and all that quiet and beautiful scenery, without spending one red cent.

As slavery goes, it's not a bad gig.

In my real life, I was just a cog in a big machine. I worked for the company, but my name wasn't on the door. It was on my shirt. I was the guy who wheeled the cart around delivering mail to everybody's cubicle. I carried messages and charts from department to department. I took proposals to Kinko's for photocopying and collating. And I took the lunch orders and chased down the sandwiches and stuff. I was the nineteen year old kid they called on when something nobody wanted to waste time doing, still needed doing.

Tom and June Daniels, George and Trish McCormak, and Randy and Babbs Devon rented the houseboat. Tom was head of sales. George headed accounting. And Randy was an executive vice president in charge of something or other. Tom, George and Randy all pulled down six figure salaries. They could afford to rent a houseboat. I made an hourly wage. I could not. But as a slave I took the same trip they did. My bedroom was smaller, and I got up earlier to make breakfast. And they could keep me hopping fetching this and doing that while they lay in the sun. But heck, that's what I did at work. And as a slave I got to do it in the mountains. Made me a happy guy.

So for two weeks that August I slaved away on their houseboat on Trinty Lake. It had been a wet winter, so the lake level stayed pretty high all summer. The skiing was great, the bugs not bad, and everybody had a relaxing time. When we headed back to work after it was all over (except for the waiting for the photographs to come back) I had a tan as nice as theirs.

The guys in shipping all wanted to know how I made out with the bosses and their wives. The wives were all great looking women, as befitted men in their positions. So I got the winks and sly comments about bikinis falling off, and topless sunbathing, and did any of them come on to me when the husbands were off fishing, and shit like that. But nothing like that happened. Honest. By the end of the first week back at work, the guys had pretty much given up on me. I didn't have any good stories to tell.

It was Babbs Devon who broached the proposal to me just after Labor Day. The three ladies had enjoyed those two weeks so much, that they asked their husbands to spring for another houseboat for a week at the end of the season, when the lake would be much less crowded, and the cost of a boat was discounted. The ladies were going stag, or whatever girls call it when they leave their husbands behind. They would bring one ski boat and rent a couple of wave runners, but mostly they just wanted one more week of laying in the sun. And the deal their husbands made with them was that I go along, to slave for them, and to skipper the houseboat and basically keep them out of trouble. The ladies weren't too happy about that last part, cause they figured they could keep themselves out of trouble just fine, but they didn't mind me slaving for them, so that's what Babbs asked. Of course, I said yes.

Randy Devon stopped by later, and with a wink and a nod, he told me to give the ladies their heads, but keep an eye on them and keep them from hurting themselves or wrecking anything expensive. He told me they'd give me that week at full pay, even though I didn't have any more vacation coming. And then he handed me a couple of shear pins for the boat propellers. For when they ran the boat into the bottom of the lake. Wink, Wink.

So a Saturday morning in mid-September arrived, and I helped Randy carry suitcases and boxes of groceries and some ice chests and about a case of hard liquor out to the back of the Escalade. His competition ski boat was on a trailer hooked up behind. They said June would be late, cause she always is, and sure enough she was. Her stuff went on top of the stash. Babbs drove, June rode shotgun, and Trish and I crowded into the back seat, along with the last of the duffel. The ladies insisted on putting the big duffle bag in the far right of the back seat, so I got the hump in the middle. Not comfortable. But I was doing as I was told and being a good boy.

Trish was a pretty lady, but her butt was the biggest of the three, so I was wedged in between her and the duffle bag, and the only thing that saved me was the blessed fact that every hour or so heading up I-5, Cal-Trans has a rest area. Since the first destination after we got underway was Starbucks, and all three ladies ordered the huge size coffees, we stopped often. And while they disappeared into the ladies room for twenty minutes at a time, doing whatever it is women can do for twenty minutes in the can, I got to stretch my legs.

Somewhere just north of Corning, Trish fell asleep. On me. Her head bobbed back and forth for a while, and then leaned over and came to rest on my shoulder. She was breathing right in my left ear. And she turned a bit toward me, pressing her right breast into my arm. Did I mention that Trish also had the biggest tits of the three? Well, she did, and no matter how I tried, I couldn't get away from that big tit. With that huge duffle bag on my right, I couldn't go anywhere. So I just sat.

There's not much to look at between Corning and Red Bluff on a normal day. But if you throw in the view down the front of Trish's tank top, it suddenly becomes one of the most scenic stretches of highway in the state. Trish was a big girl, if you get my drift. She had double handful tits, bounteous mounds of femininity sitting side by side on her chest, and apparently she favored those half cup hold em up straight, tits on a ritz bras, the kind that give all of us a nice pair of bulges when viewed above the neckline of a tank top, and a good look at the whole shebang when you get to look down inside the front of her tank top. Which I got to do for 15 minutes between Corning and Red Bluff.

