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By: Thesandman

I knew something was wrong when the school counselor stepped into my classroom. I'd spoken with Mrs. Davis before when I found out I was eligible for a scholarship. Seeing her glance briefly in my direction, her look haunting when she did, just before approaching Mr. Benson, my social studies teacher. She whispered to him briefly in tones too low for anyone else to hear.

Mr. Benson's expression softened, further confirming that whatever news they were sharing, wasn't good. "Benson" as everyone called him was a no-nonsense kind of a teacher anyway. Seeing his expression, especially as he looked up in my direction said more than words ever could.

"Scott? You're needed in the counselor's office," he said almost apologetically.

Normally several snickers or jabs usually followed an announcement of this sort from fellow classmates. Eerily, it was as though everyone picked up that something was wrong. The fact that Mrs. Davis had come to get me herself, rather than sending a teachers aid along with a note to do it only emphasized the seriousness of the situation.

As I gathered my things shoving them inside my backpack, I found my hands were shaking. As I approached Mrs. Davis while she stood at the door waiting for me, her smile was genuinely sorrowful. I wanted to ask her right there and then what was wrong, but as it was obvious she wasn't about to tell me anything yet. I swallowed, my mouth suddenly gone dry; licking my lips as I quietly followed her down the hallway back towards her office. When I arrived, there was a police officer, and my mothers best friend Mary waiting in her office for me.

"What's wrong?" I finally asked, no longer able to contain my curiosity. "Something's happened hasn't it?" I said already knowing the answer.

"Scott? Your mother and father..." Mary began, obviously choking back her own grief at this point.

I knew that Mary was the same age as my mother. Though at fifty, she looked easily ten years younger than that. Her dark brown hair was currently streaked with attractive looking blonde highlights, making her brown almost golden eyes even more alluring. She wore her hair short, swept up and feathered along the sides, making her the most attractive 'older woman' I knew. She was also tall for a woman, with long shapely legs, heart-shaped ass, and obviously full breasts. It was hard not to think about her without having lusty thoughts. Something I had often had about her, except for now.

"They're dead aren't they?" I interrupted knowingly.

Unable to continue, Mary looked towards the officer who cleared his throat stepping in. "I'm officer Jones," he began "Your mother and father were involved in an automobile accident this morning on their way to work. I'm sorry to have to tell you this Scott, but they were hit by an out of control eighteen wheeler, they were killed instantly."

I had no other family. No brothers, no sisters. My grandparents all having died years ago, and mother like me, an only child herself, so there were no aunts and uncles to even speak of. My father did have a brother, but he'd disappeared years ago after a dispute with my father over my grandparent's estate. So for all intents and purposes, I really had no family to speak of. Only "Aunt Mary" as I had grown to affectionately call my mothers long time friend.

Finally 'Aunt Mary' came to me, taking me into her arms hugging me affectionately, her tears freely flowing at this point.

"I'll take you home, we'll gather up what things you need to get by for a few days, then we'll sit down and sort this all out," she stated simply.

"Where am I going to live? What am I going to do?" I asked bewilderedly.

Once again the officer spoke trying to assuage my fears. "Arrangements are already being made so that you can stay with your mothers friend until such time as we can either locate your uncle, or make a determination as to what will be in your best interests," he said offhandedly.

"I don't want to live with my Uncle!" I informed everyone. "I don't even know where he is!" Turning towards Mary, I looked at her with fearful eyes. "Can't I stay with you?"

"Of course you will," she said determinedly. "Don't worry Scott, like I said, we'll sit down together and work everything out. There's no reason for you to be afraid!"

Mary had lost her husband several years' back. He'd been a member of the Special Forces during Vietnam, still MIA, or "Missing In Action" as it was officially termed, though everyone knew of course that after all this time, he was most certainly dead. Mary had never remarried, refusing for a number of years to even have her husband officially declared so.

And so it was that I eventually moved in for good with her. With less than three months remaining before I graduated from high school, and my eighteenth birthday less than a month away, things eventually settled into a resemblance of normalcy, even though Mary was unaccustomed to having anyone living with her as she and her husband had never had any children either. For a while, it was awkward, often difficult trying to stay out of one another's way, and especially in trying to keep from getting on each other's nerves. Eventually however, things began to iron themselves out, reaching a point where both Mary and I began to enjoy and appreciate having each other for company.

I had few friends, none really close. And though I had certainly dated, I currently didn't have a girlfriend to speak of either. When the day of my birthday came around, I had made no plans to spend it with anyone, doing anything, or going anywhere. Mary also knew I didn't want any kind of party, the death of my parents still too fresh for me to feel like celebrating. As such, she offered to treat me to dinner, and then to a movie afterwards. As I had been given, I chose both the restaurant, as well as whatever movie I wanted to see. Dinner had been great, and the movie was one filled full of adventure and intrigue. Something I'd hoped would help me keep my mind off the obvious. And it did, to some extent. But I hadn't realized when picking it, that there was a considerable amount of sexual activity that would be so openly dramatized. Sitting adjacent to 'Aunt Mary' made me feel self conscious several times during the showing, especially when I found myself becoming aroused. I dared not even look in her direction, fearful that if I did, I would see the embarrassment, if not downright indignation that I was putting her through watching this, just because it was my birthday.

"Well, that was certainly an interesting movie," she'd said moments after we'd exited the theatre.

I couldn't tell by the tone of her voice, nor by the expression on her face if she was subtly telling me she'd been uncomfortable watching it with me or not. I decided to refrain from saying anything, figuring under these circumstances that silence was the best answer to that.

To further impress that feeling upon myself, we drove home in silence. In the short time since I had come to live with Mary, it was the most awkward and longest silence we'd ever shared with one another. The images of the sexual activity taking place on screen were still burned into my mind however, and like a favorite song, I kept replaying them over and over inside my head. Still a virgin with respect to the fact I'd never had intercourse with anyone, I did have some limited experience with one or two girls I had known. But not much beyond the typical light petting. By the time we'd arrived home, I was all for running upstairs to my bedroom, locking myself in, and relieving what had become for me a most uncomfortable bit of pressure.

Mary's apartment was small, a two bedroom affair, one of which she'd been using mostly for storage until I'd come to live with her. There was only one bathroom, accessible either by the hallway entry, which stood directly across from my own bedroom, or through the connecting door on the other side to her bedroom.

"I know you didn't want to make a big deal out of your birthday," she'd begun shortly after we'd arrived home, "but I did purchase a gallon of your favorite ice-cream. I thought we could share some while watching the late show on TV."

"Ah, ok...but I'm going to change clothes first," I informed her, "get into my robe," I added unnecessarily.

"Good idea, I think I'll get more comfortable myself," she agreed following me up stairs.

I'm sure it was a combination of several things. I hadn't once jerked off since moving in with Mary for one, and secondly, seeing the rather suggestive movie had reawakened the lusty urges and desires I had once secretly fantasized about whenever being around her for the other. Even though I usually slept nude, in all this time I hadn't entertained any of those thoughts, nor done anything about it in the privacy of my room, which Mary had so carefully ensured that I had.

Wearing only a pair of briefs, I quickly tossed on my bathrobe crossing the hallway into the bathroom. The light was off, and I nearly turned it on, closing the door upon entering. I stopped from doing that however, noticing when I entered that the door on her side wasn't entirely closed. A sliver of light informed me that she was in her room, and I could hear her bustling about getting undressed.

In the time I had known Mary, and though often fantasizing about what she looked like, I'd never seen her naked of course. Aside from an occasional glimpse down her blouse when I'd caught her leaning over, or catching a quick view of one of her lacy bras when the buttons on her shirt parted while sitting next to her at dinner, had been the extent of any real substance I'd enjoyed. Now, standing there in the darkness of the bathroom, the two inch opening of light, flickers of movement in the adjacent room, I knew that the very real possibility of seeing a lot more than I ever had was just a few short steps away. Aroused, I hadn't even realized my hand had slipped beneath the waistband of my shorts. Not exactly stroking, but certainly fondling my erection, I stepped quietly towards the door. And though I made not a sound, I felt as though the beating of my heart would surely give me away as I bravely positioned myself off to one side of it, easing my head gingerly towards the bare crack of light separating the two rooms.

