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Seduce My Wife, Please
written by:
Tom Land

Seduce My Wife, Please

By Tom Land

Bev was a rather petite and short brunette who been blissfully happy with her marriage and sex life with her husband, Ron, from their wedding day. He and she adored each other, and they never seemed to feel that anything else was needed in their marital and sexual relationship. But, one night as they lay in bed in each others' arms following a long sensual lovemaking session, Ron asked Bev if she'd ever imagined herself having sex with anyone other than him, her husband.

"Ron, there is one fantasy that I've often thought about," Bev said as she looked deep into her loving husband's eyes to gauge his reaction to what she was about to reveal to him. "I've more and more frequently found myself wondering what it would be like to have a well-hung black stud as a lover," she said as she felt her heart jump at the excitement of some of the sexual fantasies she'd enjoyed over recent months. Bev remembered some evenings when Ron had been away from the house and she'd gotten so horny that she'd let her personal sexual fantasies take control and before she knew it, she had her hands buried between her legs or all over her breasts and she'd bring herself to an orgasm by imagining that she was being sexually ravished by a hot sexy black man.

Ron looked into Bev's eyes as he heard what she was saying to him. He found her admission of her deeply held sexual fantasies to be very erotic as he looked down at his sexy wife's rounded breasts and her the hot wet pussy between her legs that he'd just finished fucking. He reached down, letting his hand slide down to the vee of Bev's thighs and as he stroked across her swollen wet pussy lips, he could feel the trace of his own cum seeping from her pussy. He started to caress her pussy as he said, "So, you've actually thought about having a black lover fuck your pussy, honey?" Ron asked as he felt his own cock responding in growing hardness to what Bev had told him. "Tell me about it, baby; tell me what you've thought about when you've enjoyed this sexy little fantasy," Ron said as he felt his cock rapidly growing into another full hard erection.

"I've imagined that this sexy black man would notice me while I was shopping one afternoon and he'd strike up a conversation and before I knew it, I was being seduced and he would take me to a nearby motel and before I could stop him, he'd have me naked and he'd fuck me, Ron," Bev admitted as she felt her pussy growing wet and her nipples hard in arousal from the honesty she was using in telling Ron the things she'd actually thought about. What she didn't tell him was that she'd let these fantasies get away from her to the point where she'd actually masturbate while imagining that it was her imaginary black lover's hands and his lips and his cock doing the things to her which soon brought her to a powerfully explosive orgasm.

"Bev, I had no idea you thought black studs were sexy, baby," Ron said as he leaned over and licked his lips over his wife's left nipple. She moaned from the feel of Ron's lips on her tit but also from the hotness of lying there in bed with her husband's hot cum seeping from her just-fucked pussy and admitting to him that she wouldn't object if it were some black stud's cum that was inside her belly right then.

"Yes, Ron, honey, I've noticed more than one young black guy among some of our friends and when I'm out in public and you can't help but notice that most of those guys are packing a hugely sexy package there between their legs."

"Would you like to have this sexy fantasy of yours become a reality, honey?" Ron asked as he let one wet finger in between her legs slide up and down over her pussy lips and then he angled it upward, feeling her pussy lips giving way as his finger penetrated her and began sliding in and out of her newly wet and horny pussy.

"Yes, oh yes," Bev moaned, not bothering to tell Ron whether it was his question or his invading finger that was causing her reaction. Ron's cock had grown totally hard again since their first fuck from Bev's telling him of her closely held secret dreams and he was so hot for his pretty young wife again that he was going to fuck her another time.

Ron didn't waste anymore time. He moved over on top of Bev, pushing her onto her back and gently spreading her shapely legs as he used his right hand around his cock to guide the head straight up inside her waiting pussy. His own cumload from their earlier fuck and her pussy juices had her so well and lubed up that when Ron pushed forward, his large thick cock began sliding smoothly into his wife's tight wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, Ron, fuck me good, baby, fuck me with your big hard cock, honey," Bev moaned as she felt her horny husband slamming his cock deep inside her pussy and she could tell that he was more aroused than normal from the way he was quickly pouring his cock to her. Bev was more turned on than usual too and she knew it was because of the conversation. Bev spread her legs wide and she loved how Ron's cock filled her pussy full as he thrust hard and deep in and out of her pussy. She cupped both of her rounded tits in her hands and pulled at her hard nipples, loving the feel of stimulating her tits while Ron was drilling her horny tight pussy. Bev quickly felt herself cumming again and she moaned that she was cumming as Ron kept on fucking her and increased the rate of his hard dick entering and leaving her pussy.