Trish was a big breasted girl without those huge areolas that I don't find very appealing. I won't tell anybody what kind of tits to like, but I know what I like, and that would be nice erect nipples and a neat little areola set at their base. Like Trish's. I was enjoying the view, and my dick was growing down my left leg. So when her left hand plopped over into my lap, and she began nuzzling my neck in her sleep, and I could feel her fingers close around my poor innocent cock, there wasn't a damn thing I could do except grow a bigger hard-on. Normally this wouldn't be a problem for me, but this was the wife of one of my bosses, and although I hadn't done anything wrong, I could just see this turning into something bad.

We stopped at the rest area just north of Red Bluff, of course. Trish woke up, fortunately right after she rolled the other way and let go of my dick. I didn't think she knew any of what she had been doing until I was back by the boat trailer checking the tires and hubs, and I saw the three of them walking toward the restrooms. Trish was holding her hands in front of her, like a fisherman bragging about his catch, with her palms about 8 inches apart. Just about the length of my cock. And the three of them were laughing and loud. Babbs gave Trish a high five, and then they disappeared into the building.

Everybody stayed awake for the remainder of the drive. At the marina, Babbs went into the office to deal with the paper work. Then the manager walked us down to our houseboat, and showed us how everything worked and where the rules book and directions manuals were stored. And then he warned us about the lake level being down and the buoys that would mark the shallow areas, and to be careful to stay outside them.

The tanks were full. The boat was ready. All I had to do was haul six suitcases, the big duffle bag, four cardboard boxes of food, two ice chests, and that case of liquor down to the boat. Meanwhile, the ladies headed for their own rooms, to change clothes and put their stuff away and whatever. I was just glad it was September, and it was only about 85 degrees instead of the 100 plus in August.

Babbs and I towed the ski boat over to a launch ramp, put it in, and then she took the boat out into the lake while I parked the Escalade and made my way to the houseboat. I pulled away from the dock, got the boat turned, and headed slowly out into the lake. Babbs caught us there, and we tied a long tow line between the houseboat and the ski boat, and she climbed aboard. And then she ordered me off the helm. She was going to drive.

What was I supposed to do? Argue with her? So I stepped aside. Besides, how much trouble can you get in to out in the middle of a nearly deserted lake? So I headed down to the kitchen to put stuff away. When I came back to see how she was doing, we were still headed in the right direction, and we hadn't hit an iceberg yet.

Then it was time for me to fetch drinks for the ladies, cause I was a slave after all. Babbs wanted her usual martini. Trish was all rum and coke. And June favored her bourbon. All disappeared quickly, so I returned with refills. All the ladies had changed into their bikinis at the dock, but they had covered themselves in the name of modesty, I guess. Trish had this white silk kimono looking thing that wrapped around her, stopping about mid thigh. June wore an old flannel shirt, and Babbs had a red sarong. But with two drinks under their belts, they no longer seemed to care, and the covers went away. And that was an eye opening experience! All three ladies were only a little older than me, probably late twenties to early thirty. Trophy wives, with husbands in their 40's and 50's, they had never had children, knew they were kept around for their appearance, and they kept themselves trim and fit.

Back in August, when their husbands were around, all the ladies had worn attractive, but rather subdued suits. But now, I was confronted with far more entertainment. The redhead, Trish for instance, was trying to contain those voluminous breasts in a tube top that required near constant adjustment. She bulged out the top, or the bottom, or if she wasn't careful, both. And her bottoms were pretty standard bikini, but appeared a size or two too small.

June was a tiny gal, maybe five foot two, short dark hair, all muscle without an ounce of fat. She had tiny upright breasts that she had slipped into a top that was no more than two wisps of fabric and some string that covered little, and bulged where her nipples probed out. I could clearly see the old tan lines from the modest top she wore last trip, and they were way outside this top. She wore a red bottom cut high on the sides, to accentuate her muscular thighs.

Babbs' bikini bottom was a smidge of a thong. With long straight blonde hair and a voluptuous body, she could have been a centerfold. Her top covered her breasts, but it was so thin and so nearly transparent, that I could clearly see not only the shape but the color of her nipples, and her breasts moved as easily as if she wore nothing at all, whenever she moved. She was still at the helm, so I didn't get to see much, but I couldn't help but start a woody with this show. Thank goodness for the baggy shorts.

I was back in the kitchen when Babbs ran us aground. We had been motoring down one arm of the lake, intending to turn and cross the main body and head up a small arm to the east. From there, we would have a nice view of the mountains reflected in the lake from our anchorage. A ridge of land ran into the lake at the turn, which meant the ridge extended underwater right where she wanted to turn. The buoys clearly marked the channel, but Babbs apparently didn't want to make such a wide turn, and she cut the corner.

The houseboat draws about 6 feet, and the twin inboard-outboard propellers stick down a smidge deeper. I felt the shudder and heard the scraping noise, and before I could react to tell Babbs to stop the engines, I knew the propeller blades were digging into the rocky bottom. Both engines began racing. And then all the noise stopped, along with our boat.

