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written by:
Ann Stinson

After just about thirteen years of marriage, despite the obvious familiarity with my husband Jim, we still enjoy a frequent and satisfying sex life. However, because of some recent encounters we've experienced, things have become scorching hot again and we almost seem to be enjoying a sense of newness together. What's been most surprising and simultaneously gratifying, is how much of a slut I've become --- and based on the results I'm glad I've fully unlocked the passions within me.

When Jim and I met, I was a virgin. We were set-up on a blind date and things just clicked between us. By the fifth date we were connecting in a major way and I knew he was the "guy" and made it clear that I was ready for more than an innocent hug and goodnight kiss. I wasn't very experienced sexually and wanted our first time together to be right. As our relationship grew, I became more open and spontaneous but still had boundaries, unable to completely let myself go. This always frustrated Jim and looking back, it emboldened him more to help me find ways to enjoy the slut within myself. He often joked that my rigidity was a result of too many years of parochial school. Since that first night together we have had some very erotic moments -- fucking on a train rolling through Europe, against a wall in Hawaii overlooking the ocean, in a car pulled into a secluded field near Akron, at his office with co-workers just steps away, on the beaches of South Carolina, in the front of a window at a popular French hotel, in a public restroom at a bar, not to mention the many hot, passionate and routine evenings within our own love bed at home. In recent years we've experimented with porn DVD's and various toys and I'm sure all of these things led to the night I totally let go.

Although having had three wonderful children, I have remained physically fit and am often told that I look more like I'm 25 - not 37. I'm 5'8" and generally always weigh around 115lbs. Besides being well toned, I believe my strongest assets are my long legs and just-enough B-cup tits. My tits are naturally perky and I admit I've always enjoyed the looks of interest from my husband and other men, whether I'm wearing a bra or not. Jim often says I remind him of a mix between Nicole Kidman and Helen Hunt and I suppose there are some resemblances as I've heard the same thing from others as well.

Above I referred to some encounters that have very much spiced our sex life and things began just after Christmas when Jim and I got away for a few days without the kids to enjoy Boston. We both knew sex would dominate the trip and we looked forward to it. In three days we fucked eight times - leaving us both spent and achy but very satisfied. After we arrived at the hotel, I decided to take a shower and Jim joined me. When he entered the enormous shower a few minutes after me, I was already turned on and asked him "....any ideas there mister?" He took my right hand and placed it on his throbbing penis and responded "....oh I don't know honey, here's a good place to start." Our lips met and we passionately kissed while I softly stroked his cock. As the hot water washed over us, I bent down and began licking the head of his shaft while still stroking him too. Jim has always loved blowjobs and I knew if I kept it up he'd soon cum so I slowed the stroking and softly sucked his 7" erect dick as he massaged my hair. Steam permeated everywhere, adding to the heat of the moment. A few moments later I stood up and Jim pulled me close to him. We again kissed and I could feel his stiff cock poking between my legs.

Jim reached down and inserted a few fingers into my very wet pussy and they slipped right in. While continuing to finger fuck me, he rubbed the outside of my pussy with his thumb. I welcomed his touch, but wanting more, pushed back from him. We both were rapidly growing in desire and I looked into Jim's eyes bluntly saying "Fuck me Jim....put that cock of yours into me and fuck me baby!" Rarely would I talk dirty up to that point but often while watching the porn videos Jim would comment about wanting to hear me talk like that to him. So hearing me verbally ask to be fucked very much encouraged Jim. I would occasionally say "oh that feels so great" or "make love to me" or even "put it in now" or "I really want you Jim", but I never totally felt comfortable talking dirty talk while we fucked.

Jim smiled and said "Ok dirty girl, if you want me to fuck you, put my cock into your hot pussy yourself!" I kissed him hard, turned around and grabbed his cock with my left hand. With my back to Jim, I bent over slightly and pushed my pussy back against his cock in a manner that almost made him explode! I thrusted hard against him, taking Jim doggy style deep inside me, as I enjoyed the expression of our raw passions. Jim met my thrusts and fucked me feverishly. My tits were jiggling so fast that he grabbed them and began to pull on my nipples. I love to have my nipple tugged on and screamed "....oh fucking yes Jim, fuck me....fuuuccccckkkkk me!" I was so loud and knew it was possible others on the same hotel floor might hear me, but I didn't care. Jim said he was about to cum and I told him I was close to. I yelled through my teeth "Cum inside me, fill me with your hot cum, keep fucking me Jim, don't stop fucking me.....fuuuuck you feel so good!" I felt him start to unloaded deep inside my canal causing my body to shake and push me into a climax as well. We both had trouble keeping up the pace and when Jim began to slip out of me, I grabbed his cock to keep it inside my loving pussy as I didn't want it to end.