When Ron felt Bev getting off from their second fuck, he lifted her legs, spreading them widely and he leaned over her, nearly driving his cock straight up and down into Bev's wet hot cunt. "Take this , Bev, take this hard white cock and just imagine that it's some horny well-hung black fucker giving you the hardest black length of cock inside your pussy that you've ever had, girl," Ron said as he finally buried his cock fully inside Bev's pussy and held himself there while he felt his balls pumping spurt after spurt of his second jism load deep inside her pussy.

As they lay together with his cock buried in her pussy after they'd both orgasmed, Ron asked Bev if she wanted to go through with her sexual fantasy and make it happen.

Bev hesitated for a moment and then said, "Ron, if it's hot for you to imagine me fucking a black guy and you're turned on by that idea, too, then yes, I want it to happen, baby," she said as she kissed Ron and her hand slid down and began caressing and stroking his cock again.

"Honey, I have to be honest like you have. I've often wondered what I'd think of any other guy besides me having his cock inside you and it has become something increasingly erotic and sexy for me, too, baby," Ron admitted. "I'll find you a black stud to make love to you as soon as possible," Ron said as he pulled Bev close into his arms, and kissed her as they both expressed their love for each other without having to say any words at all.

The next day, Ron sat down with a pad of paper and began listing all the likely black candidates for getting a chance in bed with his sexy young brunette wife. He had a list of 20 black studs he knew and he thought about each of them and began scratching off the ones he thought wouldn't be interested or who didn't seem that sexy and hot like what he was sure both he and Bev had envisioned. He finally decided on a guy that he knew from a job where he'd used to work but didn't anymore. Bev didn't know him and Ron thought that might be better than trying to fix her up with some black guy who she was familiar with. He thought having the black lover be someone she didn't know might make it easier for her to enjoy the sexiness of giving herself to another man and would hopefully prevent any complications from the fact that his lily white wife was bedding a black hunk.

Ron contacted Edward, the former co-worker and friend, and they agreed to meet for lunch the next day. When Ron broke the ice with Edward by catching up on all that had been going on with him since they'd parted ways, he finally got around to his reason for asking to meet with Edward.

"You mean, Ron, you and your wife have both agreed that she's going to take a black lover. And, you want me to be that guy?" Edward asked.

"Yes, Edward, you've got the facts right. My wife, Bev, wants to make her fantasy of fucking a well-hung black man become a reality and I agreed to find that lucky black stud for her," Ron said as he confirmed that Edward was hearing him correctly. "Are you interested, buddy?" Ron said.

"Yes, Ron, I am. I have to tell you that I've actually fucked several white women before and, believe it or not, I've actually fucked most of them under similar circumstances to what you've proposed. I have to tell you that it's a huge turn-on for me to have a couple ask me to fuck the wife and with the husband's blessing," Edward said as he felt his cock rapidly hardening in arousal from the scenario beginning to play out in his head.

"Great, Edward. Can I ask you one more question? What size cock do you have when you're having sex," Ron asked. He had remembered that he'd seen a rather large bulge in Edward's pants when they met that afternoon and he'd promised Bev he'd find her a black stud who fit the qualification -- well-hung, meaning he had a big dick and large balls and that she wouldn't be disappointed.

"Ron, I'm what you'd definitely consider hung, buddy. When I'm fully hard, my cock's at least 9 inches long and a couple of inches across. Most white babes that I've fucked have known they had a black dick inside them when I finished with them, and I've never had any complaints. I don't think Bev will be disappointed," Edward said as he stood there beside the table, knowing that Ron could see the distinctive large hardness in his pants by merely looking.

Ron saw what a package Edward was carrying there, and he felt his own cock growing hard imagining what this was going to be like for Bev when Ron was inside her hot pussy, fucking her lustily. The two men proceeded to talk over the details of their sexual scenario with Bev and it was agreed that Ron would be there when Edward came over to their house. Ron had first thought they'd have Edward meet Bev and take her to a nearby motel like her fantasy often had it play out, but they decided since this was her first fuck of infidelity with a man other than her husband that she might enjoy it more and feel more open if Edward fucked her the first time in their home. Edward said he didn't care because he'd fucked his various white lovers in hotels, motels, and in their marital bedrooms so it was all the same to him.