I ran to the stern. We had passed the ridge, somehow. I could clearly see the buoys, and the muddy water between them and the shore, and I immediately knew what had happened. Houseboats don't glide very far without power, so we sat, in probably 40 feet of water, drifting slowly with the slight breeze, right out into the main body of the lake. Oh, SHIT!

"What happened?"

Babbs was standing next to me, looking back at the muddy water.

"I think you found one of those shallow places the manager warned us about."

What does that mean?"

"I'll let you know in a second."

The boat was 65 feet long, so it took a short while to reach the helm in the bow. The bilge pump hadn't started, so we weren't leaking. I hit the two switches that would raise the I/O units out of the water. Once back in the stern, I looked down at the propellers. The good news was we still had two. The were a bit nicked, but they were still there. There were water logged branches and old rope wrapped around both props. The bad news, was that the shear pins were going to be toast. Without them, the props don't turn when the engines do.

Then I remembered Mr. Devon's visit before we left, and the shear pins he gave me. Smart man. Now all I needed were some tools. I looked all over the damn houseboat, and found nothing. So I started tugging on the tow rope, pulling in the ski boat. I tied it alongside, and hopped in. Again, Mr. Devon showed his brains. The tools were stowed in a cubby deep in the bow.

I had to drop into the water to reach the props. Trish stood on the swim platform at the stern of the houseboat, and handed me tools when I asked for them. Babbs stayed on the boat to hold Trish's arm when she bent over to hand me each tool. The tube top went wherever it wanted, which was mostly not where it was needed.

So I had Babbs' tits peering out at me through the fabric of her suit, and Trish's tits flopping out from under her tube, and I was trying to tread water and change out two shear pins. Took about an hour. One hour I won't soon forget.

Babbs let me drive the boat the rest of the way. I managed to get us into the right arm of the lake, and had the ropes and anchors set out just as the sun began its dive into the west. The sunset over the mountains was gorgeous. The ladies had their clothes back on, cause a chill was in the air, and I was trying to get the propane BBQ going in the bow. As soon as that task was accomplished, it was time to fetch drinks for the ladies again.

The chicken had sat all afternoon in the plastic bags of marinade. I had rolls in the oven, and rice in the steamer. I put the bird parts on the grill, and then opened my first can of beer of the day. Twas a day like I had never seen before. Pretty nearly naked ladies, a couple of sets of tits that I couldn't touch, or even acknowledge seeing, and a near nautical disaster, that was probably going to end up my fault. Oh well, it was time to stir fry some vegetables. And get dinner on the table.

Everybody was hungry, and no leftovers made my cleanup easier. I was just finishing clearing the table, while the ladies sipped their white wine, when Babbs spoke.

"Frank....sit down, please. We have a deal for you. We know you want to keep your job. We won't tell anyone that you ran the boat aground today, if you won't. In fact, we think it would be in everyone's best interest if we all kept quiet about anything that happens on the boat this week. Do we have a deal?"

Oh shit! I knew I was gonna get blamed for that deal. Well, maybe they are telling the truth, and they will keep quiet. I'll just try to be on my best behavior for the rest of the week, and with luck I'll get out of this deal with no harm done to me.

"Oh sure, I'm fine with that."

I was surprised when all three women acted pleased with that.

I was laying in bed, sipping a beer. and reading the new Clancy novel, when Trish appeared at my door. It was after 10, and I had thought I was the only one awake. I had already shut down the generator, and we were running on battery.

"Hi, am I bothering you? I just took a shower, and I'm headed off to bed. I wanted to thank you for fixing the boat today. We are all glad you are along on this trip."

"Well, thanks. Just doing my job."

Stepping forward, Trish closed my door behind her, walked into the room and stood right in front of me, next to my bed. She was wearing the white kimono, and her hair was wet from the shower. I could smell her shampoo. The kimono wasn't fastened very tightly, and it gapped between her breasts. Her nipples prodded into the thin fabric. And the gap in the bottom opened nearly to her crotch.

"Frank....give me your hand."

What the fuck? Well, I was to do as I was told, so I extended my right hand. She took hold of my wrist with one hand, and with the other she pulled the kimono open, exposing her chest, and then placed my hand on her breast.

"Squeeze my breast, please."

I again did as I was told. She let out a low moan. I was sitting on the side of my bed, massaging Trish's left breast. She let the kimono slip from her shoulders, and it fell to the floor. She didn't have a stitch on under it. She was not a petite woman, more the voluptuous movie star type from the mid 50's. Her red bush was neatly trimmed, and her pussy lips glistened slightly in the light from my reading lamp.

"Give me your other hand."

This she forced in between her legs, into the fragrant, moist warmness of her pussy. Another moan, this one a bit more animated.

"Suck my tit."