We kissed for at least five minutes as the very hot water pounded down upon us and his cum coated my legs like silk as it seeped from me. After the shower, we relaxed for a few minutes on the bed and Jim suggested that it might be fun if I not wear any underwear or bra while we were away. He wanted me to "be ready" and see if I could draw some attention to myself. Although a bit surprised at his suggestion, I mildly voiced some concerns but ultimately agreed, causing a very sassy feeling to stir within me. He then suggested we should have some fun when we go out and push the envelope. I asked him what that meant and he said "Just be sexy and enjoy yourself. Loosen up and be proud of your sexy body." For sometime Jim had been encouraging me to flirt with other men and he had previously told me how he'd enjoy seeing me fuck other men. Although we had sometimes pretended we were someone else while fucking at home in bed, I had always dismissed his suggestive talk and never seriously considered it once.

While we were away in Boston I did dress much sexier than I normally would and certainly found myself getting more looks than usual. It aroused both Jim and me but nothing came close to escalating beyond harmless flirtation, however Jim and I fucked each other silly on that trip and in once instance he pretended to be a guide that I thought was cute at the museum and who had noticed me. His name was Lucas and Jim had me yell out his name while we fucked that night, as if Lucas was the one fucking me. Although I went along with it to appease Jim, it was fun thinking it was Lucas fucking me.

When we returned home we both took satisfaction in how enjoyable the trip was and realized that our sex life should never be the same -- and candidly it hasn't been. Many of our evenings have become "fucking marathons" and my appetite for sex has definitely increased. I have even pondered the possibility of a engaging a lover, using my vibrator in the shower to simulate encounters. Over the past few years Jim and I have probably fucked on average about two times per week, but since January it's been five to seven times per week. I'm even waking up in the middle of the night and stroking Jim's cock to an erection before straddling him. For the most part, each episode seems to sustain the heat from the previous experience. Sometimes I'll even surprise Jim with a "good morning" fuck in the shower while he's getting ready for work if I haven't waked him during the night.

A few weeks passed and our sexual encounters were still going strong. We had talked for sometime about asking his parents to watch the kids for a weekend so we could enjoy a few evenings out without looking at our watch because the babysitter had to be getting home. I suggested the weekend of 24/25 March as he did not have out of town business planned. Jim dropped the children off and returned home to get ready for a few days alone with me. We chose a very elegant restaurant that we had been talking about for some time located a few towns away. I was excited about the weekend and the entire week kept alluding to how I was going to "rock his world" and he was in for "fun, fun, fun." As we prepared for dinner, Jim commented about me having a great body and being very sexy while still being stylish, classy and smart. The "complete package" he remarked and I joked "Keep it up buddy and you're not going to be able to walk at work on Monday, I'll fuck you so many times this weekend!" Jim smiled welcoming my suggestion and suggested "maybe we should enjoy an appetizer before we go to dinner?" I smiled and told him "no dessert before dinner, but you're off to a good start." He noticed that I had put on the black leather bra and wasn't wearing any underwear. I told Jim that I felt like a "hotty" and liked it. I put on a low cut black dress that really showcased my tits along with a nice pair of heels and we were off. In the car Jim couldn't help but slide his hand under my skirt to feel my exposed pussy, all silky and moist. He inserted a finger into me and then tasted it in his mouth. I stopped him before things went any further saying emphatically "later."