Bev and Ron fucked like newlyweds that night when he went home after work and told her that he'd found her first black stud-lover and that the guy he'd picked had a lot of experience already in having sex with white babes. Ron told Bev he'd told Edward they'd arrange the first get-together for that Friday night if she was agreeable to everything they'd planned.

"Do it, Ron. Tell him to be here as soon as possible, baby," Bev said as she felt her husband's cock sliding inside her again and he began to thrust his cock in and out as hard and deep as she'd ever remembered him fucking her.

After Ron and Bev fucked each other to another powerful orgasm, Ron fell asleep while Bev lay there in their marital bed, thinking about all the Ron had just told her and trying to grasp the fact that she was about to not only have her first unfaithful fuck with another man, but that he was going to be that sexy well-hung black stud that she'd secretly been panting for all these months. Before she fell asleep, Bev let her hand slide down into her crotch and she stroked her pussy and slid two fingers inside her horny cunt until she felt herself cumming again. As she tried to keep from moaning hotly, she felt the wetness of her own pussy juices coating her fingers and she knew in two days, those same juices would be wetting the hard cock of a black lover.

Bev found the whole idea of actually having a sexual encounter with someone other than Ron overwhelming. She'd treasured sexy fantasies but she'd never actually thought through the ins and outs of the actual experience. She laughed to herself at the thought of "ins and outs" and told herself that was precisely it -- she was going to let another man, a sexy hot black stud, shove his big horny black cock in and out of her pussy and hopefully fuck her until they were both satisfied. That morning she showered and did something she'd never done before for Ron -- she got shaving cream and a razor that she normally used to shave her legs and armpits and she shaved all of her pussy hair off. She loved the sexiness and sensuality as she stood underneath the gently spraying shower water and felt the razor removing all of her dark brunette pussy hair. When she'd finished, she slid her fingers up and down smoothly over her newly shaved pussy and she felt herself getting very turned on at thinking that maybe her black lover would find her bald pussy very sexy and fuck her even harder than he might have. She picked out what she planned to wear for that evening when Edward came over to join them, and then Bev tried to do other things around the house, finding it incredibly difficult to focus on anything but the hot sexual rendezvous they'd set up with Edward.

That evening, they had a light supper and Bev made some last-minute touchups on her makeup and her hair before she slipped into the outfit she intended to be wearing when Edward arrived. When the doorbell rang, Ron said, "Are you ready, babe?" as he knew the answer and he walked to open the door and invite Edward into their homes and their lives.

"Hi, Edward, come on in," Ron said as he stood back, gesturing for his buddy, Edward, to come in. Bev was standing there too, just back from the door. Edward was wearing a nice pair of dress pants and a nice button-up shirt that was open at the collar.

"Hello, Ron, and this must be the beautiful Bev that you told me about," Edward said as he took Ron's hand in greeting and then he reached out to respond to Bev's hand as she greeted him with a handshake as well. Edward knew from all his previous black/white sexual experiences that he needed to feel out the atmosphere first in order to make the evening a roaring success. He knew that he could take the next few minutes several different directions but he'd decide how to proceed as he saw how both Ron and Bev responded to his actually being there alone with the two of them.

"We're very glad you agreed to come over tonight, Edward," Ron said as he showed Edward into their family room where Bev had prepared some drinks and light snacks for them. They sat down and Edward tried at first not to make his growing hardon in his pants too obviously "there" for Bev. He wanted her to warm up to him first before she began to be confronted by the growing huge cock in his groin.

Edward sat for a moment smiling warmly at the welcome Ron and Bev had both given him. He loved the fact that this wasn't just a black guy suddenly meeting a white husband and wife and becoming friends but that he was there for the express purpose of having sex with the wife. He felt his cock growing increasingly harder and thicker as the sexual tension began to build between him, Bev and Ron and Edward was rapidly growing hot to take their get-together to the next and inevitably intimate level.

After a few minutes of casual talking and chitchat, Edward took the initiative -- "Guys, we can sit here all night and just exchange casual conversation or we can get down to what I understood the purpose of this evening to be," Edward said as he looked straight at Bev as she sat there, looking very attractive and also looking more than ready to enjoy her first intimate sexual experience with a black stud.