Sure enough. I can do what I'm told, yes sir.

"Oh God, yes, just like that. Oh, yeah."

I was mashing one tit and sucking the other, while my free hand was sliding between her slippery lips, riding back and forth over her clit. Her breaths were coming faster, and her legs began to tremble. For a moment I thought she would fall, as her knees bent to press herself into my hand, but then she pressed her thighs together, locking my hand in place, and she rocked forward, crunching my hand into her clit, and she tightened up all over, biting her hand so she didn't cry out, and when I nibbled on her nipple she couldn't stop herself and the moans became cries as she lost all control, and the room filled with her outburst.

Trish slowly recovered her composure, still standing naked in front of me. She leaned over and planted a wet kiss on my lips.

"Oh, wow. I really needed that. Thanks."

"You're very welcome."

"Now, move over."

She plopped down on my bed, on her back, and spread her legs, exposing her most intimate place to me. Looking straight into my eyes, she said, "OK, drop your laundry. I want to see what you've got."

I was wearing a t-shirt and boxers. I peeled the shirt, and then dropped my shorts. My cock stood straight out. Trish reached out to grab him, and slid her hand up and down the shaft a few times.

"I can't wait to get that thing in me, but first....plant that handsome face of yours in here."

She was pointing toward her pussy. So I climbed between her legs and started licking around. Immediately, Trish started writhing on the bed. She was still excited from her first orgasm, and her lips were swollen and red, and she was dripping already as I slurped and sucked. The second orgasm of the night erupted as I was rolling her clit back and forth with my tongue. The next as I pressed my chin into her while pinching her clit between my teeth and tongue. And the next few after I pushed three fingers into her slit until they disappeared deep within. Later, I found the elusive spot on the front wall of her tunnel, and when I pressed on that while still licking her clit, she fell into a continuous climax that lasted until I feared she had lost her breath, so rather than give her artificial respiration, I thought I should give her a break.

Trish had ripped the sheets loose on the bed and wadded them against her sides. Her sweat soaked everything. We left a soggy puddle in between her legs. Her breath came in short spurts, her eyes were wide open, but not focused on anything, and drool ran from her open mouth. Every time I touched her, she shuddered. Incoherent noises leaked from her mouth. Then she blinked, and she seemed to rejoin the world. Finally looking at me, she spoke, "Your cock.....I want your cock. Slowly. Fuck me slowly."

By then I was more than happy to comply. My cock had been up for the last hour, with no place to go, and suddenly I had a nice home for him. He slid in happily, and it was all I could do to follow Trish's directive, cause he really wanted to go faster. But I did as told, and let him slide in and out, in and out, slowly and deliberately, resting against her clit on each down stroke for a bit, and then pulling him nearly all the way out, to tease her lips before I slid him slowly back in. I'd been with quite a few younger women, and frankly had never taken my time. They had never seemed to mind. But this was something new and exciting, a prolonged pleasurable event. I made a mental note to try this again.

Trish was moaning softly with each stroke. She pulled me close with her arms and wrapped her legs around my waist, and we just moved slowly together, back and forth, in and out. The old familiar urge was building inside me, but I fought it off. Somehow I felt I didn't have permission to come. But eventually Trish's grip on me tightened, and her movements became more insistent, and her breath in my ear grew hotter. Our pace quickened, and became more forceful, and soon enough I was pounding into her, and the tension built inside me, and her face contorted into another scream, and that was all it took. I blasted into her, time and time again, until there was nothing left in me. And I collapsed on top of her. Then we rolled until we lay on our sides facing each other, still entwined.

"Don't pull out...not yet. I want to feel you inside me."

Never did that before either. We fell asleep while still plugged in. Some time later, we both woke at the same time, to find me swelling inside her, and her liking it. I started moving in her, and we both got right back into the rhythm. This round didn't take long, as I soon exploded into her again. Trish just sighed.

"Oh're great."

The first hint of light was coming through my window when I awoke again. My watch said 5:30. Trish was gone. I opened my door and walked down the narrow hallway to the back deck of the house boat. The eastern horizon was aflame with sunrise. And I was peeing over the rail into Trinity Lake. My cock was still at half mast. I rinsed off in the outdoor shower, and then went back into my room. I needed to put on some clothes, cause it was like 45 degrees out there.

I hit the kitchen to get the coffee started. That's when I saw June exit Babbs' room and tiptoe down to her own bedroom. She was naked, carrying her old flannel shirt in one hand. I guessed that Trish and I weren't the only ones to have a good time that night.

The ladies staggered into the kitchen over the course of the next hour. All were bleary eyed and needed coffee, badly. And lots of orange juice. A box of glazed pastries would do for breakfast.

Babbs was the first to fully regain conciousness.

"Frank, do you remember where you saw those eagles on the last trip?"

"Oh, sure. They were just up the end of this arm of the lake, where the creek comes in. They had a nest in a big dead tree on the point."