During dinner we enjoyed a nice meal and a several bottles of wine. I noticed our waiter had taken a liking to me as did Jim. Jim suggestively said " seems like my beautiful wife has an admirer! Who wouldn't look at you the way you look tonight, you are absolutely gorgeous.........when he comes back over, why don't you let him look down your dress and see your girls?" I was a little taken aback but responded to the challenge by saying "Ok, he is cute Jim, but just a peak....will that make you happy?" Our waiter Greg soon returned and I adjusted my dress, leaned forward and looked up at him, brazenly exposing my tits to him. Greg knew Jim was there and after getting a good look at me, he immediately looked away seeming uneasy. He tried to gather himself and asked if we would like anything additional. Upon ordering I wanted to make sure he had the order correct and have some more flirtatious fun too. I looked up at Greg again and he soon was starring at my tits again so I asked "is there anything additional you would like?" Greg stumbled to find his words saying "I, I, I, I don't think I should answer that." Greg didn't know what to do with himself and headed back to the kitchen with our order. Jim and I chuckled a little and he told me how much of a turn on it was to see me act so naughty. He joked that Greg was probably in the bathroom jerking himself off which turned my face crimson red. Jim knew I liked what had just occurred and I acknowledged that it made me horny having him look at me the way he did and that it was fun. I reached my foot under the table and pressed it against Jim's bulging penis and seductively smiled as we each finished our wine.

With a devilish look in his eye, Jim leaned into the table and suggested when Greg came back with our order that I should ask him where the ladies room was and have him show me. I knew what Jim was thinking and playfully questioned "what if he tried something?" Jim smiled and responded, "how much can you do in a crowded restaurant babe - relax and see what happens." When he returned I did just that and Greg, a little more composed now, pointed out the way. To amuse Jim, I put my hand on Greg's arm and asked him to show me. I sauntered off with Greg eyeing me from behind, knowing Jim was also watching us walk away.

Greg was a clean-cut man, I figured about 25+ years old or so with above average in looks and a good build. The ladies room was out of sight from the dining area so Jim soon lost view of us. About ten minutes later I returned with a sheepish look on my face. Jim noticed that the right side of my neck was blotchy and that my dress wasn't as crisp. He swallowed hard and asked me if everything was ok. I responded by quietly saying that it was and added "I did it, I can't believe I did it Jim, it was so exciting, my god what a slut I am!" Jim was uneasy but asked me what exactly I meant. I replied "Well I know you have this goal to get me fucked by another man so I thought I would push Greg and see how far it would go. Next to the ladies room is a small room where they store chairs and extra tables. As I walked by I noticed the door was open and peeked in. I invitingly looked at Greg and he encouraged me in.

My heart was pounding but somehow I heard a voice from inside me actually ask him if he had thought about my question and had "decided on anything else." He moved towards me and put his hand on my tits which felt so incredibly good. I looked at him again and let the sides of my dress fall down, exposing my bra which turned him on in a big way. "Wow" he said and added that he decided I was what "he wanted!" He pushed my bra up and began to grope my tits. Jim I felt on fire and reached down to grab at his pants, feeling the outline of his cock that was erect and growing. He stepped back to lock the door and unbuttoned his pants, exposing his fat cock right in the front of me. I reached out and touched his dick, slowly stroking him. It felt so weird to be holding another man's cock but yet it was totally electric too. He eased me into a chair and pushed his cock into my face. I sucked him Jim, I really sucked him! Before I knew it he was about to cum and with nowhere to go I couldn't move so he filled my mouth with his semen. I didn't know what to do so I swallowed it all and just looked up at him. He told me I was "an incredible fucking slut" and then reached down and began lifting my skirt. Needless to say he was very surprised to see me without panties and smiled with approval. He inserted at least two fingers and maybe three into me and my legs felt like jelly as I think I literally came on the spot. I was so wet Jim and I think that's the fastest I've ever climaxed, it was so exciting. He was stroking his cock quickly trying to get it erect again telling me that he wanted to fuck me but I told him we had to stop!"

Jim looked at me and didn't know what to say. He then asked me if I had wanted to fuck Greg and not knowing how to answer him, I simply looked down and nodded that I did. After not saying a word for a few minutes Jim reached for my hand and caressed it. He told me that he loved me and then said he was going to make a call to check on the kids. Later I found out he really went to find Greg. Apparently when Greg saw Jim, he ducked into the kitchen but Jim asked another waiter to go get him. He told Greg that I had told me about our interlude and Greg became nervous. Jim then asked him if he thought his wife was sexy and he nodded "yes" and he then questioned Greg if he wanted to fuck me. Greg's eyes I was later told shot to the floor with nervous trepidation and Jim gave him a phony last name and told him to meet us at the nearby Sheraton Hotel at 11p. Greg was now more confident and told Jim that our dinner was on him.