Ron looked at Bev, and before he could say anything, Bev said, "I'm so ready, Edward. What are we waiting for?" and she stood and walked over to where Edward was sitting. Edward loved the very nice but obviously sexy outfit she'd selected to be wearing when he arrived. It was a nicely fitting but breast-emphasizing button-up blouse and a skirt that came above her knees. He actually could see that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath the blouse, and he actually expected to find her panty-less as well. Before Edward could do anything, Bev came over and she got down on her knees there in front of his legs and she reached up, covering the already very hard bulge of his erection inside his pants.

"Mmmmmmmmm, Edward, you've got a nice big package here in your crotch for me, don't you?" Bev said as she caressed and kneaded the bulge of his hardon with her hand, and then without delaying, she reached up, undid Edward's belt and then unzipped his pants and got him to lift his ass from the chair so she could pull his pants down to his ankles. The huge already thick hardon inside his briefs was then clearly obvious to Bev and Ron as he sat there in only his briefs with them tented out by the hard dick inside them.

Bev reached up, took the waistband of Edward's briefs and lift them, letting the swollen head and hard shaft of his cock jump out in the open. She pulled his briefs down so his hardon was exposed down to his balls and she leaned over, wrapping her hand around the thick length of Edward's hardon, and she began to stroke his hard cock up and down slowly.

Bev couldn't believe how turned on she was, knowing that her fondest sexual fantasy was on the verge of becoming a lusty reality. She stroked Edward's hard cock and then when she saw pre-cum starting to leak from his juice hole, she leaned over, licked the pre-cum from the head of his cock and then she opened her mouth, taking the dark swollen head of Edward's large thick cock straight in between her lips. "Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm," Bev moaned as she loved the feel of Edward's large hardon in her lips and she licked her tongue across his juice hole, getting the drops of his pre-cum and feeling her pussy getting wet from the illicit feeling of actually holding and sucking another man's cock while her husband Ron was right there watching her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, Bev, yes, yes, girl, that's feeling so hot, yeah, Bev, suck Daddy's cock," Edward said as he quickly began to move into the mood of the moment and he felt that allusions to her having sex with an older male figure would be something that would get her hotter than ever. "Yeah, suck your bad boy's cock, girl," Edward said as he lifted his ass from where he was sitting and pushed his briefs down to where his pants already were. Bev didn't miss a stroke. She kept on stroking and licking Edward's hard cock and he reached up under her chest, cupping both of her full rounded breasts through the material of her blouse. He loved the feeling and the knowledge that Bev was indeed braless underneath her blouse, and he felt her hard nipples poking firmly against his exploding hands as he caressed her tits.

"Suck me, babe, suck my big cock and make me want you so badly that I throw you down and slide my big hard black cock deep up into your horny naughty pussy, girl," Edward said as he could tell that Bev was really into his being a large-cocked black stud and she being the sexy white wife of another man. He let Bev continue to suck and lick his dick for another few minutes and then he lifted her sucking lips from his cock and stood, kicking his pants and briefs off and he lifted Bev to her feet there in front of him.

When Edward was completely naked from the waist down, Bev felt herself growing weak in her knees from the erotic view of seeing his huge thick 9 inch cock jutting up hard and sexy from his groin. She could feel herself growing very aroused, and her nipples were totally hard inside her blouse. Bev reached up, and rapidly unbuttoned her blouse from the top down, quickly letting Edward not only see her naked breasts but he quickly had them in his hands and he slipped her unfastened blouse off of her back and then he unfastened her skirt and slid it down, seeing that she was naked underneath it, too.

Edward's cock flinched in hardness as he saw that not only was Bev panty-less but her pussy was smoothly shaved bald, too. He knew she'd done that for him, and he was going to show her his hot erotic appreciation that she was so hot in wanting him to have sex with her. Edward leaned towards Bev, leaning over and taking her naked right breast in his hand as he locked his lips over her aroused left nipple and began sucking firmly on the hard little tip of that tit. Bev felt herself responding overwhelmingly to this sexy black lover's touches, caresses and his obviously sexy way of letting her know that she was the one he wanted to fuck at that very moment in time. Her pussy was really wet and she could feel her pussy juices seeping from her pussy lips and running now down the insides of her thighs.