There she was. I'm not sure what I expected to see. Certainly something, and certainly with the expectation that I'd get too see more than I had seen in the past. But now, watching as she almost teasingly removed her clothing, I knew that for as long as I was willing to stand there, dared to stand there, I would see more of her that I had ever hoped or dreamed of.

Mary had already removed most of her clothing, choosing to sit on the edge of the bed while she finished slipping off her pantyhose. In seconds, she sat wearing nothing more than a black lacy bra with matching thong panties. Something else I hadn't expected to see my 'Aunt Mary' actually wearing. Reaching back around herself, she managed the clasp of her bra undoing it a moment later. As her breasts fell free, I nearly gasped just catching myself, fully aware that any sound on my part would be easily heard as she sat less than ten feet away from where I was standing. Mary took a moment to massage her now exposed flesh, lifting one near perfect orb, scratching beneath it where I supposed the under wire of the bra had been digging into her flesh. Her breasts certainly weren't those of a perky teenage woman, but I found myself even more appreciative to find that they weren't. They were certainly full, well rounded without being overly large. The sensual maturity as they rested well against her ribcage, tear-dropped shape in appearance as my only real way of describing them, caused my prick to lurch in renewed excitement. And served as a reminder that what I was doing was also very, very dangerous.

I was paranoid for a split second that Mary would stand and head into the bathroom, nearly backing out and away from the door at that moment. Instead, Mary began to remove the sexy black laced thong style of underwear, revealing to me for the first time the neatly trimmed, yet full bush of dark brown hair resting comfortably between her legs. Except for a few men's magazines I had seen, I had never seen a woman's pussy in the flesh. Mesmerized, yet frozen in fear, I continued peeking at her through the door, unable to take my eyes off the vision of loveliness that stood a mere few feet away from me. Mary had turned by this time, removing her bathrobe from the back of the closet door where it hung. Seeing her do this, I quietly slipped back out of the bathroom heading down the hallway back towards the stairs. I'd just reached the stairwell when I heard the hallway door to the bathroom close, and the door locking. Relieved I hadn't gotten caught; I headed downstairs to the kitchen area where Mary had left out the ice cream to soften slightly on the counter. Dishing us both up a healthy bowl, Mary appeared a few minutes later, like me, wearing her robe. But I knew even as I handed her, her dish of ice cream, that she was nude beneath it.

"You know what would really go good with this?" she'd asked me.

"No. What?"

Mary turned towards the cupboard, retrieving a small pint-sized bottle. "I have some brandy that would taste really good poured it," she said simply. She poured us both a generous helping, then I followed her back out to the living room where we turned off all the lights as we usually did, and sat down on her couch side by side to watch the TV.

The brandy-covered ice cream was good, almost too good as I really never had been much of a drinker. Mary polished hers off in good order as well, which I think contributed to her growing rather sleepy as mid-way through the movie she was already beginning to doze off. I nearly suggested to her that she might want to consider heading upstairs to bed when she laid down on her end of the couch, feet tucked comfortably beneath her using one of the throw cushions for a pillow. When she did that, one half of her robe parted, revealing fully one of her beautiful breasts. To my surprise, her nipple stood firm and erect, I am sure caused by the cold ice cream. But regardless of the reason, I was thrilled to be sitting there no further than a foot or so, gazing boldly at that brazen tit, delighting in the fact that I could so easily see it with Mary totally unaware that I could. Moment's later she lay snoring softly, assuring me that she was indeed sound asleep.

Though I had softened somewhat sitting there, it took mere moments for my erection to once again reach its full hardness. I couldn't believe what I was thinking, let alone actually talking myself into doing. Parting my robe without untying the sash in the event she woke, I slipped my hand down to my fly, worming my cock through the opening were I could more easily sit there stroking myself, eyes fixed on that luscious breast with its caramel colored hard swollen nipple.

Actually sitting there next to her masturbating without her being aware of it was the most exciting thing I had ever experienced before in my entire life. I had had to stop twice, once fully removing my hand as she'd stirred, fearing she was about to awaken. The last time, she'd even shifted positions, stretching out one leg a little more fully until it had rested against the meaty part of my thigh. It took a long time for me to dare attempt jerking off again, doing so even more slowly, more carefully with her foot now in direct contact with me. But the sensation of even her foot abstractly involved in my self-pleasuring escapade, merely added to the heightened sensuality of the moment. That and the fact that her breast had revealed itself even more fully to me, falling out of the robe to expose itself in all its glory. As my prick became more and more slippery, I was careful to keep the juicy noise I was making down to a bare minimum. Tempted to increase the pumping motion of my hand in order to more rapidly achieve orgasm, I was thus forced to refrain from doing so. Her foot pressed firmly against me, with the tell-tale knowledge of what I was actually doing too dangerous to increase with any more movement than I was already so recklessly getting away with as it was.

Thus forced to continue on with the slow, almost agonizing pace of playing with myself, when the orgasm came after one of the longest self-stroking sessions I'd ever performed, the intensity of pleasure caught me by surprise. The force of the climax I experienced was a gusher as cum flew from my prick, coating the inside of my robe in a thick gooey mess. I had barely finished milking out the last of my sperm into my robe when Mary stirred again, this time sitting up, gathering her robe together as she did, completely unaware that her breast had been so openly exposed.

"My God, what time is it?" she asked sleepily.

The movie we'd been watching was of course over. Another old time western now on, which I hadn't even been aware of until then.

"What the hell are you watching anyway?" she asked glancing towards the set.

My hand was still trapped inside my robe, covered as I well knew it to be with vast amounts of cum which still clung between my fingers. Any attempt on my part to wipe it off, or withdraw it would draw her attention towards me, something I now prayed with every fiber of my being she wouldn't do.

"Oh...just some old western," I replied lamely. "Actually, I was just thinking about getting up and going to bed myself."

I'd managed to lift my leg just enough, crossing it to hide the fact that my hand was still trapped down inside my robe though my cock had at least become flaccid enough that I'd managed to quickly tuck it away back inside my shorts.

"Yeah, me too. Been a long day," she said standing, stretching with a wide yawn that once again parted her robe briefly, showing me yet another quick peek at her breasts before she discovered the indiscretion. Mary cast a quick sidelong glance towards me, knowing full well how exposed her breast had become before covering herself. I however pretended not to have even noticed, already reaching for the remote in order to turn off the TV.

"We need to go grocery shopping tomorrow," she said as I followed her at a discrete distance back upstairs to our rooms. "So no sleeping in," she warned. "We've got a busy day ahead of us, and I want to get going as soon as we've had breakfast in the morning."

I was surprised when she turned at the head of the stairs, giving me a quick perfunctory kiss good night. "See you in the morning, sweet dreams!" she offered, then stepped inside her bedroom closing the door.

I made my way down the remainder of the hallway to the bathroom, stepped inside, this time turning on the light. As I did, I noticed this time that the door leading back into her bedroom was closed, and in all likelihood, locked as well. I finished peeing, washed and dried my hands, and stepped out into the hallway crossing over into my own room. I'd barely taken off my bathrobe to examine the damages when I heard the bathroom door just outside my bedroom once again closing. It was a quick simple flash of mind, but for a moment, I imagined Mary sitting there on the toilet playing with herself. I finally managed to crawl into bed, making a mental note to take a load of clothing down to wash as soon as possible, including my robe for obvious reasons of course when I heard the toilet flushing and the door once again opening. Expecting Mary to head back into her own bedroom, I was surprised when a soft light knock came to my door.

"Scott? You're not asleep yet are you?" she asked.

"Ah no...just got into bed," I answered.

"May I come in for a second? I forgot to tell you something," she added.

"Sure, the doors not locked," I responded, hearing the knob turn and the door open before I'd even finished that statement.

My bedroom light was off, so the only light spilled in from behind Mary as she half stepped into my room. When it did, I saw her body entirely silhouetted beneath the semi-transparent nightgown she was wearing. She quickly crossed the room over towards my bead, leaning over once again kissing me lightly on the lips. As she did, I felt her breasts lightly brush against my chest.

"Happy birthday Scott!" she stated. "I know this probably wasn't much of a birthday for you, but I wanted to say it to you anyway. That...and that I'm really glad you've decided to live with me."