"Can you take me up there this morning? I'd like to get some pictures of them if they are still there."

"The babies will be out of the nest by now, but they might be hanging around. Lot's of fish up there."

"Give me a minute to hit the shower, and we can go."

Forty-five minutes later, Babbs re-emerged from her room, wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and her jacket. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail that stuck out the back of her baseball cap. And as usual, her makeup was perfect. She was carrying her camera bag. I picked up my spotting scope and we headed out.

We jumped into the ski boat, and I started the engine to warm it briefly. I pulled in the fenders and then the mooring lines, and we headed slowly up the arm. We both needed our sunglasses as the sun was full on the lake. It was already taking the chill out of the air. The water was like glass, and a light mist hung over the lake. A family of river otters crossed in front of us, leaving little V-shaped torpedo wakes in the water. Ducks flew by. A deer strutted down to the water's edge to drink.

A flash of white caught my eye, and I stopped the boat. High in a conifer on the shore, an adult bald eagle perched on a branch that hung over the water. The early morning sun caught him perfectly, just above the flat top of the mist, with the Trinity Alps looming behind. Babbs went nuts with her camera.

Further up the arm, I spotted the two adolescent eagles sitting side by side in the dead tree below their nest. Their cries, Scree Scree! filled the air. More film bit the dust as Babbs tried to capture them from every angle. She was a grin from ear to ear.

The air had warmed enough that we both shed our jackets, and soon she peeled off her T-shirt. She was wearing that same white bikini top that I could practically see through. I tried to be polite, and not just stare at her chest, but that was not an easy thing to do. She caught me gawking once, and just smiled at me.

The eagles were acting a bit nervous, so I pulled the boat a few hundred yards further up the arm, into the shallow water near the creek inlet. The coffee was getting to both of us, and we needed to pee. The banks of the lake, with the water down this far, were red mud, the kind of mud that permanently stains not only clothing, but your skin as well. So we just dropped into the water, me on one side, and Babbs on the other, and we relieved ourselves. She climbed in first, clambering up the ladder with me looking up at her nice rear end, mostly bare with just a thread of the thong in her crack. Then I pulled myself up. I landed in the boat, and turned to face her, and my jaw must have dropped, because she just started to laugh at me.

Ya see, her suit was wet now, and it was transparent. I could see her breasts as clear as day, and her pussy looked like it was hiding behind wet tissue paper.

"So, do you like my suit? It's one of those new ones that you can tan right through. I think it's really nice."

"Uh, yeah. It's nice all right."

"That's it....It's nice? Boy, I work out all those hours trying to look good, and you think I look nice?

She was smiling as she said it, so I didn't figure she was mad, but she sure wasn't making this easy on me. So I thought I'd risk it and I said, "Actually, Mrs. Devon, you look pretty hot."

"That's better! Now, I already knew that you thought I looked good, cause I can see what I'm doing to you in your pants."

She pointed to the bulge in the front of my shorts. Then she took one step forward. She stood right in my face. Pulling my head down to her face, she kissed me. Not like good friends, but with hot wet lips and a probing tongue. And she grabbed my cock with her hand.

"Have you ever made love in a ski boat?"

"Uh, no."

"Well, we can change that, you know."

With that, she dropped to her knees and began taking my shorts off. She knew what she was doing, and soon my cock was bobbing in front of her face. Now if this had been a movie, she would have started sucking on me right off, but this wasn't a movie. In my real life, Babbs stood up, and smiled at me, and after she told me that my cock looked every bit as nice as Trish had said, that we weren't going to fuck right away. But we would soon.

But first, I was to slowly, and gently, remove her bathing suit. I took the hint, and walked behind her, gently placing my hands on her shoulders, and commenced a soft massage. I felt her relax in my hands. There were few knots to work out in her muscles, but she still enjoyed the process. I lightly slid a finger up the side of her neck, to the base of her ear. She trembled slightly. Then I leaned in to nuzzle her neck, letting my breath tickle her. I let out a slight hum into her ear, and she jumped and murmured her assent. I took the slightest bite on the side of her neck, and then eased the strings of her top off her shoulders. The cups folded forward, down to the very edges of her nipples, and then hung there. I nibbled on her neck and shoulders, taking the opportunity to take in the view of her mostly bared breasts.

By sliding my hands along her arms, I moved the strings up and down, until first one cup and then the other fell off the front of her breasts. Babbs' breasts were moving more forcefully, up and down with her breathing by then. My fingers leapt to the bow at her back, and tugging one free end released her top to fall to the deck. She raised her arms, which granted me access to her breasts. Wrapping my arms around her, I hugged her to my chest, my cock sliding along her skin just above the edge of her suit bottom, and my hands embraced her breasts, gently cupping them as her nipples prodded into my palms. She reached behind and put her hands on the back of my head, pulling me down to nuzzle her neck again. Moaning, she thrust her chest forward into my hands.

