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I DID IT: Shoe-shopping with no panties on!
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I DID IT! Shoe-shopping without panties!

Several weeks ago, I posted an account that another woman told during a break in a six-couple sex party which Hal and I attended. She carried out a long-time fantasy by shopping for shoes without wearing any panties, deliberately exposing her bare pussy to the male sales clerk.

For some reason or another - perhaps because I am an exhibitionist, more likely because I am a try-anything-for-fun hyper-sexual woman - the thought of doing this stunt on my own kept running through my mind. I even did a couple of "rehearsals" by having Hal sit on an Ottoman stool in front of my chair in the living room and pretend he was fitting me for shoes. I would "accidentally" let my skirt ride up my legs so that he could see that I wore no panties, and that my naked cunnie was only a few inches away.

Hal liked the game, to be sure, as did I!!! He would eventually break off the game by leaning in to lick and kiss my pussy and then pull me down onto the floor for a good hard-riding fuck.

But I wanted to expose myself in a quasi-public place, to a strange man, and in a situation that seemed accidental. Candidly, I was wary about doing so anywhere near where we live - because of my profession, I am occasionally on TV. Not a big star, by any means, but enough sound-bite stuff that I feared someone might recognize me, and I do NOT need that sort of publicity. ("Financial Whiz Busted for Baring Beaver!" Yeah, sure, just what clients like to read in the press.)

Well, darlings, the chance came two weekends ago when Hal and I went out west a few states to visit another ES couple. I shan't tarry over the sex other than to say that (a) the four of us hit it off immediately; (b) Lyle fucked the proverbial living daylights out me of beginning about 20 minutes after we walked into their home; and ©) Carol did the same with Hal. Both of them were also most skilled at oral sex, both straight and cross-over.

Now, to the good part. Carol told me she had read all of my ES postings, and the one that really turned her on was...yep, the no-panties shopping scenario. She, too, had thought about giving some unsuspecting clerk a thrill, and she, too, had hesitated about actually doing it "too close to home."

This discussion came as the four of us enjoyed a late-morning breakfast, with Carol doing stacks of pancakes. Lyle thought it was jolly fun to smear maple syrup over his erect cock and offer it to me for tasty licking; come on, Hal, your turn now! Just your run of the mill Yuppy fun....

Anyway, Lyle had the solution: "Hey," he said, "let's get cleaned up and dressed, and drive over to a mall near _____ [he named a town about 20 miles distant]. Hal and I can ride shotgun for you girls while you do your things, just to make sure you don't get into trouble."

Great idea! We finished breakfast and enjoyed good leisurely "for-the-road" fucks. I had not brought a mini-skirt with me, but Carol and I are near the same size, and I borrowed one the hemline of which was closer to my pussy than to my knees. Even walking around their house, I could feel the air teasing my pubis. And when I sat down and parted my legs, I felt as if I was at the GYN's having my annual check up. I mean, folks, my cunt was right out there for the viewing.

And, of course, Lyle played with me during the half-hour drive to the mall, me scooted way over in the passenger seat so that all he had to do was drop his hand into my lap. "When the sales guy sees you, he is going to wonder what got your pussy so wet," Lyle said. I giggled. "Me being wet means that much more of a turn on for the guy, I should think." Hal was giving Carol a similar fingering in the back seat.

Show time. We parked at a mall that seemed slightly up-scale, but not ritzy, just middle-America. As we got out of the car, Hal asked, "So, what are your girls going to do if the target gets carried away and touches your pussies?"

The thought of a clerk being that bold had not occurred to me. I looked at Carol. She shrugged and said, "I guess it depends on how I feel at the time. I'm damned well not going back into the store room to fuck a shoe clerk, but if he wants an innocent touch....well, let's just see what happens."

The deal was that Carol and I would scout out a shoe store that appealed to us, and had the sort of layout we wanted - where we could sit towards the rear of the store, and face a wall, not the street or other shoppers - while the guys would slow-trail us from a distance, not giving the idea that the four of us were together.

We found the right venue almost immediately, a nice non-chain store that we could tell had a row of chairs at the back in addition to scattered ones elsewhere. An older man was behind the cash register. A fellow I would put in his mid to late 30s was futzing around the display racks, doing something or another to arrange shoes. In we went.

Carol flashed him a warm smile and said, No, we don't have anything particular in mind, OK if we just browse?

Now I admit, I was getting just a little nervous. Wasn't this a rather risky lark? But we wandered from rack to rack, slowly moving towards the rear of the store. The clerk stayed within range, awaiting our choice. Carol shot me a glance. Show time, Kath, here we go, her expression said.

"These white pumps," she said, pointing to a rack. "Do you maybe have my size? I would like to try these."

The clerk said he'd best measure, for so many shoes come in these days from Asia that you could not always trust the sizes to match up. As Carol eased into a chair he sat on a lower stool and shoved the little measuring rack thing towards her.

I stood right behind him, so I saw what he saw - and what a sight! As Carol lifted her left foot onto the measure, her skirt fell away from her legs, giving the clerk a direct eyes-on view of her neatly trimmed pubic patch. Her pussy hair is stark black, but very fine, and her distended labia were clearly visible. So, too, was her slit, which glistened with juices that Hal had drawn from her during his finger-fucking.