"Thank you," I near whispered to her, still feeling the light almost delicate press of her breasts as they lingered a moment longer against my chest. "I'm glad that you're allowing me to stay here. And I promise, I won't do anything to make you regret that either," I told her.

I don't know why I said that. Perhaps out of some guilt that had suddenly found its way inside my head for the antics I'd pulled earlier on. The last thing I wanted to do was risk her becoming upset with me, or seeing me as some kind of demented pervert or something, and thus asking me to leave. As much as she'd become the center of my fantasies and desires, I knew at that moment that I had to control those urges, or I'd very likely find myself out on the street.

"Well, anyway, happy birthday," she said again. "I'll see you bright and early in the morning."

This time when Mary stood, I purposely refrained from staring at her nude form outlined by the light coming in from the hallway. Closing my eyes, I was determined to get a grip on myself, and not the one I had used earlier.

"Nite Mary."

"Nite Scott, sleep tight." A second later, I heard the door to my bedroom close, only then opening my eyes where I lay for a long, long time in silence before finally drifting off to sleep.


A full week later I'd been invited by my sometimes friend Jeff to double date with him at a drive in. He'd been chasing a girl named Debra for several weeks with little success. The problem was, she insisted that her best friend Susan go with them. I knew Susan as we shared a class together and had been partners in several working experiments. She wasn't exactly "fugly" but Susan was about as plain as they came, which was one of the reasons that few if any guys were willing to be Susan's date, just so some friend of theirs could date the star cheerleader.

When Jeff approached me about taking Susan out just so he could be with Debra, I balked at the idea because I knew full well what his intentions were. Susan however had approached me in class stating that she was looking forward to our date Friday, which told me that Jeff had already told the girls it was on even before I'd agreed to do it.

We drove to the drive-in theatre in Jeff's classy looking 57' Chevy. I wasn't at all surprised that once after the movie had started, he'd asked Susan and I to switch places with them so that he and Debra could have the back seat.

Though Susan sat up front with me, she was hugging her window nearly as much as I was hugging mine. Periodically we looked at one another, smiling. Not so much out of courtesy in acknowledging that we knew one another was there, but because the not too subtle noises coming out of the backseat were impossible to ignore. In some respects, it was becoming comical. Trying to watch the movie with a girl who had no sexual interest in you, and who you had no desire to be with either while two who obviously did sat in the back seat groping one another was making us both a little uneasy.

"God you have beautiful tits!" Jeff said at one point.

From the corner of my eye, I watched as Susan folded her arms over hers as though having heard that, I might be so inclined to want to dry doing something with her.

"I can't get your belt undone," Debra whispered a few moments later. "You're gonna have to do it yourself," she added.

I took my hand out of my lap where it had been resting and placed it purposely on the steering wheel, smiling shyly in Susan's direction as she in turn glanced at me, a knowing look on her face that she knew every bit as much as I did what was about to take place in the seat behind us.

I cringed as the sound of Jeff's zipper being undone reached my ears. Seconds later, he was moaning and groaning in obvious ecstasy as Debra began giving him an obvious blowjob, taking a break a moment later to speak to him.

"Remember what I told you," she whispered, still loud enough that I heard it, and knew that Susan certainly had too.

"Don't worry, I'll tell you before I cum," Jeff said, speaking for my benefit, as it was obvious by now he'd been particularly vocal in his antics just to prove he was being studly in the backseat, and I wasn't.

As much as I hated to admit it though, all that moaning, groaning, and giggles that had been coming from both of them had had its affect on me. And though images of Susan weren't bouncing around inside my head, thoughts of Mary were.

Closing my eyes while listening to the sweet sounds of Debra's "suck-pop" as she mouthed Jeff's cock, I could see Mary inside my own head, doing the exact same thing to me. Hard as a rock, almost painfully so, I yearned with every fiber in my entire being to be heading home right now rather than sitting there were I was. Especially with a raging hard-on I could do nothing about. At least back home, I could very possibly be in bed, fantasizing about Mary, even though I'd already broken that promise to myself that I wouldn't, twice already.

"God damn it Jeff! You said you'd warn me before you came!" Debra screamed out in obvious indignation.

I actually heard Susan suppress a giggle, catching her look of knowing embarrassment, not so much for what had obviously happened, but in a way that she'd gained satisfaction in the fact that it had.

"I'm sorry!" he apologized lamely. "It just felt way too fucking good, the next thing I knew..."

"Yeah, the next thing I KNEW, was that my mouth suddenly was filled full of your spunk!" she shot back at him. "Just for that, you can take me home now Jeff!" she demanded adamantly.

Now it was my turn to smile as I lived closer than the girls did. Glancing at my watch, I saw that it was still reasonably early. Perhaps I could convince Mary to go out for fast food, and maybe catch a movie at home afterwards. I enjoyed our Friday night evenings together doing that with her, reluctantly agreeing to go along on this date, thus giving one of those up.

Unfortunately, the girls insisted on Jeff's taking them home first, adding what turned out to be another wasted hour before I finally arrived home. After Jeff dropped me off, I noticed the lights were off in the apartment as I headed up stairs. I figured with Mary's hectic schedule this past week, she'd decided to turn in early, catching up on her sleep. Letting myself in, I quietly slipped upstairs to my room, careful so as not to make any noise, thus waking her. I'd undressed, slipped into bed and lay there for several long minutes trying to force myself to sleep when the sound of Mary's footsteps padding down the hallway reached my ears. Hearing her head downstairs towards the kitchen, I smiled inwardly, jumping out of bed with the intention of surprising her in my being home.

Throwing on my robe, I crept down the hall, down the stairs towards the kitchen area. With luck, I could sneak up behind her giving her a surprising scare, and though she'd probably chastise me for having done so, it was one of the things I was well known for in doing.

She hadn't turned on the kitchen light, the only source of light coming from what I knew to be the open refrigerator door. All the better for concealing my presence, allowing me to approach her even more stealthily until ready to pounce. Easing up to the archway of the kitchen, I peered around the corner. Mary was nude which froze me in my tracks. Sneaking up on her now in this condition was obviously out of the question!

"What the hell?" I thought silently.

When I'd first spotted her, she was bent over peering inside the fridge. The sight of her beautiful ass so provocatively displayed in this fashion as she rummaged around inside one of the drawers had momentarily robed me of my senses. If I'd thought about it, my position was even more precarious than it had ever been, with very little leeway for me to hide or hope to be able to explain my standing there spying on her. Mary straightened having found whatever it was she'd been looking for. Leaving the refrigerator door open, she slid over towards the sink her back still towards me. I heard the sound of running water as she obviously washed whatever it was she'd removed. I'd nearly decided to turn and head back upstairs as quietly as I'd arrived when Mary stepped back suddenly, leaning forward against the sink, now standing with her legs partially spread.

"What's she doing anyway?" I now asked myself.

The appearance of what I now realized was a long slim cucumber had me questioning my sanity. I couldn't for the life of me understand why she was standing there in the stance that she was to begin with, holding the vegetable in hand the way she was, until I saw her slowly begin to insert it inside herself.

"Oh my God! She's using it to masturbate with!" I only then realized.

Mary slowly eased the cucumber inside the recess of her pussy until she'd taken as much of it as she possibly could. Leaning over even further now, she reached behind herself, clasping the fuck-toy in hand and began to move it in and out of herself with obvious delight. The pleasurable sounds of her coupling with the green prick she was using startled me. So unexpected, so obscenely erotic, as her breath came in short quick gasps matching the tempo of each thrust of her hand as the cucumber slipped in and out of her obviously went cunt.

With her back towards me, I wasn't too worried about her seeing me, and though I didn't exactly step around the corner, I had allowed most of my head to do so. Mary was still in the throws of her enjoyment; raising her head as yet another deep-throated groan escaped her lips. When she did, taking a quick glance out the kitchen window, her movement drew mine, suddenly seeing my own face in the window staring at her through a semi-mirrored reflection. For a frozen moment, our eyes locked. Mary gasped in alarm and surprise as I yanked my head back, too late, as it was obvious I'd been caught. In panic, I fled from my blown place of concealment, taking the stairs two at a time back towards my room.

"Scott! Wait! Wait!" I heard Mary calling out after me.