When Jim returned to the table he didn't tell me about the conversation with Greg. Instead he would tell me later that night. I had settled down but was feeling very horny that I had been so promiscuous and wanted to get home so be with Jim. We left the restaurant and once in the car I leaned over and kissed Jim passionately while mentioning that I loved him and hoped he still loved me. He told me that he was so hot and would take me right on the spot if he could. He reached over and pushed up my skirt. I softly began to touch my pussy and could immediately feel that I was extremely wet. Jim said to me " really turned me on at the restaurant with what you did and I can't get the vision of you fucking around with Greg out of my head." I wanted to feel Jim's cock penetrating me that minute and turned to him asking if he was now ready for his dessert, adding "I feel so hot I am so fucking horny."

Jim and I were both playing with my pussy as I recounted what I had done with Greg. I again asked him if he was ok with it and he assured me that he was saying "Ann, I was so turned on by it that I almost creamed in my pants listening to you. You're unbelievably hot and I really am glad you had a chance to loosen up and enjoy yourself. You didn't do anything was a spontaneous thing and I definitely encouraged you." He then placed his hand on my silky wet pussy, exposed and unprotected sitting in the car, and told me that his dick was throbbing. Needing no further cue, I proceeded to unzip his pants and he directed me to let the straps fall on my dress, exposing my B-cup tits in the leather bra.

As we began to drive faster he reached over and unfastened my bra freeing my tits. I was literally glowing and filled with desire. I pulled out Jim's pre-cum oozing cock and he told me to "suck it!" I've never been into oral sex but found myself craving the taste and feel of Jim's cock in my mouth more frequently since our Boston trip. I bobbed up and down on his shaft was getting myself worked up even more. Wanting him inside me I implored "pull over somewhere so I can feel you inside of me....I need to feel your cock now Jim." He urged me back to his cock and instructed "Suck my cock and swallow like you did in the restaurant with that waiter." I took his direction and intensified the blowjob. Jim's cum was soon gushing into my mouth and I swallowed every drop before whispering to him "I am aching to be fucked Jim, I'm so wet....please pull over and fuck your slut wife."

Jim smiled widely and it was about that time that I realized we were not heading home. I looked around to gather my surroundings and questioned where we were going. Jim told me we were going to the Sheraton. Almost immediately I seductively responded "Jim....I am going to fuck your brains out as soon as we walk into that place!" I sat back and straightened my bra. Jim looked over at me and asked me to take it off completely which I did without batting an eyelash. I caressed my own tits as Jim watched and began to think of all the ways we could satisfy each other at the hotel. Little did I know that Jim had other plans!

When we arrived at the hotel Jim went inside and secured a junior suite at the end of a hallway. He came back outside to get me and we went upstairs. As I exited the car, the bellman asked if he could help us with any luggage and I looked at him and tossed my bra onto the car dashboard. The front seat was moist from my wet pussy, and I said "That won't be necessary, we didn't bring any....I just met him and he's in for some night!" The bellman's expression was priceless and kissing my check Jim commented "What a nasty slut my sweet innocent wife has become!"

We played and pawed at each other in the elevator and down the long corridor like first time lovers eager to get naked together. As we approached the room, I did just that stripping off my dress and tossing it at Jim. I was on fire and now naked in the hallway except for heels! Upon entering the suite I stood in the living room area looking at Jim in a very sexy pose. I seductively walked over to him and began to unbutton his shirt as he closed the door. It was about 9:30p and Jim reached behind me to grab my ass. I exhaled and fell into his arms saying "I'm yours Jim, anything you want tonight - just name it."

Jim didn't waste any time and moved me towards the bar, unfastened his pants and quickly pushed his dick straight into my pussy. As soon as his cock spread my pussy lips, I pushed myself down onto his shaft saying "....oh yeah big guy, that's what I've wanted....aaaaah yeah you feel great....god I love to fuck!" Jim poignantly I asked if "this is what I liked" as he thrust repeatedly into me and I responded "...oh yeah, I love to have your beautiful cock filling me Jim and fucking me good....fuck me baby, fuck me, un hun, oh fuck me and make me cum....!" A few minutes had passed and we were both sweating as we ravaged each other. The back of my ass was wet from the fucking Jim was giving me and I was yelling "oh yes, yes, yes, oh I so fucking love the feel of your cock inside me....fuck yes Jim, oh fuck yes! Give it to me, fucken-A yes, fucking yes....yes baby, fuck me, un hun, un hun, fuck me good baby!"