"Oh my, you are good. Just like that for a while, please. I'll tell you when to move on."

I can take direction well, and I certainly had no problem following this request. Babbs was writhing in my arms as I played with her tits and nuzzled her neck. Her skin was turning red and goose bumps sprang up on her arms, and her nipples were rock hard in my fingers. Her excitement built into a spasm that racked her entire body. When that eventually passed, she relaxed and smiled broadly.

"Ummm, that was fun. What else can you do?"

I gave her another squeeze with my arms, and while one hand continued to play with her breast, I let the other slowly slide down her belly to the top of her thong. I slid my finger tips across her skin, and then moved down to trace along the edge of her thong, into the very edge of her thigh, tickling the skin next to her pussy. She squirmed in my arms, trying to move her sensitive parts over to where my fingers played, but I kept moving them away. My cock was still rubbing against the skin on the side of her back. She dropped one hand to corral him, and she squeezed him and stroked him.

I cupped her ass in my hands, massaging her cheeks for a bit, and then hooked my fingers in the edges of her thong to slowly peel it down. Kneeling behind her, I pulled the fabric along her thighs until it popped out of her crack and fell below her knees. Sliding my fingertips up and down her inner thigh, I tickled the very edge of her pussy lips before sliding down her thigh again. Her legs parted, inviting me in, but still I teased her. She bent over at the waist, grabbing the boat seat for balance, pointing her damp, swollen pussy right into my face. Her fragrance filled the air.

Finally, I let a fingertip slip into her slippery crack, slowly probing her depths and then sliding forward to slither over her clit. She pressed her ass toward me, urging me to rub further. I spread her lips and with the side of one finger passing back and forth through her slit, and the other hand stroking her inner thigh, I worked her into a tremendous spasm as she roared her approval in a husky voice.

"Oh my god! That was wonderful! Where did you learn to do that a such a tender age?"

"Practice, practice, practice."

"You bastard! I love it!"

She stood up, turned, and grabbed my bobbing cock, stroking him up until he was big and strong. Then she spoke again, "It's time for you to use that thing, but before you start, you must agree not to come until I tell you. If you feel it starting, I want you to pull out until you quiet down. You can put it back then, but don't come. Understand?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Good. I'll tell you later why this is important. Now, get busy with that thing."

Babbs bent over and leaned on the seat again, spread her legs enough for me to poke my cock where she wanted it, and then she settled in for the ride. I found her hot and ready, and I slipped right in. Oh the joy. She was slippery and tight and I would have come right away if I wasn't on my game. I moved slowly, in and out, burying myself deep in her and then pulling back to tickle her pussy lips with the swollen helmet of my cock. She was soon moaning, sucking in her breath each time I drove into her, and gasping when I almost came out. She grabbed my cock hard every time I was in, with those deep muscles of hers. I watched her back turn red with her heat and when I reached around to tickle her clit she dropped her head and shouted out a garbled noise as her pussy locked down on my cock and she tightened all over. Then her head came up, and she loosed a wail.

I picked up the pace of my thrusts and it drove her to the heights again and again. But soon I could feel the pressure and so I pulled out. She whimpered, but I was just following directions. I bent over and planted my tongue into her dripping pussy, and she came again.

I moved her over to the engine cover, where she lay back, resting her head on the padded stern. She raised her legs and spread them, and I kneeled and planted my face in her pussy. Babbs draped her knees over my shoulders and pounded my back with her heels as I licked her and fingered her and again drove her into ecstasy. When she relaxed her grip on my neck with her thighs, I grabbed my cock and moved back into position. I pounded into her, nearly forgetting my promise. But I caught myself and pulled out.

This game went on for a bit. She came every time I fucked her, and she came again when I ate her pussy. Finally, she begged me to stop. Her hair was matted on her head from the sweat. Her legs hung limply off the edge of the engine cover. Her face was contorted with pleasure and flushed. And all I had to do was squeeze her nipple and she would come again. But still she begged me to stop.

I stood with my cock in my hand, watching her luscious naked body as she slowly wound down. I must admit a twinge of disappointment, cause I really could have used a little release at that point, but I was just a little worried that I might hurt something if I pushed her any further. My cock was starting to shrink when she finally tried to sit up.

"Here, help me."

I took her hands and eased her into a sitting position.

"Damn! You have a job, young man. Any time you want it. That was wonderful!"

She looked down at my withering cock.

"You didn't come, did you? As God is my witness, I don't remember."

"No, I was waiting for you."

"You are a dear boy."

She dropped in front of me, and the movie started again. She took my cock into her mouth, and he was very quickly back on the job. Her skilled tongue and lips brought me to the danger point in minutes, and when she didn't stop, and I couldn't possibly hold back any longer, I erupted down her throat in a most appreciative way. She swallowed the load, and stroked me empty, and then licked the tip clean.

"There, that should hold you for a while."