I reached my room turning off the light, jumping into bed as though that mere act alone could somehow absolve me of my having been caught peeking at her. Frightened more than I had ever been before in my entire life, I lay in bed, heart pounding furiously. The sound of footsteps, unhurried as they made their way up the stairway reached my ears. I listened, following them as they came down the hall towards my room, waiting for the inevitable knock, which never came. Instead, much to my surprise, but certainly warranted under the circumstances, Mary turned the doorknob which I had failed to lock, stepping into my room.


I'd expected anger, fury perhaps. But the tone of her voice was anything but. Still afraid, unsure of what was to come next, I remained silent grateful for the darkness of my room that harbored my shame and embarrassment.

"Scott, its ok. I'm not mad at you. A little surprised, yes. After all, I had no idea you were even home," she began by way of explanation.

"I'm sorry," I finally stammered, the only thing I could think of to say to her. The image of her standing there still indelibly burned within my minds eye.

"I think its time we had a talk Scott, for several reasons. You need to know who I am for one thing, and for another, there is even more I think I should tell you now that this has happened."

Confused, bewildered, I continued to lie beneath the covers still praying that Mary wouldn't turn on the bedroom lights and thus reveal my shame. It was bad enough that I was feeling that way, let alone being forced to actually confront her with it physically as well.

She hadn't turned on the hallway lights either, so my room remained dark even though I could just see the faint outline of her form as she walked more fully into my room, crossing over to sit down on the edge of the bed next to me. In the next instant, I felt her hand gently brushing the hair out of my eyes even though it was still far to dark to make out the features in her face.

"You know what I was doing," she began.

Rather than answer her verbally, I nodded my head, her hand still stroking my brow immediately realizing my response.

"Then let me explain that, and a whole lot more to you," she continued. She paused, taking a breath collecting her thoughts, allowing me a brief reprieve to mentally prepare my defense, if there even was one.

"Your mother and I were the best...closest of friends. She knew me better than I even knew myself," Mary began telling me.

My initial thought at that moment even as I listened to her being, "What the hell has this got to do with your fucking yourself with a cucumber?" but I refrained from saying so of course, continuing to listen.

"Just because I never remarried after the death of my husband doesn't mean that I'm not a sensual, sexual person. Your mother knew that about me more than anyone else ever did. And, just so you know, I've only been with one other man since then, something that didn't work out for reasons too lengthy to explain here. But the point I'm trying to make is, I'm still very much a woman with sexual wants and desires."

Lying there listening to Mary speak hadn't eased my confusion or lack of understanding one iota. "I don't understand what you're trying to tell me," I finally confessed, causing Mary to pause, once again taking a deep breath.

"I'm getting there, let me finish," she said with the first tinge of sternness finally being heard in her tone of voice.

I said nothing, waiting patiently for her to begin again as the seconds of silence that lingered now between us seemed like an eternity before she spoke, picking up where she'd left off before I'd interrupted her, which is when I felt her shiver.

"It's cold," she whispered. "Scoot over Scott, let me get under the covers here so I can finish telling you what I have to say."

Mary had been nude when I'd last seen her. She'd come straightaway from the kitchen to my room, making me realize as I slid over against the wall, lifting the covers so that she could crawl into bed beside me, that she was in all likelihood, still nude. Pressed against the wall as much as possible to give her plenty of room without touching, our heads soon shared my single pillow. Her tone of voice was soothing as she spoke, alleviating whatever fears I had had. Knowing she was naked, the proximity of her beautiful body only inches away, soon fueled the flames of desire I'd been entertaining down near the kitchen. As much as I tried to shake off the sensation, my penis once again firmed having a mind of its own.

"Your mother knew that if anything ever happened to either of them, that I would be there," Mary started in again. "She made me promise that if that did happen, I would be there for you. At first, as you well know, it was difficult for both of us, making the adjustments so that we didn't get on one another's nerves, or in each others way. In time, I think we both found an acceptable balance, even forming a bond between us that we've both come to appreciate and accept."

Though it was dark and I still couldn't see her, Mary turned onto her side, supporting her head with her hand as she rested her elbow there on the bed, finally coming into contact with my own arm. My prick gave an involuntary lurch of awareness at this first contact.

What Mary had been telling me of course was all true. I understood that much, but I still didn't understand or comprehend where any of this was going or why. All I knew was that she was laying here in bed with me, naked. Mary took another breath, pausing as she sought the words to explain herself, and whatever feelings she felt she had to share with me for whatever reason.

"Like I said earlier, your mother knew me better than anyone. "We'd shared an apartment together, so she knew who I was, what I did,"

"Did?" I found myself asking before even realizing the words had escaped my lips. Once again Mary stopped, but this time she laughed.

"Yeah, I guess that does sound worse than it really was. What I meant by that was that your mother knew I was very sexually uninhibited, a bit of a flirt as well as an exhibitionist. It wasn't really a matter of tolerance, as much as acceptance of me as a person. The 'did' part, involved one of my favorite past-times, which for me was masturbation. I wasn't promiscuous; I didn't sleep with every guy I ever went out with. But like I also told you, I," she amended quickly, "very sexual. I masturbate a lot, every single day, and sometimes two or three times a day, depending on how horny I get."

Hearing all this had stunned me back into silence. I didn't know what to say, or how to react to what Mary had just confided in me. My cock however found the strange topic stimulating as it throbbed there beneath the covers.

"When I made that promise to your mother that I would watch over you, I reminded her of the person that I was, questioning her about me being the wisest choice knowing that. That made your mother laugh, which is when she asked me to make her another promise, one I haven't had to worry about discussing with you until now."

Suddenly I was nervous and fearful all over again. My cock deflated slightly with the same worry and concern that I was feeling moments ago. Mary continued on however before I could raise the question myself, though she caught me off guard when doing it.

"Are you sexually active with anyone now Scott? I mean I know you've dated a few times, but I haven't really seen you with a steady girlfriend or anything. I thought perhaps when you went out tonight with your friends, that maybe this girl you were going out on the date with was someone special."

"No, not really. Just a friend," I answered back.

"No you're not really sexually active? Or no she's not anyone special?"

Her frankness had truly taken me off guard. But I answered her back just as truthfully as she'd obviously been with me.

"The most I have ever done is feel a girl up," I responded.

"You mean just her boobs?"

"Yeah..." I replied meekly.

"You've never done anything else? Never had sex with a girl?"


"But you do masturbate."

Her question wasn't a question of inquiry. It was a simple statement of fact. Somehow I felt that lying to her now would somehow damage the trust we'd begun creating together, though my spying on her down in the kitchen most likely had already done that.

"Well yeah, sometimes," I answered truthfully.

Mary laughed; I felt her hand once again lightly touching my face. "It's ok Scott, everyone does. Especially me!" she giggled comfortably in the darkness. "When you first moved in with me, I tried very, very hard not to allow my urges to cause either one of us any problems. Always careful to play with myself whenever I was sure you were asleep, or off doing chores, or seeing your friends. I didn't want the fact that I do this as often as I do, to become a problem for either one of us. I guess I should have expected that sooner or later you would catch me, or as I initially wondered, if I would also catch you."

Remembering that past night on the couch while Mary slept, and while I secretly masturbated while gazing at her suddenly made me feel both hypocritical as well as ashamed all over again.

"Then I think its time we both come clean with one another Scott, especially if we're going to continue on living together like this. The first thing which, like your mothers acceptance of me and who I am, I have to ask if you can accept me as she did."

"Yes, of course!" I answered easily.

"Good! And secondly, I think we need to better communicate with one another, perhaps establish a few simple rules that we can both abide by. No more sneaking around, spying on one another, as happened down in the kitchen. And in my case, pretending to be asleep while you sat masturbating on the couch next to me."

Mary's revelation of that experience stunned me. She knew!

"When you did that, I admittedly was aroused by it! When I thought you might actually stop, I purposely planted my foot against your leg so I could sense the movement of your hand, slight as it was. It thrilled, excited me to know you were touching yourself, staring at my breast, which I'd allowed to purposely fall out of my bathrobe."

"You knew? You knew what I was doing?" I asked.

"Yes, I knew then that you were for sure. I also know you'd taken a peek at me through the slit in the door, but as I didn't really see you, I didn't know if you were jacking off then or not. I tried to give you plenty of time to finish, if that's what indeed you were doing, but once you left the bathroom, I wasn't really sure. Not until later on after I'd pretended to fall asleep there on the couch."