I reached back and dug my nails into Jim's ass as I tried to pull him deeper into me. A few minutes passed and he erupted inside of me. We both fell to the floor and cuddled for sometime as I playfully rubbed my tits against his chest and face. I was the first to get up and headed to the shower, wanting to freshen-up and get ready for a night of pure passion with Jim. I invited Jim to join me but he encouraged me to "Go ahead and enjoy a nice hot shower deserve to relax and unwind. I'm going to get the room ready and maybe order us some food and champagne and stuff."

I was still showering when I heard a faint knock on the bathroom door. Jim walked into the steam filled bathroom and I shut-off the shower. I was glowing and told Jim how great our fuck had just been. He then asked what I thought about the encounter with Greg back at the restaurant and I looked at him and said "Honey, I don't know how I didn't let him fuck me but I guess I was afraid of getting caught. It was such a mind blowing moment. He wanted to and something inside wanted me to too, but I managed to stay true." Jim then asked me if I regretted "staying true" and not fucking Greg. I thought about it for a minute and casually said "I was so close, I don't know."

Then everything changed as Jim said "Babe, you may want to kill me but when I got up from the table at the restaurant to make a call I really went over to Greg." He could read my facial expression and continued with "No, no Annie...I didn't go after him to hurt him, I went to find him and invite him here tonight!"

I looked at Jim, trying to absorb everything before murmuring "Do you expect me to have sex with him?" Jim put his hands on my shoulders and said "Babe, I love you very much and if you want to enjoy yourself and have some is your chance. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. If you say no, I'll ask him to leave now. It's only you and me, no one knows we're here - you can be as uninhibited as you'd like tonight and I'd like to see you have some fun. If you want to fuck him, I'm ok with it!" As my thoughts turned very dirty and I realized I had a chance to finish what was started earlier in the evening, Jim added "....and there's one more surprise that I didn't know about, Greg brought his cousin Steve along too!"

I stood silent for a few moments as so many thoughts raced through my head. Good, bad, nasty and more. I think Jim thought I was going to look for an escape hatch in the room to crawl through but instead I looked at him for a few seconds before provocatively smiling and saying " uninhibited as I want to be tonight and no one will know but us, right?" Jim nodded yes and we hugged as he ran his hands over my body.

I put on a terry bathrobe and fixed the front so it provided a good view of my tits and walked into the living room area, my hair was still damp. I still really wasn't sure that I was going to do much of anything with these guys but I was enticed enough to see what might happen and the entire situation seemed so naughty. Jim and I had watched a number or porn flicks where women were involved with multiple partners and I couldn't believe such an opportunity was waiting for me to grab it to.

Greg and Steve immediately stood up and acknowledging Greg I said " must be Steve? I guess by now you know that I've already met Greg?" Greg started talking fast and shared that he couldn't get me out of his head and had even left work early to go get Steve as he thought I might like some extra company. Jim sat down on a nearby chair and watched as I strutted my way around the guys sizing them up, eventually sitting down directly between them of the sofa. Steve put his hand on my leg, purposely urging aside the robe a bit to slightly expose my pussy. I did nothing to stop him and he said "Very nice! Maybe I can see some more?" He then started to tell me how pretty I was and offered some other compliments to keep talking. I rolled my eyes at him and said "thank you Steve, but I think you get what's going on here, so don't try too hard. You're going to get laid tonight so don't act lame." I couldn't believe what I had just said and could feel Jim approvingly looking over at me.