Edward's left hand slid down from her naked breast and when he got to her lower belly, he let his fingers slid straight in between her thighs and he soon felt the telltale wetness of her pussy as he slid his fingers up and down across her naked slit. He heard Bev moaning hotly as she felt this sexy black lover's hand touching her in the most intimate part of her body and she knew that she was only seconds from feeling his fingers penetrating her pussy for the very first time. Edward didn't disappoint her at all. He stroked smoothly up and down over her wet pussy, and then he hooked one finger upward into her tight pussy and began sliding it inward. Bev nearly collapsed from the erotic feel of having another man's fingers inside her and she spread her legs, helping him finger-fuck her. Then, Edward sawed his finger and then two fingers in and out, and when he could tell that Bev was so ready to fuck, he reached down, picked her naked body up in his strong arms and motioned for Ron to show him where the bedroom was.

"I want to use the master bedroom, Ron, so take us there right now," Edward said, knowing that seeing him fucking Ron's wife in their marital bed would make this sexual experience amazingly hot for all three of them. Ron quickly led the way and while he was still fully dressed as Bev and Edward were naked, when they got to the bedroom, Ron began taking his clothes off, too.

Edward laid Bev's naked young body on the bed sideways where her ass was just barely on the edge and her legs were bent, her heels on the edge. Then, he quickly knelt with his face between her spread legs and buried his face in her hot wet horny cunt. Edward buried his face in Bev's pussy slit and she was soon panting and moaning as he licked her pussy and then she moaned that she was going to cum. She filled Edward's mouth with her pussy cum, and when she'd come down from her first orgasm with him, he grabbed her ankles and slid her legs around on the bed so he could join her and climb on top of her naked body for their fuck together.

Edward's cock was hugely hard and thick in arousal and Bev saw that his cock was so large and long that it looked a long black club jutting from his groin. The head of his cock was so big and wide she wasn't sure she could actually take him inside her pussy. Edward swiped some of Bev's ample wetness on his fingers and rubbed the lubricating moisture on his cockhead and then he slid his cock downward, aiming it straight up into the sexy young white woman's waiting pussy.

Bev couldn't speak. She was so incredibly turned on by the reality that Edward, a sexy well-built and very well-hung black stud was literally placing his ready cockhead at her pussy lips, and she could hardly breathe in anticipation of feeling his cock starting to penetrate her pussy and slide inside her body. Edward could see that Bev was really hot, and he looked over once where Ron was standing in the corner, watching as Edward prepared to mount his sexy wife and fuck her there in front of him. Ron was actually stroking his own hardon as he'd gotten aroused and naked as he watched Bev and Edward getting it on. Then, knowing that both the husband and wife seemed to be totally OK with what was going to happen, Edward pushed forward into Bev's tight wet pussy and watched as the head of his cock popped in between Bev's snug pussy lips and then the first inches of his thick hardon started to disappear inside her pussy as well. Bev moaned and spread her legs further apart as she felt the head of Edward's dick penetrating her pussy and Edward pulled out slightly and then bucked firmly back inside her, this time watching as nearly the entire length of his 9-inch hardon disappeared into the sexy young woman's bald pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk," Bev moaned as she felt Edward's large cock spreading her tight pussy and filling her cunt from the lips inward. She couldn't believe how big and hard Edward's cock felt. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee," Bev moaned and Edward leaned firmly up over Bev's body impaled on the length of his raging cock and then began to piston the entire length of his hard dick in and out of her tightly clasping pussy. He first slid in and out smoothly and slowly but as his cock became wet and lubricated from Bev's pussy nectar, he leaned over, cupping both of her naked tits in his hands as he began to fuck in and out of her pussy more and more quickly. In no time it seemed, Bev began to cum again. She'd never felt her pussy so full of a man's cock and Edward was really throwing his entire manhood in and out of her pussy. He kept on thrusting inside her and when she came a third time, Edward looked into her eyes and said, "Bev, you're about to get your first jizz load from a black stud, baby," and he pumped his cock in and out, in and out over and over until he slammed his cockhead firmly against the mouth of her womb and let his balls pump several jism spurts deep inside the mouth of her womb.

At the same moment that Edward ejaculated into Ron's bride, Edward and Bev both heard Ron moaning and Edward knew what had happened. Ron was so fucking aroused from seeing this sexy black lover fucking his lily white wife that he'd jacked himself off at the same time that his wife and her black stud were getting off.

Edward kept on fucking Bev and he soon felt his cock hardening into a fresh second hardon as he proceeded to continue fucking Ron's wife there in front of him.

To be continued

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