It took me a while to digest everything she'd told me. Her hand continued to gently caress my face, trailing slowly down to my neck and shoulders as her fingers delicately traced the curvature of my flesh.

"What was the other promise?" I asked, suddenly remembering.

Mary swallowed. "Your mother told me that when and if you did become sexually active, that she wanted me to be the one to sit down and talk to you about it. Whether or not she or your father were still around, or had or hadn't spoken to you about anything."

"I know all about the birds and the bees," I responded a little indignantly.

"That's not what she had in mind when she asked me to talk to you Scott," Mary said. "What she asked me to do was to instruct you, teach you what it was really like to pleasure a woman. And to do so in such a way that whatever woman you eventually met, possibly married, would be appreciative of your skills as a lover. As harsh as this might be for you to hear this, especially now, your father never was considerate of your mothers pleasures. She might not have been quite as open-minded as I was, but she was very much a sexual sensual person too. After your mother and father married, and believe me...I know she truly loved him Scott. But their sexual relationship wasn't anywhere's near what your mother hoped it would be. So, she wanted me to ensure that you, understood what it was all about so that you wouldn't become in the bedroom the same way your father was."

"You mean to tell me that my mother told you to have sex with me?" I asked incredulously.

This time Mary laughed nervously. "Well, sort of. But only if and when you were ready, or even wanted that. I did promise I would tell you at least this much, and then leave that decision up to you. I told her I wouldn't attempt to seduce you, or coerce you into doing anything that went against your own feelings or desires. And I still mean that. But after everything that's happened and gone on so far, I thought that perhaps now was the time that we had this little chat and get things out in the open so to speak."

"Ok," I said unable to think of anything else to say at the moment.

"First rule then. In the future, if I'm sitting on the couch, and you decide you want to play with yourself, then do it, as I will. If I decide I don't want to be there, or watch you, which I can't for the life of me ever think I wouldn't, then either I, or you can leave. If there's a closed door, then both of us should certainly respect one another's privacy. But if there's an open door, then I want you to feel free to walk in anytime you'd like, and know that an open door into your room will say the same thing to me. Agreed?"

"Ah...sure, ok." I answered back still trying to absorb everything she'd just indicated.

"Now then, since I did come into your room unannounced here, I can leave if you wish. Or..."

"Or what?" I asked back.

"Or this," she said.

I flinched as the warmth of her hand surrounded me. Felt her fingers dance on the ivory keys of my instrument, playing a tender yet methodical tune on my cock.

"Oh God!"

"You like?" she barely breathed into my ear.

"Oh God, yes!" I responded as her hand took on an urgency of lust that we were both feeling.

In the past, I had often used lotion; preferably baby-oil to keep from giving myself 'jerk-off burn'. As Mary slowly began stroking my prick, giving it gentle squeezes with every up and down motion of her hand, she produced more than enough lubricant with which to pleasure me by. Pre-cum, oozing liberally from my shaft, Mary's hand capturing it, sliding it up and down my hardness, keeping me wet, slick and juicy. The sounds easily heard from beneath the covers, adding to the erotic deliciousness of not only what I was feeling, but sensing with each and every stroke of her delicate hand.

"Feel good?" she coaxed, wondering, yet knowing. Playing with me mentally as much as she was physically.

"Yes," I somehow managed.

"You like the way I'm playing with you? Would you like me to do it harder? Slower? Softer?" she continued to question me.

I wanted her to do it all. I wanted her to jack me off slowly, quick, hard and soft. What I didn't want was for her to stop. For the first time in recent memory, I didn't want to cum. I didn't want to feel that incredible sensation as my cock erupted into a thousand spasms of pleasure. All I wanted at that moment was to think of Mary, lying beside me naked, playing with my prick!

"I don't want to cum yet," I said surprising myself. Mary stopped fondling me though still holding my prick in her hand.

As strange as it may sound, though I couldn't see her, I knew she was smiling.

"Scott, don't worry about it honey, we have all night."

"We do?"

"Yes, but only if you want to, like I told you earlier, I made a vow to your mother, and if you're interested, then I plan on honoring that."

"You were serious then?"

This time she did laugh. "Very."

Her hand began stroking me once again. The 'edge' had gone away temporarily, but there was no doubt in my mind that it would return very, very soon. All that was left to decide when it did, if I wanted to let go, or somehow fight the urge, as I wasn't as trusting of myself as she seemed to be.

"Can I touch you?"

"If you'd like. I'd like that, yes."

Mary didn't remove her hand from me though her movements had stopped. "Give me your hand," she said

I did. I felt her lead me downwards until she rested it upon the soft mat of fur between her legs. "We're not just pussies, or cunts, twats or splits," she told me. "We like to be caressed, teased, explored in ways that most men don't bother taking the time to find out about," she said easily. "Take your time with me Scott. We're in no hurry here, either one of us. See me with your hands, let the sensation of what you touch register within your mind. Enjoy it, savor it...savor me before going on to bigger and better things," she laughed teasingly.

So I did that. I lingered within the downy tuft of hair mere inches away from her sex. I reveled in the softness of her fur, entwining my fingers through it, exploring and coming to know that place upon her that I had seen ever so briefly. In my mind, I memorized nearly every square inch, felt the softness of her skin beneath the feminine entanglement, and played there softly petting her, enjoying the moment.

"That feels good," she moaned softly. "You're making me very, very wet Scott."

Once again taking my hand, she repositioned it more directly against the semi-hidden folds of her slit. I felt the moisture, followed it back between her nether-lips, and felt my finger swallowed up in a quicksand of succulent pussy flesh.

"Holy shit!" I breathed, excited beyond words.

I felt my finger slowly sink into her depths, felt the pull of it as she contracted herself around me. "Can you feel that?" she asked.

"Fuck yes! Oh God, I'm sorry Mary...I shouldn't have said that"

She laughed throatily. "Sometimes saying fuck feels good. It depends on how you say it, and when," she added. "Right now, fuck is perfect for what we're both feeling Scott. So yes...fuck yes, that feels good honey. Keep doing that, just have fun, take your time, find out," she said lustily. And once again, I did.

I played in the heat of her folds, explored the depths of her essence. Over and over again I sought out the moisture I found there, even tasting it.

"My, aren't we adventurous!" she said upon discovering I had done so. "What do you think?" she asked point blank. "How do I taste?"

"Sweet," I replied truthfully. "Musky too, its certainly different. Not like anything I thought it would be."

"So, you've thought about it have you?" she said catching me totally off guard. "What exactly have you thought about anyway?" she pressed. "What did you think when you watched me from the bathroom, what did you fantasize about when you played with yourself in the living room?"

Her candor, openness though unnerving, felt refreshing. The excitement coursing through my entire being seemed to turn up a notch with the explicit images she was forcing me to remember, relive as she questioned my most private thoughts, urging me to share them.

"I was thinking how much I wanted to lick your nipples," I told her.


"And how I wanted to suck them,"


"And...and bite them!" I said boldly.

"Ohhh," Mary moaned audibly. "I'd like that, I'd like to feel your mouth on my nipples Scott. I'd like to feel your tongue flicking the hard nubs of my tits. Would you like to do that now, suck them? Lick them? Bite them? While still finger-fucking my pussy?"

I answered her by leaning over in the dark, probing with my face first until quickly locating the hard nubbins of flesh that awaited me. I sucked, finding one exquisitely hard piece of flesh, rolling the marble sized nipple between my lips as though about to devour it.

"Oh yes, don't be afraid Scott, suck them. Suck them as hard as you'd like," she coaxed, her hand once again milking more of the lubrication from my dick, smearing it playfully about the head of my cock until it had become slippery within her hand. Once again the sounds of my juiciness began to accompany the sounds of our breathing. Mary pulled on my cock, the force of her hand about me near painful, yet pleasurable beyond words.

"Finger me, harder now Scott. Harder and deeper!" she implored.

My hand was all but slapping her pussy as my middle finger sank to depths I'd not known before. She was slippery, smooth like silk. The velveteen texture of her slit seemed to caress my hand with each probe of my flesh. She moaned, continually, adding to the arousal I was feeling.