Steve laughed at what I had just said and as things started to heat-up, he pushed aside more of my robe and started to lightly caress my pubic area and the outer folds of my pussy with obvious interest. Truthfully, I was nervous but sitting there surrounded by three men, knowing they all wanted me was very erotic and there was no question I had never felt hornier in my life. I opened my legs to allow Steve additional access and he mischievously said to Greg "This is one hot babe, I can already tell she's going to be a great fuck!" In the past I would have been turned off by such abrasiveness but now I found it attractive, to the point where he was engaging me to talk back just as boldly. I looked at Steve and said "You are right Steve, I am a great fuck! But are you sure you're man enough to fuck me and truly satisfy me? I'm sure you can get yourself off but can you fuck a woman and get her off to the point I forget everything but the cock in my pussy?" Steve smiled, very much enjoying the challenge, and pushed his finger inside of my pussy and asked "Do you like that?" I winked at him in affirmation and he then unwrapped the belt holding most of my robe closed, exposing my body and he said "When I start fucking you, you won't be thinking of anything else I promise. My cock will have you seeing stars!" I knew I had to assert some control or else things would spiral out of control very rapidly, so I sat up straight. I looked at both men, sizing them up. Steve I suspected was a year or two older than Greg, but both men were muscular and handsome. Steve was a bit more athletic than Greg, but both were in good shape. I found myself thinking about how I'd fuck them and what might happen, which made me grow more lustful and nasty.

I put my hand on Greg's crotch and coyly asked Steve to stand-up and take off his clothes adding "I want to see your dick and decide if it's worth it. Show me what's going to make me see stars!" I then turned back to Greg and began kissing him before asking "and Greg, let me see that nice fat cock again that you're hiding under those clothes too." Greg mentioned how badly he wanted to fuck me at the restaurant which raised the heat in the room and soon both guys were naked. My robe already open, I stood-up and let it fall to the floor standing before these two unknown studs and Jim -- naked! We all sinfully smiled, knowing what was about to happen, and I walked over to the stereo to put on some music. As I fiddled with the stereo, I seductively bent over to reveal my pussy a bit. Greg and Steve's dicks were pulsating and they were both eagerly focused on me. Steve had reason to be confident about his cock as he was well endowed. I began to dance seductively as I returned to them and I knew I was going to completely let myself!

Greg got up on the coffee table and guided me up with him as he began to caress my tits while feeling me up and pushing his crotch against mine. As I erotically danced, Greg licked my nipples and lined-up his hips with mine, causing his erect cock to occasionally enter the folds of my pussy as we were so close. On each tantalizing occasion that he fit between my legs, we both knowingly smiled at each other in a playful manner. Steve stood watching, stroking his very large penis and petting my back. I took note of Steve's cock size and asked "anymore cousin's at home Greg like this one?" Greg and I danced a few more minutes as Steve wantonly starred at me and began to caress my tits. He motioned me towards the sofa and choosing to be aggressive, I stepped down from the table and pushed Steve back onto the couch. He laughed saying "Yes, I love a woman who knows what she wants!" I smiled back and straddled him, letting my wet pussy coat his stomach with my juices as we began to kiss. "I want you so badly Ann....put my cock into your pussy baby and let me fuck you!" Steve said to me. I tossed my hair backwards and whispered to him "patience big boy....patience!" I then pushed back to tease him, letting the head of his cock rest against my pussy and slightly penetrate me. He surprised me by grinning and quickly moving, pushing into me. I sighed at the feeling of him filling me saying "ooooooooh wow! that's nice...." before moving forward to slow us both down.

I looked over at Jim, while now somewhat impaled on Steve cock, the second cock ever to be inside my pussy, and could see his dick engorged in his pants. While Jim and I looked at each other, Steve positioned again and found a good angle, pushing himself this time fully into my pussy. "Auuuuuu......" I muttered upon feeling his largeness widening my pussy. I had crossed a line and stopped analyzing, just responding with "Oh fuck you are big Steve! Wow! I can feel my pussy stretching!" Steve moved his hands around my hips and was trying to find some room to begin thrusting into me. His cock felt incredible but I wasn't totally ready to begin wildly fucking and I backed away, seductively telling Steve that he had to wait "just a little longer." I repositioned between his legs and took his cock into my mouth. Since his cock was already glistening with my wet pussy juices, he wanted to reenter me, but I leaned in the front of him and brushed my tits against his face, whispering "we have all night lover, be patient!"