She was smiling at me. I smiled back. Then I had to start the motor, for we were nearly aground. I aimed the boat back into the deeper water, and shut it down again. We sat naked in the sun, soaking in the heat, and letting the tingles settle down.

"I don't suppose you were expecting your job as slave to turn into this. Trish tells me you had a good time last night, and I know you did here. It is no accident that we both came on to you and got you to have sex with us. We had a plan for you, but first we wanted to test you, and I can personally verify that you passed. We also wanted to take the edge off your sexual energy before you do what we want you to do.

"I cannot imagine that anyone as ever asked you to do what we will ask. I also cannot imagine that you will turn us down. Now that you have shown us that you are a skilled and patient lover, we want you to practice that skill on somebody. Do you think you could do this for us?"

"I suppose. You're right, no one has ever asked me to do this before. You have me a little confused. Who am I supposed to seduce?"

"You are not. This will not be a seduction. What we want you to do is to introduce a proper fuck to someone who could use one. Trish and I will take care of the prep work for you. In case you haven't guessed by now, we want you to have sex with June. The poor girl is 26 years old, and she has never been laid right. She was a virgin when she married Tom. And for whatever reason, he has never gotten her off. Might have something to do with him not lasting more than two minutes. She says he just comes and then rolls over and goes to sleep. And it is driving her crazy.

"She can get herself off, and she does fine when she is with a woman. In case you didn't notice, she slept with me last night. But she is no lesbian. She really wants to enjoy being with a man. And we think you can be that man. At least, if you want to."

I didn't quite know what to say. I'm no hero, but Babbs wasn't exactly asking me to charge into battle naked. She was asking me to do something I live to do. My answer was easy.

"Sure, I can do that."

"Good. Trish and I have a plan. Let's go back to the houseboat for lunch, and we'll see if June is ready."

So I fired up the boat and we motored back to our anchorage. I tied us up alongside the houseboat, and Babbs disappeared inside. I was going to get lunch ready, but I went up on the sundeck to check the hot tub first. June was reading in a lounge chair, wearing that same tiny bikini. She looked damn good, and my dick started to twitch. She looked up from her book and smiled at me. And then, just as fast, she was back to reading. I noticed the cover of the book. It was one of those romantic things that stop just short of being porn. She was studying it intently.

I headed down to the kitchen. I got the sandwich stuff out and cut up some fruit. Trish came in and winked at me. Babbs went up to fetch June. I was making myself a ham sandwich when they came in.

"Frank, we're gonna just hang out on the boat this afternoon and catch some rays. Why don't you just relax, and we can get our own drinks and stuff. We'd like some privacy up on the sundeck, if you don't mind."

"No problemo. I have some more reading to do, and I'll just be hiding in my room if you need anything."

So I took my sandwich and a cold beer and I disappeared. I heard the ladies go upstairs to the sundeck, and then I didn't see anyone for a while. When I finally heard steps coming down the stairs, I poked my head out of my door. It was Babbs, and she was heading to the kitchen for more drinks. She was topless and her breasts were bobbing as she hurried down the hall.

"Frank, come here."

I walked to the kitchen. She was by the counter, wearing nothing but that tiny white thong. My dick started twitching. She turned, and tossed me something. I caught it, and held it up. A very small male bikini brief.

"Put that on, and then help me carry these upstairs, would ya? Things are coming along just fine."

Back in my room, I stripped and tried the tiny thing on. It was a bit of a struggle packing everything in. The thin, stretchy fabric didn't hide much. I could see the full outline of my cock and balls, and since I was already swelling a bit from the show Babbs just gave me, the fabric gapped away from the skin, giving a peek of what was barely hiding underneath. The top was cut so low that my hair bulged out the top. Apparently, Babbs wanted me to put on a show.

I went out to the kitchen, and Babbs just leered at me.

"Turn around, I want to see your ass. Ah, perfect. June is gonna love this."

So we walked up to the sundeck, carrying the drinks, and putting on a show. Trish and June were sunning on the lounge chairs. Trish was topless too, and those big tits on display made my dick nudge up a little more. June had her top on, but she still looked hot, since I am a fan of small, perky, upright tits with hard nipples. Which is precisely what June had. Her eyes opened wide when she saw my crotch. She blushed and turned quickly away. But as I walked past her, I noticed she was looking again, and her eyes followed me all the way down the deck to the hot tub. Babbs and I left the drinks and the full pitcher of refills on the small table next to the tub.

"I'm going in the tub....who's gonna join me?"

Trish hopped up and trotted over, her huge breasts swing from side to side. She clambered into the hot water. Babbs was already there.

"Come on, June. The water's great."

June marked her page and set down the book. She walked a bit tentatively over to the tub, her eyes moving back and forth between the ladies and my crotch. Her top slipped a bit as she climbed into the water, and one nipple climbed halfway out, but she adjusted things quickly before settling in her seat between Babbs and Trish.

"OK Frank, let's go."