"I'm going to cum for you," she whispered in my ear, pressing me closer even as my lips continued sucking the magnificent tit-flesh I had claimed as prize. My fingers dancing inside her with a rapidity that pleased us both. When she cried out, I nearly stopped my movements, fearing at first I had somehow injured her.

"No! Don't stop Scott! Keep doing what you were doing! I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming!"

Feeling Mary's pussy constrict about my finger as she came was incredible. I hadn't known that a woman's vagina could do that, nor did I think it was possible she could become any wetter than she already was, but she did. Short of actually ejaculating like I did, I sensed several wet pulsations that fully enveloped the palm of my hand as her liquid pleasures sought escape. She moaned, groaned and cried out with unbridled ecstasy, pressing my head full against her breasts near suffocating me as she did. But I could have welcomed a death like that, nestled between her breasts, so exquisitely soft, so sensually appealing.

I lost track of time, it mattered not. My finger remained inside her though unmoving. I didn't want to remove it, not then, not ever if I could help it. Eventually however she stirred.

"It's your turn," she said dreamily. "Its time now to let me feel you cum, let me feel the heat of your hot juice as it spurts against my breasts."

It didn't take long. Pushing me fully onto my back, I felt Mary kneel straddling my leg. She did things to my cock with her hands that I hadn't even done to myself! Like working a fire by twisting a stick between her hands, she spun it back and forth rapidly, the lubrication from my steadily streaming cock the only thing that actually kept real friction from blistering my prick. When she alternated between doing that, or slapping it using both hands, and then pumping it as I had so often done myself. I lost track of which sensation ended before another began. Only when the explosion of inevitability began rocketing up my shaft did I even realize I was climaxing.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" I screamed over and over again. I felt my semen leap from my prick, heard Mary's pleasurable sighs as my hot cream began to shower her twin mounds, wishing only that I could have also been able to see it happening.

When it was over, she took my hands placing them on her wet sticky breasts. "Next time, we do it with the lights on," she told me as though having read my mind. "Now...rub it all in, its good for them," she half joked. "And then...we sleep."


I had fallen asleep with one of her hard nipples pressed comfortably within the palm of my hand. I awoke to the warm rays of sunlight peeking through my window, that, and the sound of the shower running across the hall. It seemed louder than usual however, and as curiosity, which had nearly killed this particular cat, took hold of me again, I ventured across my room towards the door. I opened it, seeing almost immediately that the bathroom door was open. I smiled inwardly wondering. The 'rules' still too new to me, but there it was. "An invitation perhaps?" I wondered.

It seemed silly, but I knocked on the open door anyway. Mary was indeed taking a shower, calling out to me the moment I had knocked on the door.

"Morning sleepyhead, as soon as I finish here, I'll fix us both some breakfast. I'm famished!" she said pulling the shower curtain open in order to look at me. In my haste and curiosity, I had forgotten to put anything on. As nude as she was, I simply stood there with a dumb expression on my face.

"Care to join me?" she asked seductively.

"I need to pee first," I answered actually needing too. I expected her to close the curtain. Instead, she continued to watch as I stood there in front of the toilet.

"Am I making you nervous?" she giggled.

"A little," I admitted, straining to urinate. Mary closed the curtains though I heard her giggling.

"Just don't..."

"Sorry!" I said a split second too late.

I heard her scramble from beneath the shower spray after I'd flushed. Once again the curtains parted and she stuck her head out. "I owe you for that," she warned with a wink. "Now, would you like to watch me? I was just about to use the shower massage to masturbate with. I like starting off my day that way," she added.

This newfound openness was still a little hard for me to fully accept. Obviously everything she'd said the night before she'd been dead serious about. Especially the frequently masturbating part.

I stepped into the oversized bathtub. There was easily room enough for two, perhaps even three to gather together there beneath the shower spray. She lifted the hand-held nozzle adjusting the pulsating beat. "Ever try one of these?" she asked.

"Ah fact, I never have," I told her, watching her with awe-filled eyes. Last night had been wild enough. But now, seeing her in the light of day, she was even more beautiful than the few precious glimpses I had stolen. Or fantasized about in imaging what she looked like, where I hadn't as yet collected all the puzzle pieces.

Placing it between her legs, she spread them slightly tilting her head back as she did, grabbing onto handrail to steady herself as the pulsating wand performed its magic against her pussy.

"God that feels nice! I really like the way the water tickles my clit," she said opening her eyes to gage my reaction to what she was doing.

"You like watching me don't you?" she asked smiling, looking down towards my rock-hard prick.

"Would you like to try this for a second?" she asked.

I was still hesitant to actually masturbate in front of her. I mean I had of course, but not realizing then that she had known. Seeing her do it was something else entirely. I could have stood there watching her all day. But to actually do it myself, I wasn't at all sure that I could without becoming self-conscious about it.

"Here, let me show you," she offered. Which was again, something else entirely.

Stepping behind me, Mary clasped my prick in one hand, aiming the pulsating spray of the shower massage against the head of my dick. "How's that feel? Nice huh?"

I remembered our conversation from last night. It seemed appropriate here now too. "Oh fuck yes! That really does feel good! No wonder you like doing this every morning!" I said in agreement.

"Every chance I get," she smiled. She stepped to the side of me then, switching the spray back and forth against us both, alternating the play of the water. Twice she brought us each to the edge before backing off.

"Tell you what, lets stay horny for a while, makes it better when we finally do get one another off," she informed me.

I had been so fucking close. Almost to the point of climaxing anyway, with or without her help.

"You're serious?"

Mary shut off the shower, replacing the nozzle.

"Guess you are," I added.

Stepping out of the tub, Mary tossed me a thick bath towel to dry off with before grabbing one for herself. "See you downstairs," she said a moment after she'd finished. I watched as she hung up the towel, heading down towards the kitchen...naked.

I quickly hung up my own towel, and pursued her down stairs. Also naked.

She was already pouring us both a cup of coffee by the time I arrived. "Careful with that," she admonished me handing me a hot steaming cup of java. "You don't want to burn anything," she winked teasingly.

She was right though, that was the last thing I wanted to have happen. So I carefully sat down, placing my mug of coffee down onto the table first, only then glancing back towards her where she stood leaning against the counter top sipping hers.

"Good? Not too strong?" she asked.

I took another sip of my own. "No, it's fine. It's really good in..." I never finished my sentence. Looking back up towards her, I noticed that Mary had slipped a hand down between her legs. There she stood sipping her coffee, eying me over the edge of the cup, playing with herself.

"Fuck me!" I stammered nearly dropping my cup potentially burning myself. Mary allowed herself a hearty laugh approaching the table.

"Really?" she questioned.

I watched as she pulled out one of the kitchen chairs expecting her to sit down. Sliding it over in front of my own, she placed on leg upon the seat instead.

"You never really did see my clit did you?" she asked still grinning.

I wasn't even sure what a clit was. Positioned as she was, Mary spread herself with her fingers. What looked like a pearl suddenly appeared near the top of her slit.

"If a woman's comfortable enough with herself, she'll tell a man what she likes. If a man is a considerate lover, he'll ask her. Remember that."

I was staring at her pussy, almost drooling with fascination as she wet her finger with her lips before sliding the tip of it across the surface of that shiny pink pearl.

"Initially, I prefer indirect stimulation. Sometimes its almost too sensitive to touch." Mary teased the surrounding folds of her flesh, drawing her fingers along the sides of her clit rather than touching it directly. "Once I'm aroused however, then I enjoy touching it, but not before ensuring that it's nice and wet. And only then do I tickle it lightly, much like using a feather."

I was in awe. Watching Mary slowly stroking that nubbin of flesh was for me like going to Disney Land for the first time. Not knowing which ride to go on first, wanting to do them all.

"When I'm really aroused, much like I am now, then I like to draw my finger just inside, like this..."

Mary slid her finger down her now glistening furrow, producing an abundance of moisture that clung to the tip of her finger. She used it to coat her clit with, finding as she did an exquisite pleasure as her finger delicately stroked, stimulating that pleasure nubbin.

"Another thing. Women really do enjoy having their nipples played with too. But sometimes, if they're played with too much, they can become just as raw and tender as jacking yourself off too fast without lubrication. So once I start lubricating, its always nice to take a little of my juice and apply it to my nipples as well."