I slid down to again work Steve's dick orally and Greg came behind me. I lifted up my ass and pussy at him and he bent down and licked them both. He inserted two and three fingers at a time into me and I was totally enjoying the experience. A few minutes later, Greg pushed a finger from his other hand into my ass which immediately got my attention. I sensed Steve was about to cum and I moved to stretch out on the couch. I opened my legs to allow Greg to continue eating my pussy and again he'd occasionally probe my ass with his finger. I looked at Jim and motioned him over to the sofa to stand next to me. He comments that he could smell the sweet scent of my pussy and told me that I looked hotter than ever. I instructed Steve to stand over me on the couch and straddle my tits so he could french fuck me. Jim pulled out his wet, erect cock and I contorted to start sucking on him. Steve began to cum with a flood of semen that seemed to shoot everywhere, and almost immediately I felt Jim cumming in my mouth. The moment was the most erotic I had ever experienced and total ecstasy consumed me. Greg continued to eat my pussy, stroking his own cock himself occasionally and I knew I was about to unleash an incredible orgasm. As I swallowed all of Jim's ejaculation, he backed away and I started to shake and shiver, shouting "Ooooooooh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Oh fuck Greg eat my pussy baby! Fuck I'm cumming so hard....oh fuck yes baby! Yes, yes, yes, aaaaaaaah yes! Uuuuuuuu that felt so gooooooooooood! Oh wow what a fucking release!"

A few moments later Greg stopped thrashing my pussy with his tongue and fingers and I sat up. He told him to lean back as he wanted to enter me. I wanted to feel him too but I could see he was about to cum and didn't want him to unload inside of me. Instead, I immediately grabbed his cock into my mouth and tenaciously sucked him to orgasm. As he started to climax I stroked him as he shot multiple blasts of cum onto my tits and stomach. I smiled and played with his ejaculate that had mixed with Steve's and licked some of it off my fingers - much to the delight of both guys. I stood up and walked over to Jim and kissed him on the cheek. I whispered to Jim "That was so much fun Jim.....are you ok if they stay and we move into the bedroom?"

Jim was delighted with my question. He squeezed my ass and responded with "You are so hot Annie.....I love you. Go have some fun and get yourself fucked!" I walked over to Greg and Steve and was surprised to see both men hardening again. I wickedly smiled at them both and feeling their cum running down my body I laughed and said "I need to go get a towel, I'll be right back." I went into the bathroom and grabbed some towels for all of us. After I wiped myself off, I sensually wiped off both Greg and Steve's cock and our non-verbal exchange made it clear we all wanted more. Greg was the first to grab my hand and playfully guide me towards the bedroom. As I began to follow him, he picked me up and in very sexy fashion I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel his cock pressing against my pussy and he reached around to push it inside of me before carrying me down the hallway. "Uuuum, that's nice Greg....." I said straddling him. Steve quickly followed close behind.

Jim winked at me and noticing it was almost midnight he decided to go down to the hotel bar to get some food and wine. He later told me that he wanted to give me some time alone with my new friends. He was gone about fifteen minutes and told me that when he was returning he could hear my cries of ecstasy down the corridor as he approached the room. I'm sure he did as I was being very vocal as Steve, Greg and I fucked. Upon entering the suite again, he walked into the bedroom and found me riding Steve's massive cock and blowing Greg as he stood on the bed. Steve's cock must have been 9 or 10" long and I was very much enjoying it inside of me. I didn't care about very much other than fucking these two studs and was being very vocal and talking dirty, especially when I'd feel Steve fully inside of me. As Jim entered the room carrying some food and a bottle of champagne, I said "get the fuck over here Jim and fuck my ass.....I want your cock inside me too." We had only done anal maybe four or five times in the past and although I wasn't very keen on it, it just felt right at the moment and I wanted to experience the three men together.

Jim smiled broadly and quickly undressed. Greg backed up and I lifted my ass towards Jim while holding Steve's cock inside my pussy. Jim squatted on the bed and entered me. My pussy was so wet that my juices had actually already lubricated my ass nicely and with the help of the pre-cum already dripping from his dick, without a lot of effort, Jim was inside of me. It took a few minutes for us to find the right rhythm but being fucked in every orifice was incredible. I was a pleasure palace completely enjoying myself and satisfying my lovers. I was a slut and loving it!