The clerk had started to make the measurement, but he was so startled at what he was seeing - at what this damned good looking brunette was SHOWING him, to be more accurate - that he stopped shock-still and just gaped. Carol responded by shoving her skirt down just a bit - just a bit, mind you, and not nearly enough to cover herself.

The clerk recovered enough to fumble around with the measure. He seemed unwilling to take his eyes off her groin and see the numbers. Carol sat in silence, a slight smile on her face. She looked up at me and gave me a half-wink.

When the clerk showed signs that he had finished measuring, I stepped up. "While you are back there, why not see if you can find another pair in my size? I think it would be fun for us to wear matching shoes when we go out tonight."

Now, my pussy is a very sensitive part of my body. When I am sexually aroused, I feel a tingle in my groin, a sensation that invites a touch and fondle. Even while walking around the store, I had enjoyed being bare down there for the coolness of the air conditioning. As I moved into the chair, my nipples hardened, and I knew there was a reddish flush on my face.

By happenstance, there was another measuring stool thing just to my right, and it was this one that the clerk shoved towards me. Even sitting there, my skirt was at mid-thigh, and yes, it covered my lower body (that is, my pussy). I quivered as I lifted my right leg and put it onto the stand. I extended my knee to make damned sure that my skirt went where I wished it to go - right up my legs so that my cunt was right out there in the open for the clerk to see and admire.

He now knew for sure that what as happening was no accident - that two attractive women in their 30s, one blonde, one brunette were deliberately exposing their pussies to him. I could not see myself, my position being what it was, but I knew that my cunnie was sopping wet, and I could imagine the moisture matting my pussy hair.

He looked from one pussy to the other. He gave a hint of a smile. "Matching shoes, eh? Things that match are always impressive." He was not even pretending to measure now, he was just looking. My excitement mounted at the audacity of what we were doing. I had the urge to be even more naughty.

"Sir," I said, "my left foot sometimes takes a very slightly smaller size than my right one. Just to make sure, I think you should measure that one also."

Bless him, he caught on. He lifted Carol's foot off that stand - slowly, for he was going to have to lose his sight of her cunt for a moment - and slid it a few inches over so that it was in front of me. Leaving my right foot in place on one stand, I lifted my left foot onto the other stand.

Doing so meant that I had to part my legs even wider - and I could feel my pussy gaping wide open, right in front of the guy's staring eyes. He suddenly glanced over my shoulders, and I realized that he was making sure that we were all alone at the rear of the store.

Hands went to both my feet, as if he was positioning them to measure. I slowly flexed my knees up and down, and then farther apart, knowing that doing so made my bare labia move about. His hands tentatively went to my ankles, and then beyond, to mid-calves. He paused, staring at the haired mons before his eyes.

I flexed my buttocks, lifting myself off the seat and thrusting my groin an inch or so closer to his face. An invitation. He lowered his head slightly, as if asking, Do I dare? What will she do?

Carol's hand came over and rested on the back of his head, and she gave it a gentle shove forward, pushing it towards my pussy. Such was all he needed. He thrust his face onto my groin. His tongue was frantic against my slit. He moaned as he commenced licking and sucking my pussy.

I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his mouth tighter into my groin. The erotic excitement of what we had been doing, coupled with the eagerness of his mouth, combined to bring me to a rousing and explosive climax in less than a minute. I locked my thighs around his head and rubbed my groin against his face. Hot damn! This guy loved eating pussy.

I didn't give him all that long. I could tell by Carol's heavy breathing that she was eager for her turn. She had a hand on her groin, fingering herself. I whispered, "My friend wants you now, go do her...."

He did, and if anything she came even quicker than I did, exploding the moment his mouth touched her cunt. I mischievously took my bare foot off the measuring stool and ran it over between his legs and up to his crotch. Oh, my goodness, this fellow has an erect penis! Who would have thought.....He began hunching against my foot, so caught up in the pleasure of anonymous sex that he apparently forgot where he was, and why.

Knowing that Carol had climaxed was to me a fitting departure line. I leaned over and tapped the fellow on the shoulder. "We really should buy our shoes and get out of here," I said. "Our husbands are waiting for us."

At the word "husbands" the clerk sat up straight. He seemed flustered. "I've got the measurements in my head, I'll be right back," he said. When he arose he stood facing us briefly, as if proud to show us the bulge in his trousers. A slight smile, then he was away.

We gave him one final look at our snatches as he made sure the fits were proper. Then down came the skirts, and back into concealment under the mini-skirts went our damp pussies. His erection had subsided sufficiently for him to walk us to the cash register.

The older guy smiled as we approached. "Did Mark here give you fine ladies good service?" he asked.

"He sure did," I said. "Mark has, shall I say, a fine sense of gab!" He did at that; the man knew how to eat pussy, even in the oddest of circumstances.

We paid cash, we said our goodbyes, we found Hal and Lyle waiting for us near a fountain outside the store.

"Was that my imagination, or did that guy's head really fall below the chair line towards the end?" Lyle asked.

"Come buy us lunch and we'll tell you all about it," Carol said with a giggle.

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