Once again Mary dipped a finger showing me. Seeing her smear pussy cream on and about both nipples caused my cock to lurch excitedly, expelling a droplet of pre-cum. She noticed this as it happened, giggling excitedly. "Another good source," she stated reaching down to snag the droplet of ooze, which she then applied to her clit, rubbing it a little more quickly. Without even thinking, I had wrapped my hand around my prick, squeezing it, urging another droplet to surface just so she could swipe it off again.

"Once I'm thoroughly aroused, and ready to cum, there's all sorts of things I can do to create different sensations," she informed me. "Sometimes, if I'm in the mood, I will often pat my pussy lips. Guys call it 'spanking the monkey', so I guess in my case, it would be 'slapping the kitty'!"

Mary began doing just that. Using the palm of her hand fingers down, she rapidly began slapping her mound, cupping her palm over her clit giving it several quick slaps in succession. Only then did she stop slipping two fingers inside her slit slowly toying with herself, though I noticed she kept a more direct contact with her clit with each upward stroke of her hand. I was still absentmindedly touching myself, too engrossed in what she was doing to even notice that I wasn't the least bit self conscious about it now.

"I like watching you," she told me. "Keep doing it. I want to see how it is that you play with yourself so I can learn what it is that you like!"

That almost caused me to stop, but I was feeling too good myself now to worry about it any more. So I began stroking my prick the way I often did, throwing in a twist or two which delighted her as she saw me change tactics, as I began giving myself a variety of differing sensations. Palm over the top, I bent my prick slightly off to one side petting it in this way, actually twisting my hand as I stroked my prick.

"Hmmm, that looks nice," she purred watching me. "What else do you like to do?"

Lust had taken over my thoughts. At this point I wanted to share with her all my naughty little self-pleasuring secrets. Leaning back in my chair, I released my cock which stood stiff and proud before her. I began to actually slap it, one hand, then the other, each one following the other slowly, increasing both the tempo as well as the actual contact as I gradually allowed myself to adjust to the slightly stinging, yet electrifying sensations. As the rapidity of my hands slapping my prick, alternated with a speed that became a blur as she followed along, she too began frigging her clit, fingering her cunt with a speed that began to match my own.

"Will you cum with me?" she asked unnecessarily.

I could only nod my head, already approaching that threshold of ecstasy that was mere moments away.

Switching back to a more conventional means of getting myself off, I began pumping my shaft up and down, matching Mary stroke for stroke as we continued on, watching one another, grinning wickedly.

"You gonna cum soon?" she asked in a husky tone. "Because I am," she warned.

It was all the warning she gave, as a second or two after that, her face turned crimson, her eyes closing as she tossed herself into the throes of orgasm, convulsing wildly as her head tossed back and forth, one hand pinching her nipple, the other pummeling her pussy wildly.

Watching her climax triggered my own. With an intensity that I had not felt in quite a while, I enjoyed the first hard-felt explosion as my prick released a long thin rope of jisim, which arched high into the air, and surprisingly, a world record distance for myself. Watching it actually landing on her chest was erotic enough. But even the second and third streamers of cream were as powerful as the first, splashing in a nice tight pattern against the bulls eye of her naval.

Mary was more than delighted with the gift she'd received. Sitting down into the chair across from me, she massaged the natural lotion into her tummy as well as her breasts.

"Lots of vitamin E," she said grinning. "Good for the skin!"

We finished our coffee's casually discussing what we'd both learned and witnessed. I was surprised with her nonchalant candor over what we'd just done, but her easygoing attitude quickly calmed whatever reservations I might have had. Sitting there drinking coffee together in the nude afterwards, seemed as natural, and as normal as though I'd been doing it for years.

"This is nice," I finally stated. "I could get used to this," I added.

"I'm glad to hear that," Mary told me. "Because I don't plan on getting dressed until we go out later to do the grocery shopping. Now...what say we get some breakfast started? I'm even more famished than I was when we first came down here!"

I whole heartedly agreed with that, helping Mary wherever I could, making sure I never got in the way. Though being extremely careful when I watched over the bacon, ensuring that none of the grease splattered, accidentally injuring any exposed parts.

Even as we stood at the sink afterwards, washing and drying the breakfast dishes we played. Mary handed me a plate she'd just rinsed. As I began to dry it with the dishtowel, I felt her hand enclose about my newfound erection, giving it a few gentle strokes, maintaining its firmness. Something she had continued to do ever since we'd begun washing the dishes. Even later, as we carried down the laundry to wash, she'd shown me how she sometimes sat atop the washer as it headed into the spin-cycle, giving herself a naughty little tease of sorts, as the vibrations from the washer stimulated her cunt.

"See? Doing chores can be fun can't they?"

I had no argument with that, becoming bolder myself as we straightened up the living room, stepping behind her as she leaned over to dust off the tables, slipping my finger into her pussy from behind, giving her a few lingering strokes as she sighed contentedly, returning the favor moments later as I pushed the vacuum across the floor, with Mary following, stroking my cock as I did.

I found myself chuckling as I put the vacuum away.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

My face flushed. "Don't laugh, but once, several years ago, I used my mother's vacuum to get myself off with," I told her. Surprised that I did on the one hand, but feeling particularly good about feeling comfortable enough to have done so.

"What else have you tried?" she asked honestly interested, sitting down on the couch now that we'd finished our weekend chores. "Tell me everything you've tried," she urged, already beginning to finger her hard nipples as I'd seen her do earlier.

I was still blushing, but the excitement of revealing to her all my dirty secrets seemed exciting to me. And once again, the boldness of my newly discovered frame of mind took over.

"You tell me one of yours, and then I'll tell you one of mine," I suggested.

Mary seemed to like that idea, slipping a finger inside herself now, directing me to sit down next to her on the couch. "Even better, I'll play with you while you tell me something you've done. And then you can play with me, while I tell you something I've done to myself. How's that sound?"

"It sounds wonderful!" I moaned as her hand already began stroking my prick in much the same way that she'd seen me doing to myself earlier.

We spent the better part of the next hour relating stories to one another, taking turns pleasuring each other. When I came, I was surprised that the intensity was just as strong, just as forceful as it had been earlier that same morning.

"You like Italian?" Mary asked.

"Sure! Love it in fact!" I answered hungrily.

"Well, unfortunately, we'll have to get dressed and go to the store then. But tell you what. I'll fix us a nice supper, we'll pick ourselves up a nice sexy movie to watch afterwards, and make an entire evening of it together. How's that sound?"

"It sounds great!" I said enthusiastically, already looking forward to our evening together even though I had barely finished climaxing no more than a few minutes ago. Even when Jeff called, asking me if I wanted to go out that evening and grab a burger together, I was delighted when I honestly told him "No thanks, I have plans of my own."

As promised, Mary had fixed a wonderfully delicious dinner, after which we retired to the living room in order to watch the movie. Only then did we undress, making ourselves more comfortable, as well as accessible as the movie began. It certainly wasn't an 'X'-rated movie, or anything even close to that. More sensual and suggestive than anything, though a great deal of nudity certainly fueled the fires that Mary had been slowly stroking ever since the show had begun. When it eventually ended, I was anxious to continue our extended foreplay towards a dramatic conclusion. And judging by Mary's reaction so was she!

It certainly wasn't cold. Once she'd turned off the TV set, Mary threw a large thick comforter down on the floor, igniting the gas fireplace a second later, our only source of lighting. It was nice and cozy however as I quickly joined her there down on the floor. After everything we'd done so far today, I was certainly expecting more of the same, and looking forward to it. Happily content to simply finger Mary's delicious quim, and equally just as content to have her jack my cock off with her hand, I lay next to her on the floor anticipating just that.

"As nice as this evenings been," Mary began. "I think its only fitting that I treat you to something else equally as special too."

I had no clue as to what she had in mind, even as she suddenly slid further down between my legs. Only when she'd positioned herself kneeling over me slightly did I realize her intent.

The first thought that popped into my mind was Debra and Jeff in the backseat of his car. The sounds as she obviously began sucking his prick, followed closely a short time later by the obvious disgust when he'd emptied himself inside her mouth.

As such, I tensed freezing momentarily as Mary's lips softly engulfed the head of my prick, tickling it lightly with the tip of her tongue. I couldn't have spoken if I'd wanted to. Never before in my entire life had I ever experienced a sensation like this one! As good as it had felt having someone's hand other than your own jerking you off, it was ten times as good, feeling her mouth doing it, and thus like Jeff, I began to see how he hadn't lasted very damn long.