I looked over my shoulder at Jim who was thrusting slowly in and out of my ass and shouted "Fuck Jim I'm such a slut! Keep fucking my ass baby.....oh fuck I feel so full. Wow this feels fucking great.....keep fucking me guys and don't stop." Steve was pulling on my nipples as I bounced on his cock and I continued to stroke and suck on Greg's cock. I had made Steve wear a condom and could feel him exploding inside my pussy. As I encouraged Steve, Jim said he was about to cum and started filling my ass with my own liquid pearl. Greg was taking longer to climax again so I simply rolled into the middle of the bed and spread my legs so Greg could enter me. He also slipped on a condom from his pants pocket and mounted me. I was on fire and the room was filled with the heavy smell of sex. Jim and Steve watched me pull on my nipples as Greg thrust into me and I started to climax screaming "Yes Greg.....fuck yes I'm cumming! Oh god I'm cumming.....un hun, un hun, un hun, oooooooooooooooooohhhhhh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yeeeeeesssssss!!! Fuck yes. Oh yes keep fucking me Greg.....fuck my pussy.....yes keep fucking my pussy!!!!" Greg started to grunt and moaned "Aaaaaaah I'm cumming, aaaaaah, aaaaaah, fuck yeah.....oh fuck this feel fucking awesome!"

Greg collapsed on top of me and I wrapped my legs around his body. He kissed my neck and then fondled and kissed my now very sensitive tits. He slid down on the bed and rested his head on my pubic area. Jim and Steve got onto the bed again and rested as well, one on each side of me. I leaned into Jim's shoulder and we kissed. We all relaxed for a few minutes as we came down from such an erotic high. They guys occasionally played with my tits, rubbed my body, fingered my inflamed pussy and relived what we had just done. About fifteen minutes later Greg and Steve decided to get dressed and leave.

Greg and Steve gently kissed me goodbye and awkwardly let themselves out. Jim and I rested for another few minutes, briefly talking about the night. I then got up to take a shower and this time Jim joined me. We sensually washed each other and affectionately hugged and kissed. We then returned to the bed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

When we awoke around 7:30a on Saturday morning, after using the bathroom to brush our teeth, etc. we ordered room service and Jim and I talked more about the night before. During our discussion, I said "Honey, I never thought I'd do it, but having three dicks in me last night was an absolutely incredible experience that I will never forget. I'm still leaking from being so wet. Who'd thought I could be so slutty? I love you so was just awesome." Jim told me how much he loved me and that he enjoyed watching me give myself to Greg and Steve. I asked him if we were "ok" and he said he was fine with everything that had happened. We talked about some of the specifics from the night some more and I clearly noticed Jim was hard. Smiling at him I said "Do you think your slutty wife can have some more cock for breakfast?" Jim moved in to kiss me and we passionately embraced and looked deep into each others eyes. I rolled on top of Jim and said "Fuck me Jim....please fuck me!"

Jim rolled me off of him and unloosened the belt holding my robe closed. He pushed it back and started to kiss my entire body, sending waives of excitement coursing through me. I reached down to rub my pussy and lubricate. I then seductively turned on my side and looking up at Jim whispered "I'm craving the feel of your cock inside me baby....please fuck me Jim, put your hot cock into me now and fuck me! Fuck my pussy Jim!" The room was again charged with sexual energy. Jim positioned on top of me and as I felt his cock entering my pussy I exclaimed "Oh yeah Jim that's it baby! Yeah fuck my pussy.....oooooooh fuck me.....fuck me slow and deep." Our pace was quickening and keeping his cock inside of me was growing more challenging from the angle he was entering me. He pulled out and motioned for me to get on all fours so he could enter me from behind. I was so turned on that and replied "Jim, I'm yours baby, anything or anywhere you want.....just put that cock back into me so we can fuck each others brains out!"

He praised my hot talk and it propelled our lust filled encounter. Jim soon reentered my pussy and I shared "Uuuum, that's what I like....nice and hard and hot!" Our bodies were growing sweaty and we found a nice rhythm. Looking over my shoulder I said "Jim I am so fucking hot....I feel so fucking alive, so fucking great! Fuck me baby....fuck your nasty wife!" Although we were both sore from the evening before, we fucked for about fifteen more minutes and enjoyed the pleasures we gave to each other before falling into the bed and enjoying the rest of our breakfast together.

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