I climbed in on the other side of the tub. Whoever looked was rewarded with a fine view under the raised seam of my tiny suit at my cock and balls as I spread my legs crawling in. The tub wasn't large, and our feet were all mixed up under water. June was so tiny that her feet didn't reach mine, but I felt both Trish and Babbs pass their feet across mine several times in a little game of underwater footsy. Everybody had their drinks, and we toasted ourselves and this trip and the boat and anything we could think of. The level in the pitcher started to go down and we all got a little giddy.

Babbs started to play footsy under water with June. June giggled. When Babbs wrapped an arm around June's shoulder and gave her a quick hug, June turned to her and smiled. Babbs leaned over and kissed her, very briefly, on the lips. June did not pull away. So the next kiss was deeper and longer, and I saw lips part and tongues dance in and out. My cock started to twitch. June's arm came up and wrapped around Babbs neck, and they were going at each other, kissing and hugging and breathing deeply. Trish started rubbing June's belly with her hand, and when that seemed to go over well, she moved up to her breast. The cloth slipped away to the side and that cute little tit popped out and Trish started working it over, rubbing and squeezing and pinching her nipple.

June reached for one of Babbs' breasts, and soon all three were groping each other, kissing and hugging, and panting. Babbs' hand went under the water and into June's crotch. June opened her eyes and looked at Babbs. Babbs smiled and asked, "Are you OK?"

"Oh yeah, I'm just fine."

I had a full-on hard one by now, and I was playing with myself under the water. June's top was still on, sorta. Her tits were fully exposed and the cloth cups were scrunched uselessly to the sides. Babbs urged her to sit up on the padded side of the tub, and the two of them pulled her bikini bottoms off. She spread her legs, giving me a fine view of her neatly trimmed bush and tight little pussy. Babbs moved between her legs and began nuzzling around in her crotch. She licked and rubbed and fingered, while Trish sucked on her breast. June was going nuts, writhing and moaning and grunting while her head rolled back and forth. Then she came with a guttural moan.

Babbs backed out, and turned to me.

"I think she's ready for you."

I reached down and pulled off my trunks. Standing, my cock waggled in front. June was looking at me through half closed eyes, but they popped wide open at that point. She was still sitting on the edge of the tub, with her legs spread. I waded in between her thighs, and holding my erect cock before me, I approached her. I rubbed my cock up and down her wet, swollen slit. She spread her legs further, raising her knees to open herself further to my advance. The helmet slipped inside, and she shivered and gasped. I probed deeper, until I had buried myself in her.

Remembering my lesson from the night before, I very slowly worked my cock in and out, pressing into her clit on the way in, and then tickling her lips with the tip as I nearly pulled him out. Later I moved back to work just the very tip of my cock past the edges of her pussy, while the side of my thumb rubbed her clit from side to side. June's eyes locked on mine as her pleasure built. Suddenly, she clenched her teeth and closed those eyes, and a tremendous spasm screwed up her face and she cried out. Unimaginable sounds spewed from her throat as I commenced pounding into her, driving her higher and higher into the clouds.

I felt the pressure in my groin, but I held it back, and continued to stir her pot. Trish was sucking on one tit, and Babbs was rubbing her clit, and I just drove my cock in and out of June, as quickly and fiercely as I could muster. Her climax lasted many minutes. We finally stopped when June began to wail like a little lost puppy. Trish had to hold her up, and she gently eased her back into the water. And the three of us just sat and watched as her breathing finally eased and her eyes finally focused, and she gave us such a silly smile that we all broke out in laughter.

June laughed too; with her head back and her tits pointing into the sky, she roared.

"So that's what I've been missing. No wonder you two wouldn't leave me alone. I can't believe it. Such pleasure. Oh my, I can't believe it.

And are such a wonder. Your cock, it's so big and you felt so different in me. And you didn't come too fast. Thank you, so much. You are a wonderful man."

Babbs spoke up then.

"June....I don't know if you noticed, but Frank didn't come in you. He is still sitting over there with a huge hard on, and I'll bet he could use a little release. Why don't you ask him what he'd like? Or would you rather he just show you?"

"Gosh, I've been so selfish. I'm sorry. You poor boy."

I stood up before her, and my cock sprang into her face. I was looking down at her pretty face, and past that at those two little tits jutting out beside the cloth strips of her top, and a drip of liquid leaked out of the tip of my cock, and I think she got the message. She took hold of him with both hands, and guided him into her mouth. She couldn't get much more than the tip in, but she licked it and stroked him with her hands, and tickled my balls, and Trish was kissing my nipple and Babbs slid her hand between by thighs from behind, and pressed behind my balls, and the fountain of cum soon built in me. June didn't know quite what to do, so my cock slipped out of her mouth. Nothing would stop me by then, and the white spurts erupted and landed all over her face, and the pleasure was all mine for that moment. And we all laughed again.

And that was only the second day of my week as a slave.

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