Twice I tried to find a voice with which to speak to her, wanting to warn her, assure her that I wouldn't make the same mistake as my sometimes friend had. Mary's sucking mouth performed magic tricks however; garnering my full attention as I focused completely on the sweet licks of her tongue, gentle nibblings of her teeth as she worked up one side, and then down the other along side my shaft.

Why it's even called a blowjob escapes me. There was no blowing involved at all! Perhaps a "suck job" I thought abstractly. Mary's mouth having now formed a more vacuum like suction about the head of my prick as she actually did suck, still periodically tonguing the super-sensitive head of my shaft.

"Oh fuck!" I exclaimed, choosing to use what was rapidly becoming my most favorite word. "Oh my God Mary!" I added to that, feeling my toes tingling, the hair on my head suddenly electrified as though she'd somehow managed to plug herself in to one of the nearby electrical sockets.

And there was no denying it either. She could have sucked and licked me so slowly that even a snail wouldn't have felt it...but I still did. The orgasm had actually begun a long time ago, the moment after she'd wrapped her lips around my dick. I just didn't know it as yet. With superhuman effort, I managed to raise myself up, supporting my weight with my elbows as I glanced down towards her bobbing head. My intent, for what it was worth, to somehow extricate myself from beneath her the moment I felt my climax actually begin. I still wasn't sure if I would find my voice in time, already losing control if not consciousness as my balls tightened, tingled, and alerted me that the first of what would be several delicious squirtings were already on their way.

"Mary! Look out!" I screamed as though warning her away from an onrushing freight train or something, which in a sense, was nearly the same.

If anything, Mary picked up the pace as well as the suction that had all but claimed my soul as she drew it up and out the end of my prick, taking whatever reasoning I still had along with it.

My elbows suddenly turned into Jell-O, and I collapsed unceremoniously back onto the cushioned floor as all ten of my toes began pumping semen, or so it seemed to me anyway. That same familiar "sucking" sound was again heard however, but Mary was drawing every ounce of fluid that I was giving her without screaming hysterically as I'd almost expected her to do. I know I'd actually lost consciousness, that...or entered the twilight zone as the next thing I knew, Mary was lying beside me again, and I was unable to recall any of that happening. "Been a while since I've actually enjoyed doing that," she told me still running her tongue over her lips.

" actually enjoyed that?" I said bewildered.

"Yes! Didn't you?" she asked in mock surprise that I hadn't. Before I could comment, she continued. "There's only one thing I hate about doing that," she'd begun.

I winced, hearing Debra's angry shriek inside my head.

"What?" I dared ask.

"That I don't get to rub it into my titties afterwards!" she said simply.

I rolled my head towards her, only then daring to look into her eyes. She was grinning, that same evil wicked grin she'd given me earlier, and the same one that turned me inside out every time she did so. Which is when I also leaned forward and kissed her. Something I hadn't really done before up until now. Oh, we'd kissed. That same sort of affectionate kiss you give a family member. But never one like the one we were suddenly sharing now. If lips and mouths were capable of fucking, ours were.

I had only 'French-kissed' one other girl before. And only because some stupid spin of a coke bottle on the floor had required me to do so. It seemed silly at the time, but again, I was considerably younger then too. Now, as our tongues caressed one another, as lips sucked lips taking turns, I found a renewed passion within mere moments that frankly took me by surprise. Especially after the earth-shattering climax I had only minutes ago experienced.

We were both breathing...hard, when we finally came up for air. Mary's hand automatically seeking me out, pleased as well as mildly surprised that I was as hard as a rock all over again. I felt a little like Superman, changing the words slightly inside my head as I repeated them to myself.

"Faster than a speeding bullet, getting hard all over again, able to leap back to a full erection, more powerful than a locomotive..."

"Would you like to try licking me?" she asked.


Superman down on his knees, the green glow of Kryptonite weakening him as he fought to preserve his strength, which was rapidly being drawn away.

"I've never done that before," I said anxiously. "I know, and I understand that. But if you'd like to learn how, I'm willing to teach you," she told me matter of factly.

"What if I'm no good at it?" I said aloud, "Or worse, if I hate it?" I thought secretly. Already feeling guilty about even thinking that after the incredible "suck-job" I'd just been given.

"Scott? You're forgetting the rules here. Just because I did something that I like doing, doesn't mean you're expected or required to do the same."

"But what if you don't like it?" I asked.

Mary laughed. "Somehow, I don't think that's going to happen. Something tells me you're a 'natural'," she said sincerely.

"Ok, but no promises!" I said stupidly.

"None accepted," she answered back giggling.

I slid down between her legs and lay there for a moment just looking at her. I still found staring at her pussy a fascinating experience anyway, but now...going into an area I didn't even know existed was like finding out Space Mountain at Disney Land really did go into space!

"Now what?" I asked nervously, causing her to laugh all over again.

"Like I told you before Scott, take your time. Just do whatever it is you feel like doing. Don't worry, if I don't like something, I'll tell you. But short of actually biting my clit off, I don't think there's anything I can't tolerate or won't enjoy. So...just explore me with your lips and tongue. I'll guide you along," she promised.

Having been given that assurance, I eased myself closer to her, first catching her heated scent, finding it both intoxicating as well as pleasurable.

"You can fuck me with your nose if you really want to, I'm game for just about anything. But the intent here was for you to use your tongue and your mouth," she instructed me as I realized I'd all but buried my nose inside the opening of her pussy.

"Sorry," I replied, inching back.

Once again she laughed. "Like I said, you can pretty much do whatever you want to, including your nose if you wish."

I licked her. She moaned. So I licked her again, this time just grazing that pearl she'd shown me earlier. She moaned again, this time even longer more deeply.

"Like I said, you're a natural!"

I began to flick her clit with my tongue, keeping the touch soft, light and feathery. She put her hands on my head, fingers intertwining themselves in my hair. Obviously, whatever I was doing, she liked it.

"Oh fuck!" she said using my now favorite word.

Like she'd done to me, I alternated my teasing. Slowly, languishly drawing my tongue up the sweet tasting furrow of her slit, then almost savagely attacking her clit with a series of quick thrusting stabs of my tongue.

"Am I doing it right?" I asked teasingly.

"Shut up and eat me! I'll let you know if you do anything wrong!" she responded.

I grinned, nipped her clit with my teeth. She slapped the side of my head. Not hard enough to hurt, but playfully.

"Ok, do that again," she said.

I nipped her clit again, then sucked it, flicked it with my tongue, and went back to sliding my tongue back up her slit as slowly as I could manage it before repeating the process all over again.

"Oh my really are a natural at doing this!" she groaned honestly enjoying it.

When Mary came, it was as though a damn had broken loose or something. If I'd thought she was wet before, it was nothing in comparison to the way she was now. Nearly drowning, I all but buried my face in her pussy as her hands once again held me there, quivering, actually crying out saying my name over and over again. God that sounded good.

Once again, we both fell asleep for a while afterwards, waking up sometime in the middle of the night. Only this time I was still comfortably situated between her legs, and this time, I went first.

When it was my turn again, I'd forgotten all about poor Debra's surprise, enjoying my second "suck-job" entirely from start to finish. And even better, this time Mary saved some for her tits too. When morning came, we got up, showered, and masturbated one another in the bathroom before heading downstairs for breakfast where we all but cooked everything there was to eat in the kitchen.


Graduation is only a few days away now. Everyone at school is talking about the big dance and all the parties scheduled for afterwards. Mary asked me what I was planning on doing. And I told her I wasn't planning on going to the dance. There was a really nice hotel restaurant that I've been wanting to try. So I told her that. She of course made reservations for us for dinner. What she doesn't know is that I also reserved what they call the 'honeymoon suite', complete with a heart shaped bed, as well as a sunken tub. Though I'm finally graduating from high school, I'm hoping that I will also be graduating into manhood. The finals for that one have me a little worried. But as Mary has proven to be the best teacher I've ever studied under, I have expectations of eventually passing that class with honors too.

I still think of, and miss my parents. But I often thank my mother silently during the night for sending me such a wonderful friend and companion, whose name I will forever cherish.



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